Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL: Walkthrough Part 2

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL
By: redBit games

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for the full version of Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by redBit games. Feel free to ask for help or offer help in the comments below.


This is the second part of my Haunted Manor 2 walkthrough. Are you looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

46. Go back upstairs and use the key in the shape of a needle and thread to unlock the door to the right. Go in to the tailor’s shop.



47. Tap on the mannequin and take the brooch with an engraved eye on it from the collar. Also, get the small piece of stone with a strange engraving from the couch and the wooden plaque (shaped like a star) from under the couch.


48. Open the closet and tap on the clothes to find a puzzle. One of the knobs is missing, so we’ll have to come back to it.


49. Go to the sewing machine and tap the piece on the back to break it off. Now you have a circular handle. Also, break off the needle from the sewing machine.



50. Go back down the stairs and use the key in good condition to open the door to the left. Go through to another lounge area.



51. Pick up three dominos from the table and get a clue from one of the books (morse code?). Also, pick up the note from the chair to add to your journal.




52. Use one of the dominos to open the box on the table and get the thermostat.


53. Get a clue from the piano’s sheet music and close the sheet music to see an engraving.



54. Place one of the dominos in the slot on the piano to get the metal ring of an old telephone.


55. Add the ball from the pool table to the planetarium to act as a sun. We’re still missing some pieces, though.


56. Go back to the bedroom and insert the last domino tile into the bedside table to unlock it. Then get a large stone tile from the bottom drawer.


57. Go back to the telephone (next to the pendulum in the living room) and place the metal ring on it. Use it like a rotary phone and dial 853 (from the mirror) to get a piano key. (For those who don’t know how to use a rotary phone — you grab onto a number and rotate clockwise until you hit the finger stop.)


58. Go back to the very first room with the teddy bear behind glass. Replace the switch of the thermostat next to that door and lower the temperature so the room freezes and some writing appears on the glass. Tap it to get a clue for your journal.




59. Go back to the piano and place the key in the empty slot. Play the piano and a chord will snap. Take it.


60. Go back to the greenhouse and use the wheel from the sewing machine on this pulley. Turn the wheel a few times to get a gear with a carved cross on it.


61. Missed something! Go back to the attic and close the first trunk. Then use the pliers to remove the two studs in the form of a lion.


This video will get you through this point of the walkthrough:

62. Go back to the door surrounded by photos and place the two lion head studs on the lock. Then rotate the disks so the keyholes appear. You can use the clue from your journal to help. Now insert both lion’s head keys to unlock the door.





63. Go outside. You’re back at the front entrance. Remember that mosaic that was missing a tile? We now have it, so go to the gate and solve the puzzle.





If you need help with the sliding tile puzzle, you can try this video I made:

64. Go to the gate and insert the key with a cross on it into the lock. Now you can go to the cemetery!


65. Enter the graveyard. Find the cross headstone and place the gear in the center.



66. Find this tree and then take the mushrooms from behind some shrubbery. Also, look for the rod with a star on it.



67. While looking at this tombstone that’s missing a letter, break off the spear head from the gate.


68. Continue along the path to see more of the graveyard. Tap on the Lucifer tombstone to get a clue for your journal.



69. Tap on the tombstone in the middle of the screen and take the earth/globe from the bear’s hands.


70. Go back to the lounge and place the earth on the planetarium. Enter the appropriate date that you get from the two clues in your journal (you lower the numbers by swiping left, raise them by swiping right) to get the small colorful knob.





This video should get you to this point in the walkthrough:

71. Go back to the greenhouse and use the spear tip to cut the peyote plant.


72. Go back to the tailor’s workshop. Time to solve the wardrobe puzzle. Place the colorful knob in its place, then solve the puzzle using the clue from the journal. This one’s waaaaaaay easier than it seems. Ignore the dots. Just point each dial in the direction they’re pointed in the clue. Don’t worry about the rest of the puzzle at all. Very surprising. I didn’t even get a photo in time, because I wasn’t expecting that to actually work!



73. Go through the door. Tap on the table to the back and turn the crank/handle on the music box until it opens. Take the music sheet from inside, which will go into your journal.




74. Insert the thin needle from the sewing machine into the hole in front of the music box to remove a small brass circle.


75. Look towards the right and back of the room for a baby’s crib. Pick up the note from the floor for your journal. Then use the spear tip to cut the mattress and take the mandrake root.




76. When you leave the room, a ghost will appear briefly in the mirror!


This video should take you through to this point in the walkthrough:

Continue to Part 3 of the walkthrough.

