RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 4, Room 5

RoomBreak: Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 4 Room 5



1. Look over to the right.


2. Zoom in on the mural. It talks about aligning the planets.


3. Go through the open door on the left.


4. You’re back in the last room.


5. Rotate the four discs so they form a line.


6. The floor melts, releasing the skeletons.


(GOLDEN KEY: Make sure to take the golden key near the fourth skeleton.)


7. Pick up each of the four skeletons.





8. Go back into the other room.


9. Place the skeletons in the slots on the ceiling in the same order you found them in, 1 through 4.


10. The marble in the center of the wall starts to glow, and the word “Touch” forms on it.

11. Touch it and music notes appear on the wall. The marble also says “Start” now.


12. Look at the mural to see how to play the music notes. Every few notes transforms one of the skeletons. If you make any mistakes, you have to start back from the beginning.


13. Once you’ve played the keyboard properly, all the skeletons will change into a dance-like position and the marble will change to red letters saying “Touch.”


14. Touch it and the keyboard shatters.


15. Take all eight items.


16. Walk through the door that just opened.



17. Mix four of the eight items into a book and place it on the Statue of Liberty.


18. Mix the remaining four items into a torch and place it on the Statue.


19. The portal in the center is activated. Now starts a series of passwords.


20. Tap the snake.

21. The first clue appears — the pendant from the first room.


22. Tap on the space beneath the snake. You need to enter a password that’s seven letters long.


23. Type in “PENDANT”.


24. The portal reacts and the pendant appears in the first slot around it.


25. Tap the snake again and the second clue appears. It’s the Earth.


26. Tap the space beneath the snake again. The password is five letters long.


27. Type in “EARTH”.


28. The portal reacts and the Earth appears in the second slot around the portal.


29. Tap the snake for your third clue. It’s an alien.


30. Tap the space beneath the snake. The password is five letters long.


31. Type in “ALIEN”.


32. The portal reacts and an alien head appears in the third slot around the portal.


33. Tap the snake again. The fourth clue appears. It’s the nuclear explosion with the space for the crystal above it.


34. Tap the space below the snake. The password is seven letters long.


35. Enter “CRYSTAL”.


36. The portal reacts and the crystal appears in the fourth slot around the portal.


37. Tap the snake and the fifth clue appears. It’s letters of the English alphabet.


38. Tap the space below the snake. The password is seven letters long.


39. Enter “ENGLISH”.


40. The portal reacts and an “E” appears in the last slot around the portal.


41. Tap the snake and an image of the snake appears in the center of the portal.


42. Tap the space below the snake. The password is five letters long. It’s the first letter of each of the other passwords.


43. Enter “PEACE”.


44. The portal opens. The alien from before appears and talks to you about peace.


45. Walk through the portal and you’re out! You finished Episode 4! Now watch President Obama shake hands with the alien 🙂




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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Immy

    I can’t do the piano thing? :-/ help someone? I can’t get it! 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a tough one. Took me a few tries. Just be really careful without taking too long (and exhausting your meter). Refer to the mural on the wall.

  2. Julia

    Help!!!! I can’t play the music part. Can u please give a walk through for that part of it???? It’s killing me.

    1. Random-X

      If we give each of the blue keys on the bottom of the screen a number from 1 to 8, starting form the left, then the sequence would be:
      i even played that one more time just to make sure..

  3. Brigitta

    It’s weird, I made the torch and had the torch and lighter left but wouldn’t let me lights the torch :/

    1. Koekwaus

      Brigitta, are you sure you have all the items……you also need a wire….combination is torch-cloth-wire-lighter 😉

    2. MeTheAwesome

      For the torch, make sure you grab the wire-thing.

  4. Linda

    ugh the piano bit is so hard. wish you would’ve given the steps for that especially for us disabled people. can any one tell how to do the piano part step by step. thanks

    1. Britt

      If it helps the music is like a real music stave. The first panel down the bottom is c, the next is d then so forth up to g. The first note is c then just work your way through going up and down when needed.

  5. Chung

    For some reason, in one of my first tries I was able to pick up one of the skeletons BEFORE thawing / cracking the glass floor… Weird thing just happened, I had been poking around, trying to find a clue, and suddenly BLAM, I found pocket Skeletor in my inventory 😀

    “Now watch President Obama shake hands with the alien”

    Weird, floppy-aired, gibberish-talking airhead… The alien, on the other hand, looked sharp!

  6. Zach

    The piano code is 1231 313 2344 324
    I found it out on YouTube

  7. Lekxs

    Its actually a DO RE MI…cool!!!

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