RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 3, Room 4

RoomBreak: Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 3 Room 4



1. Pick up the memo from the ground.


2. Tap on the blue square on the door. Copy the pattern from the tiles on the floor so it looks like this:


3. The door opens. Walk through.


4. You’re back in the first room.


5. Pick up the dagger.


6. Examine the compass by the man’s hand. It points North. This is a clue for later.


7. Examine the clock. It points to 5. This is a clue for later.


8. Use the magnifying glass on the set of brown books on the bookshelf:


9. Now look at the memo from before. It says 4, 1, 8, 12, 9, 7, 5, 2, 10.


10. Compare the numbers to the books and you get the words BLUE SHIRT.

11. Go back to the other room.


(GOLDEN KEY: Use the knife to slice the pile of clothes on the shelf right above the drawers beside the blue shirt.)

12. Find the blue shirt and cut it with the dagger. A key falls out.


13. Take the key.


14. Use it on the small chest of drawers in the center of the room.

15. A puzzle of four watches is revealed.


16. From the clues we got before, N = 5. arrange the watches in relation to this, so you get WSNE.


17. The watches now point to 3, 6, 9, 12.

18. Go back to the other room and look at the brown books.


19. 3, 6, 9, 12 = VASE

20. Zoom in on the combination lock below the brown books.


21. Enter the letters VASE.

22. The lock opens, revealing a vase.


23. Take the vase.


24. Divide the vase and you get a key.


25. Go back to the other room.


26. Go back to the hallway.


27. Use the key you just found on the door ahead of you. Open it and leave. On to room 5!




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  1. Room Break

    How to get the golden key?

    1. Even

      use the knife to slice the pile of clothes on the shelf right above the drawers beside the blue shirt.

  2. Arcángel

    I finished the 5 Eps, but I missed the achiev. “Secret code” “Will I be able to solve the secret code of the compass?” I’ve tried room 3-4 several times and also room 3-5 and I can get the top message. Do You know where I have to look for?

    1. Tiboudou

      I finished also the 5 Eps, but like Arcangel, I missed the achievements “Secret Code”.
      Help ?

    2. John

      I write for the developer of the game and he told me how to unlock the achievement “secret code”.
      After you cut the blue shirt and grab the key and open the four watches, before you solve the watches, use the magnifying glasses on it.
      It’s done.

  3. Thang

    Cant find the hidden key for this level, got the small key from the blue shirt already pplz help

  4. Josh

    What do the golden keys do ive found a few of them but they disapear from my inventory ? And y would u use the code to know u needed to slash the blue shirt lol , if u search it says there is something hidden there and your girlfriend/ helper , tells u his favourit coulor is blue so it only makes sence to searche blue items lol ???

  5. Dakrbpue

    I can’t slice anything at all!!! It keep saying FAILED when I sliced it the right way! I even tried using a ruler!DX

    1. Madison

      You have to do it really fast.

  6. Lan

    Thang, use the dagger and slice the folded grey shirts to the right of the blue shirt you’ve sliced for the golden key

  7. Karch

    How can you crack the code 4, 1, 8, 12, 9 , 7 , 5 , 2 , 10?? Can someone make a vid on how to unlock the blue something.. Help..

    1. Jken

      The numbers correspond to the encyclopedia set in the office. If you use them as a code, they simply spell out “BLUE SHIRT”

  8. hi

    where do you get the dagger??

  9. Thamer

    I tried to use the key on the blue door ahead in the hallway as mentioned in 25 but it won’t open
    What should i do?
    Help pls

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