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The earth for the planetarium is in the cemetery.. Unlocking the grave will be arranging the puzzle at the cemetery main door with the (stone tile)


But how do i get back to the door?


Which door do u mean?


How do you get to the graveyard?


Where do you find the middle piece to the tomb puzzle? I found the outer part from the fireplace puzzle but cannot find the center piece that spins the outer ring.


That’s what I’m looking for


You find it in the greenhouse near the entrance. You need to add something to it that you find in the room with the sewing machine.
Let me know if you need more info. Don’t want to spoil it too much.


What is the object ithought igot everything in the greenhouse


You need to use a part of the sewing machine that breaks off on the gold thing with the chain near the entrance of the greenhouse.


By opening the door with full of pictures.. Use the two lion head keys and knob to open it


Where is the other piece for the circular grave puzzle?


I think I found it inside the contraption in the greenhouse. I don’t remember what I put on the greenhouse machine though. It may have been a handle or knob or gear.


If you’re talking about the strip of letters it’s at the top of the fireplace under the shell.


How do you get to it? I can’t get it free!


You need a letter from a grave outside if I remember correctly. Then you rearrange the letters to spell Lucifer and a last name I don’t remember. The name is in the book.


It was a gear from the sewing machine.


Has anybody found psilocibin (small mushrooms) somewhere?


It’s in the graveyard behind a tree in the shrubs


Thanks a million! Now I just have to find out what to do with the potion…


How do I chop the plant off in the greenhouse and how do I dig out the thing in the plant pot in the same place? And anyone know where the other lion head key is? Any help is much appreciated, thanks 🙂


You need the spear point from the top of the fence outside. One lion key is in a trunk in the attic. The other is in the floor of the bathroom bottom left of screen.


Use the spike from the graveyard to cut th Peyote in the greenhouse, not managed to find a shovel or how to dig yet


No seems to have mentioned this yet but how do you solve the hot plates on the stove in the kitchen? I think it relates to the clue you get in the dinning room setting


Has anyone figured the bear poster and the moorescode puzzle


I’m stuck on the bear poster too. I think you need to form Ursa Major (it’s normally in your journal, if not, go back to the entrance with all the pictures and click on the frame above the doors). It just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I think you should only use the big stars (7 in Ursa Major and 7 big ones) and don’t bother with the small ones, but I’m stuck anyhow. Been driving me crazy all day.


Has anyone managed to unscrew the light bulbs in the 2nd floor hall (where the ladder is)?


I don’t think you need them. I think there’s something with the braille alphabet and the four lightbulbs you should have to work the electric board. Still on it though.


Use the big stars in the big holes and the small ones in the small holes. Extra stars must be outside zhe bear drawing. The result is the ursa major map in your journal, only upside down.


Thank you SO much. That took me forever


How do you open the front door after putting the lion key in?


Don’t forget to put both lion heads (you get from the chest in the attic) on there first.


I only had the 1 lion key. The other key I have, has a cross on it which doesn’t work. Did I miss a extra key somewhere? Thanks for your help btw


Perfect. Thanks!


How do i Solve the puzzle in the wardrobe in the sewing Room??? I have all the components:)


Don’t look at the star in the middle, focus on the knobs itself. Find the clue in your journal, it will show you how to turn the knobs.


I have tried lining up the arrows on the knobs to where it shows on the clue but can’t get it to work. Would you be able to give a little more detailed explanation, it’s about to drive me nuts.


Hey Walt, it’s a tricky one. You should just ignore the middle star and line up the knobs to EXACTLY the angle that is in the picture in the journal. Keep trying, you will get there. Especially the blue and white one are tricky.


Can I have a screenshot from the puzzle?


Thanks I finally got it. You’re right it’s definitely tricky.


Can someone post a picture? I can’t get it working! So frustrated. Only part of game can’t figure out so far..


I broke it down to each click being 15 degrees, then had to click each one the correct number of times to match the degrees in your journal.


I’ve been trying to turn the knobs in the degrees they should be in for days now, anyone have a screenshot or a video walk though. I’m getting pissed!


Has anyone managed to unscrew the light bulbs in the 2nd floor hall (where the ladder is)?

Cameron White

Can someone help me solve the puzzle that’s behind the chalk board in the chemistry lab?

Cameron White



The clue should be in your journal, but find it difficult too. Can’t see it too well with the light from behind the glass. Keep trying to fit it to the image in the journal. Should work. I think.


How did you solve this puzzle? Where is the clue?


