Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL: Walkthrough Part 3

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL
By: redBit games

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for the full version of Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by redBit games. Feel free to ask for help or offer help in the comments below.


This is the third part of my Haunted Manor 2 walkthrough. Are you looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

77. Go back to the graveyard. The first grave you see is missing a letter. Place the O you just found in the space and the I will loosen. Take it.


78. Go back inside to the lounge and place the I with the other letters above the fireplace. Now you need to use the clue from the other gravestone and the sheet music to solve this puzzle.






79. Take the golden plate with Hebrew engravings and go back to the graveyard to place it on the cross with the rest of the letters.


80. Rotate the wheel so the letter that you see on the piece in your bag is the letter at the very top (but backwards). Then place the piece on top of it and take the small broken key.


81. Go to the second cemetery scene and use the broken key to unlock the small shed to the right. Take the large wire cutters, small gardening shovel, and worn-out bucket from inside.


82. Go back to the first cemetery screen and tap to the left to find the gutter with water spilling from it. Fill your bucket with water.


This video should take you through to this point in the walkthrough:

83. Go back to the lounge. Pour the bucket of water on the fire and get the key from the fireplace.


84. Use the key to open the door in the back of the lounge and enter the library.



85. Look at the open book in the back of the library. Get a clue for your journal from it — the Hebrew alphabet. Then take the little golden pin from inside the book.




86. Zoom back out and tap on the ladder to the right. Climb up and get the flexible piece of metal and the tasseled key. You may need to move the ladder back and forth to get both of them.


This glitchy video should get you through to this point in the walkthrough:

87. Use the key you just found to open the door all the way in the back. Go into the study and pick up the note from the chair.




88. Pick up the box of matches from the desk and place the flexible piece of metal on the telegraph machine to act as a spring. It now works! Also, pick up a light bulb, the small weight, and a clue for your journal near the file cabinet.





89. Notice it says “SIMON” on the side of the telegraph. You need to spell that out in morse code. Use the clue from your journal to help you out. A quick tap makes a dot, while holding it down for a few seconds makes a dash. It should go like this. Take the key from it when you’re done.



90. Look at the window. Take the small clip (clothespin).


91. Look at the wall for a bear puzzle. We need to solve it using the clue from the journal. Basically, make sure to put stars on all seven spots on the bear. Everything else doesn’t matter. But you need to put big stars on big stars and little stars on little stars (hope that makes sense). I couldn’t get a good photo in time, so don’t copy the one below exactly. When you complete it, take the wooden plaque from behind.





92. Go back to the greenhouse. Dig through the pot of soil with the shovel until you get the teddy bear.



93. Go back to the cemetery and find the mausoleum in the second screen. Place both wooden plaques in their slots and press them to open the door. Go inside the crypt.


94. Go back to the library and find another ruined paper in one of the drawers. Then use the key from the telegraph on the locked door to the left. Enter the chemistry lab!



95. Take the second small clip (clothespin).


96. Go to the table to the right and take the grinder and the red knob.


This video should take you through this point in the walkthrough:

97. Place the mandrake root on the table and add the mushrooms and the peyote to the bowl/mortar. Also, turn all the bottles around so you can see what they are. Use the spear tip to cut off the mandrake’s head and add it to the bowl. Then use the grinder/pestle to break down all three into a powder.




This video should get you through to this point in the walkthrough:

98. Go to the tank in the corner. Place the knob on it and turn. Also, get the clue from the blackboard and the large metallic handle from the shelf to the right.



99. Go to the blackboard and raise it up to see a puzzle. Use the clue from the blackboard to solve it. It should look like the photo below (thanks to Kristin for this!). I just drew on one of them to show how it should look to complete it. Take the beaker/funnel when you’re done.




100. Place the funnel(?) over the burner on the table. Then fill up the bucket of water from the gutter again and pour it into the funnel. Add the ground herbs to it.


101. Go back to the very first room with the freezer and use the wire cutters to cut down the hook hanging to the right.


102. Go back to the study and zoom in on the window. Attach the piano chord to the ripped wire, then clip the clothespins to it. Hang up the four ruined papers and then combine two at a time. Wait for a flash of lightning to get a clue for your journal. Do this several times until you have all five clues.






103. Go back to the drawers in the library and arrange them based on the clue from the ruined papers. It goes like this: Top left is half way out, middle and bottom left are all the way out. Top right is halfway out, middle right is pushed in, and middle bottom is pulled out all the way. Another secret room!




This video should get you through to this point of the walkthrough:

Continue to Part 4 of the walkthrough.

