RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 4, Room 2

RoomBreak: Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 4 Room 2



1. Pick up the hammer.


2. Pick up the golden airplane.


3. Place the golden airplane in the slot on the wall.


4. It opens, revealing a plug fossil.


5. Take the plug fossil.


6. Use the hammer on the eye symbol on the sphinx. It opens up to reveal a slot.


7. Place the plug fossil in the slot.


8. A stream of light emits from the left eye.


9. Use the hammer on the tile on the ground. A hemisphere is revealed.


10. Take it.


11. Take the second hemisphere from the right eye.


12. Mix the two hemispheres together to create a marble.


13. Place the marble in the sphinx’s right eye.

14. Light emits from both eyes, forming some numbers below the sphinx: “1324”.


15. Tap the pyramid and a puzzle appears.


16. Push in the bricks using the clue “1324”. It should look like this:


17. A little red triangle appears on the blue dome above the pyramid. Press it.


18. A hologram appears of an alien hitting the sphinx with a hammer


19. Hit the sphinx with the hammer. It starts to crumble.


20. Hit the sphinx again and it falls to pieces.


(GOLDEN KEY: Don’t forget to take the golden key here.)


21. An orb appears in the side of the pyramid.


22. Take it. It’s a model of the world.


23. Place the model of the world in the slot on the wall that says “EARTH”.


24. The symbols on the wall light up and the door opens.


25. Walk through the door. On to room 3!



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  1. Ricko

    How to get golden key on this stage?

  2. Bill

    The golden key is on the floor to the Sphinx’ left when you break it apart.

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