Where is the second clothepin


In the lab.


I’m stuck on the puzzle behind the one with red lanterns (the one with gold pegs). I really have no idea what to do with it! Not sure if I missed a clue for it, or what. Can anyone help?


The clues for the red lanters is on the 4 pieces of paper. When you get to the study at the back of the house (where there is the morse apparatus), you need to click on the window, nip off the metal string, replace it with another and add two clothes pegs. Once you’ve done all that, you put your four damaged sheets of papes on the window (they will set automatically, two on each sidee). Then you need to put two sheets over one another to reveal a clue that will be added in your diary. Make sure you… Read more »


I’ve done that part already, and solved the lanterns. I’m missing a clue for the musical puzzle that’s behind it.


It’s the “music sheet” from inside the little box in the hidden room behind the sewing room.


Can anyone tell me how to put out the fire? I’ve tried placing the bucket outside to gather water?!


When you enter the cemetary, click left and you will be facing a gutter that will fill your bucket.


Thanks Jackie…I don’t think I ever would have found that!


Where is the extra weight? Anyone any ideas?


On the shelves to the right if the drawers that won’t open in the study (and the lightbulb is on the left ones).


I found the light bulb. But can find the extra weight to weight the chemicals


Ah! Got it! Many thx


I see two paperweights on the desk in the private study but can pick them up


Can anyone help with the red lanterns puzzle? I’m really stuck!


Did you combine the papers you’ve picked up? The clue should be there.


How do you combine things?


You have to hang up the piano chord in the window of the study, then use clothes pins to hang them (the second one is in the lab). Then you pull two pages at a time to the center, and you’ll get several new clues for your journal.


Use two paper clip on the piano wire and combine 2 ruined paper at a time.


I must have missed something along the way. I can’t get into the mausoleum. I don’t know where to find the missing piece to put above the door. Can anybody help?


You don’t need to, put the left and right peices in and then push them


Ow… Now I feel really stupid. Thanks!


Where can I find the left piece for the mausoleum door?


Sorry Kris, I don’t remember anymore. I think it must have been somewhere in the library… maybe behind the bear picture with the star puzzle. Anyone?


I cant find the knob (?) for the wardrobe puzzle. I read something about a crib mattress. But where is that? Hope someone can help 🙂

Alice Bradberry

Do you know where the piano is if you click the thing next to it and solve the puzzle it will give you the knob for the closet.


Now I mixed all the chemicals. How do I lit it to burn?


Make sure you’ve turned the gas on first – you’ll need a handle for the tank (not sure if I remember where I found it, but check the right side of the lab), then there are matches in the study I believe.

Cameron White

Can someone help me with the lightbulb puzzle in the private study behind the bookcase?!


Check your journal. You should have another page that also shows Braille. There’s a clue on that page (add’l hint: input a whole word).

Cameron White

What should the word be? I thought it would be “Simon” like everything else, but I get the S and the I put it, and one of the locks move, but when I put in the M, it locks again!

Cameron White

Nevermind, I got it! But I’m still confused with the gate behind the chalkboard in the chem lab?


On the blackboard is the clue to getting the grids correct. Once you’ve seen it, it’s noted in the journal.

Cameron White

I got the clue from the blackboard, but I still can’t solve the stupid puzzle. It’s driving me crazy! Am I reading the clue wrong?


The year was in the notebook. For the day and the month you need to put the rod you found on the sundial and it shows you the day and the month.


If you go to the scene where you found the mushrooms, the rod is to the left of that. Just click on the thorny bushes and you’ll find the rod. After you find the rod, you put it on that sundial on the desk where the fireplace is. That’s where you get the month/day hint for the sundial.


PLEASE HELP ME!! The puzzle in the wardrobe in the tailors room, I really don’t even understand what the clue is, what the hell am I supposed to do?!?! And the fire place, how do u remove that thing??


Holly – use the clue in you’re journal. Match the dials to point to the degrees for each colour, it has to be exact, so from the top count each click as 15degrees to get you to the correct position per dial.


Thanks guys, I’ve done it now :):) just stuck on everything’s else now, I’m useless!


Where do I get the bucket to pUT out the fire?
How do I get the letter plate from the fireplace?


You get the “o” from the music box behind the wardrobe puzzle. Use that “o” on the gravestone and the “i” will come loose. The bucket is in the shed with the wire cutters and garden hoe that you “dig” with in the greenhouse.


How do you get the “O” off the music box?


Use the spike from the graveyard I think or the needle can’t remember, but one of those should work.

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