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  1. Tiffanie

    How do I solve the weight puzzle?I am in the tomb with the star on the ground, I lined up the symbols but nothing is happening?

    1. Kris

      You have to add the brooch with the eye marking to the centre.

    2. Julie

      How in the heck do I have 23 gold teeth for the music box but the picture only shows 19. yesterday I had 20, now 24… How can I solve it with the extra teeth?

    3. Alice Bradberry

      Does anyone know where the first ruined paper in the picture with the clips and the piano cord is?

  2. Tiffanie

    I can’t solve the dang puzzle behind the blackboard. I got the clue, but the puzzle has a lot more to it than the clue doe. Help!!! Give me a screen shot!

    1. Kris

      Just focus on completing the design of the clue (kind of in the middle) there will be parts that are unused as long as they are not connected to your main design you’re good.

      1. Tiffanie

        Awesome, thank you! I also can’t seem to solve the weight puzzle, and I can’t add the last ingredient to the potion or light the fire?

        1. Tiffanie

          Never mind, figured it out!

    2. LC

      What does the clue look like?

    3. Daniellejane

      Where did you get the clue for the blackboard puzzle??

      1. LC

        Make sure the chalkboard is down and then go to the gas tank. The clue is on the chalkboard.

  3. Tiffanie

    So I have the heart and the potion in the cauldron,but now I’m stuck. I have a hook, broken link, bear, matches, and wire cutters. What do I do?

    1. Daniellejane

      I’m stuck here too.. Did you figure it out?

  4. Daniellejane

    I can’t figure out the puzzle with the red lights after I enter the mausoleum

  5. CB

    Tiffanie did you need a extra weight from somewhere or was the 4 all you get. Im having issues getting it to work.

  6. Daniellejane

    Never mind got it!

  7. Daniellejane

    I’m stuck on the puzzle in the crypt with the Latin letters, help please!!!

    1. Angelica

      You need to spell “Zagan” in Hebrew letters, starting from top then clockwise. You should have gotten the Hebrew alphabet clue in the library, and the clue to that puzzle from the collected ruined papers. Afterwards, you put the pin with an eye in the center of the circle

  8. Nathan

    I can’t figure out the weight thing. I found the extra weight. I don’t know what to put on the paper.

  9. Nathan

    Nevermind just got it

    1. Timmy

      Care to enlighten where you got the extra weight from?

    2. Silje

      How did you figure it out?

  10. Angelica

    Has anyone figured out the puzzle behind the picture in the hidden room in the library? I don’t have any clues for it…

  11. CB

    What room is the extra weight in nathan? Thanks

  12. Joe

    Anyone have a screen shot of the lab puzzle? I’m completely baffled, even with the clue. Thx.

    1. Kayleigha

      Yeah stuck on the puzzle in the lab behind the blackboard, hard to look at it lol, any more specific help would be greatly appreciated

  13. Silje

    Can someone please help with the red light puzzle in the tomb? Been stuck for a day, looked over my notes-nothing! Thanks in advance!

  14. mark

    I’m stuck on the light bulb puzzle, I’ve tried every variation of the combination but it isn’t working, I currently have 4 bulbs but the combo only shows 3 are to light up, so, any help or clues would be greatly appreciated

    1. Angelica

      You can put the bulbs below, next to the lever, so you can use the amount necessary. I still haven’t figured out the puzzle, though….

      1. Paul

        If you position the bulbs to make one letter at a time from the dots from one of the journal entries it appears to open the levers. Need to do them in order. So far i can only get first 3 letters which are I – G – N but despite trying all of the other letter options it keeps resetting. Will keep going but hopefully this may help someone to get final lever.

        1. timmy

          I-G-N-I-S using Braille

  15. Mirko

    The weight is in The studio where there isbthe telegraph on the library to The right side

  16. Rebecca

    The light bulb puzzle you use Braille to spell IGNIS … I have a problem with the musical puzzle in the monselium though. There are 19 notes on the clue. Yesterday I had 20 pins today 22 any thoughts , ideas or answers? I also cannot add the last ingredient in the lab or light the fire. Once I put the little weight on the scale it disappeared but did not reveal anything that I noticed did I miss something?

    1. Stacie

      Thank you so much for the help with the light problem. X

    2. Julie

      Me too! 23 pins today, 20 yesterday… How do we get rid of them?

    3. Bianca

      I have the same problem 20 pins? Now do i loose 1 pin?

