Emerald Den Escape: Walkthrough

Emerald Den Escape
By: TeraLumina Games

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The makers of Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 and Haunted Halloween Escape bring you a new escape game! Here’s where you’ll be able to find a walkthrough for Emerald Den Eacape (work in progress).


1. On the left bookshelves, take move the left photo and take the key card.

2. On the right bookshelf, read the book on the top shelf:


3. Solve the puzzle below the shelves:


4. Open the cabinet and take the stool.

5. Look at the tulip vases on the right shelf:


6. On the left shelf, there’s a chest with colored buttons. Match them to the vases to get a key and a fuse:


7. Turn right and put the stool on the “X”.

8. Turn right. Zoom in on the marble spheres and take a token.

9. Zoom in on the wooden sculptures and take another token.

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10. Take the small wooden cube and wand from near the plant on the left.

11. Open the left cabinet and take another wooden cube.

12. Use the key to open the third cabinet and take the screwdriver.

13. Turn left and use the wand on the left-hand window blinds to get this clue:


14. Look under the sofa pillow for pliers.

15. Take the paperclip from the middle blind and then pull the blind down to see this:


16. Use the paperclip on the third blinds to fix them, then pull them down to see this:


16. Look under the sofa pillow for pliers.

17. Turn to the front door. Use the screwdriver to remove the panel in the middle. Place the fuse between the two wires. Then place the key card in the slot to the right.

18. Look at the wooden sculpture:


19. Look at each of the four paintings on the wall and count the number of items in each, then enter the code “3862” into the door keypad. There’s still something missing.

19. Look at each of the four paintings on the wall and count the number of items in each, then enter the code “3862” into the door keypad. There’s still something missing.

20. Underneath the four wooden sculptures is a keypad with the four card suits on them. Change the shapes and colors like so to open the door and get another wooden cube:



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– number of tulips 232 is clue to the 3 digit key for the cabinet door second to the left. Find a control unit. – Get another token placed with the 4 wooden statues on the cabinet – Turn to the front door and find a cable on the table to the right. – Zoom in on the door keypad. Unscrew the middle section with screwdriver and place the fuse in. Insert the card to the slot on the right. – Turn to the sofa and find a pair of pliers underneath the middle couch cushion. – Use the pliers… Read more »


– Zoom in on the front door mail slot to find an airmail. Remember this keyword and select the corresponding letters to the scrabble puzzle on the cabinet door. – Zoom in on the back shelf of the sofa. The stones are mirror reflects of numbers 3271. Note the texture of the stones matching the globes on the cabinet. – For the middle door of the cabinet, note the tulip arrangement in the vase on the cabinet: G O P R Y B –> this relates to the placement of tulips in the 3 vases on the shelf: M R… Read more »


pls help, i dont knowwhat to do with the 4th doorin the big cabinet, there are only three blank square buttons and all i have in my inventory is a dice cup.


– Should have gotten the dice cup from the scrabble cabinet. Now all the cabinets are opened, the back wall above the cabinet is opened. Place the dice cup in the dispenser. Note the direction of how the cabinet doors open: L T R B T R. Press the buttons on the dispenser accordingly to get dices. – Retrieve the dice cup and look at it in your inventory. Place the cup onto the backgammon board and find another token. – Note the numbers on the dice. red dots mean the order of the number. So it’s 2536. Remember this.… Read more »


Whered you get the 4 number combo numbers?

Mary t

What do I do to open the 4th door on the large cabinet with the 3 squares????nothing in my inventory works.but,I do have the box for the dice.please help…..thanks


I need help opening the third cabinent or the middle be aged i am told the fourth cube is in it. I am doing escape from the den and trying to enter the codes with numbers to unlock the door but i can’t. Help me please .


I meant fourth door not third .


Having trouble figuring. MRLMMLR. Please help how do I enter in the 3. Grey tiles.?????