Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chamber 9

Hellraid: The Escape
By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios

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Chamber 9:

1. Notice the key below the grate. We’ll come back to it.


2. There’s a laser and mirrors puzzle on this wall. You need to get both lasers to hit the gem, but the controls are too finicky, and often unresponsive, so it can be tricky to get them to stay put.



3. Press the button on the opposite wall and some stairs will rise up below the gears in the other room. Climb up the stairs and take the lever.





4. Go back to the grate on the floor. Look around for a grate in the wall that you can stick the lever into. Remove the grate with the lever and take the pike pole.




5. Use the pike pole to get the key flying up so you can grab it. May take a few tries. There’s a gem down there, too, but somehow I lost it.




6. Use the key to unlock the door. Go through and get the spell scroll from the table.



7. There’s a gem on this pile of bones.


8. There’s a sliding tile puzzle, but seems to be missing tiles.



9. And in the next room, you meet this guy and….you die? And then he comes after you when you wake up. So…you keep dying?



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  1. Barbie

    You have to kill that guy
    Do the same when he kill you with the spines
    Just take the guy in the spines go to the lever and pull it
    Then whe he is dead take his heart

  2. Barbie

    Hi again
    There’s another skeleton guy there I don’t know how I killed it because when I return into the game he was already dead but you also need the skull of this guy
    So when you get the hearth and skull burn it in the little podium where the spines are
    After that I don’t know what else I have to do
    See you

  3. John Faccin

    DON’T kill the big dude right away! After you grab his attention turn left and bump into those chains hanging from the cealing. That’ll make noise and get the skeleton to start firing bolts at you. Try to get the big guy to kill the skeleton, and after it is dead, lure the big guy to the spiky hallway you used to get into the room, circle him, and turn the spikes on while he’s still in the hallway. After that you can grab the skeleton’s skull and the big dude’s heart.

  4. CmdrBond

    Complete the sliding rune puzzle – is not missing anything.

    You’ll know it’s correct because the wall moves back about a foot or 2.

    If it doesn’t, chances are you have 2 vertical tiles in the wrong place.

    Once complete, use the rune to cast the spell (directly in front of the puzzle).

    It opes up a portal, but I have yet to get through. On clicking the portal and pinching to expand, I just get the puzzle to float away from the wall. I don’t know if this is a bug, or this is an exit only portal in which you need to clear the exit.

    1. CmdrBond

      OK, seems like it was a bug – maybe because I completed the puzzle in the centre of the board.

      I have re done the level, and completed the puzzle on the left hand side of the wall, cast the spell, expanded the portal and managed to step through.

      It is a one way portal that places you in the cell between the skeleton and the minion.

      The lever in this cell operates the gates at either end of the room with the spell and the rune puzzle. Operating it closes one gate and opens the other.

      I now seem to have an invincibly skeleton who is also ignoring me – another bug I assume.

      Using the portal allows you lure the minion without him spiking you before you get to him. What’s more, once you have home by the burning font, you can run back round to the lever he was guarding and spike him as he returns.

      Burning his heart opens the gate to the exit.

      I can only assume that burning the skeleton’s skull, as mentioned above, will turn off the lasers.

      I wonder if crystal 5/5 is in the laser room.

      Bugs so far…

      Lost key when trying to hook it, it just vanished.
      Expanding rune portal lead to pulling puzzle from wall, not expanding portal.
      Invincible skeleton.

      Galaxy S5.

    2. CmdrBond

      OK, another possible bug.

      Trying to get the minion to kill the skeleton(as per the built in hints system) results in the skeleton killing the minion…

      But also the minions body disappears *poof*, so you can’t get the heart needed to open the final exit.

      Still haven’t found any other way to kill the skeleton.

  5. Tankers

    Finally done that god damn level, so the Puzzles you have to do in an R shape, than cast an R from the scroll, jebait with chains the big guy, and hide into the cell from where ya came from. After that jebait the big guy into the “flame” pit (atleast for me, he just went into there, and didn’t came around) than collect hearth and skull (from the skeleton) burn them on the alter (spikes only come out when you use the leaver) and be aware, there are some lasers in next room, just wait one round of them and they do an loop, go ahead, and there game done, and no more content :/

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