  17. Stacie

    Can any on help with the weight puzzle on the desk in the hidden room in the library and the light puzzle behind the picture.
    As for the puzzle behind the black board there is a screen shot ^^^ it’s the one with the blue lines drawn on it that but needs to be facing the way of the blue lines not what’s shown on the origin pic.
    I found it easier to zoom in on the screen shot and work through 1 row at a time x

  18. Mirko

    Weight puzzle: take The yellow paper from The desk, go in The desk with All The candele and pass The paper over it, you will get All The ingredienti needed. At that point you will know how to use The weighted I’ll not tell u more to do not spoil it all

  19. Mirko

    Hi Rebecca I don’t know I’ve same number of pin as it show in the clue

  20. Ben

    Hanging the bear is driving me crazy. I have done everything in this game with out a hint or looking online on brainy mode and felt so accomplished up until what I believe is the very end. After 14 hrs of searching I’m throwing in the towel. I believe I am missing a chain to hang the bear for the sacrifice. I have a staff, a bear, wire cutters, and the chain link. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I didnt make it to that point yet, but sounds like you’re missing the hook from thw first room?

      1. Ben

        Nah I just finished it. I had that hook., for some reason I never saw the most obvious chain in the whole freaking game, I’m actually more uFrustrated now than I was because it was In such an obvious spot lol. All though I never once found out what the star was for, I cleared the story with out using not sure if It was meant to throw me off or if I just skipped something altogether.

        1. Meow

          It was for the took in the dominoe table.. It was a vlue but i realized you can get by without getting some on your book..

  21. Mark

    I’m stuck. Aside from turning the handle on the tank & using the mTches is there anything else needed to light the fire under the beaker? It keeps telling me there must be something missing.

      1. Mark

        Yes all five ingredients plus the water are in there. I’m thinking I may have a glitch somehow.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s weird. You might be right about it being a glitch. 🙁

          1. Mark

            Thanks tho.
            Off I go to restart…grumble..grumble…grumble..

  22. Vincent Leta

    Where is the third ruined paper found?

  23. Ashlee

    I can’t figure put three bear puzzle. The clue doesnt match up. I feel so stupid

  24. Stephanie

    How can I find the letter O?

  25. Lexii

    Anyone know where the fourth light bulb is?? Also the weight puzzle. Ugh. Please.

  26. Lori

    can anyone tell me how to enter the mausoleum? I got both wooden plaques and when I push them nothing happens. Thanks!

    1. Miki

      Tap the plaques quickly. I was stuck for a while also

  27. Maddie


    I can’t get in to the second secret room. I can’t even reach the place in the bookshelf so i can rearrange the drawes. What am I doing wrong??? Please help me.. I’m getting psychotic soon 😉

    (“103. Go back to the drawers in the library and arrange them based on the clue from the ruined papers. It goes like this: Top left is half way out, middle and bottom left are all the way out. Top right is halfway out, middle right is pushed in, and middle bottom is pulled out all the way. Another secret room!”)

    1. Maddie

      Never mind… I just finished the game 🙂

  28. kat

    Where is the letter O? The I is missing but not in my tool box. ?

    1. kat

      Never mind, got it.

  29. Jennifer Kortgoede

    I cannot find the lightbulb for the puzzle behind the painting or the weight.. Any help would be great!

    1. Destiney

      It’s in the study by the book shelf on the right side

  30. Emma

    I can’t figure out the Hebrew grave thing. I have everything except I think I forgot to get a paper for the journal that was supposed to help you out and I don’t know where it is. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

  31. neco

    Please somebody help me with the puzzle in the Taylor’s room… I went to the soon through and did exactly what it said to do… But it still didn’t open a door… I’m so fun stuck….

  32. Gamer

    Where do I find the handle for the oven??

  33. Andrew

    Where did I miss the broken link?

  34. Meghan

    I have placed the “I” above the fireplace and I have the drawing of the sheet music and the grave with the name on it. Now what do I do?

  35. Debbie

    I’ve tried to hang the chain above the heart and caldren but it won’t let me. Anyone?

  36. Harms

    I cannot find the weight!!!

  37. Shelley

    I really appreciate your walk-throughs but when you just happened to place puzzle pieces in the right place and you didn’t have time to take a picture perhaps you could be a little more careful in your description so that we understand what you are talking about. So for the puzzle in the closet of the Taylor’s room where you insert the knob and then place them in the same directions as in the clue; well there are no knobs in the clue, only compass or radial points along degrees of, 0, 60, 210, and 285, and one unlabeled one in between the 60 and 210 which would be 150 degrees and looks black for which there is no knob but there are black dots. How are you basing your knob ‘pointing directions’?
    This puzzle was way easy for you but that may have been purely based on love when you put your knob in and you orientation of the puzzle. I find that I cannot predict which way the knob is going to rotate when I attempt to make it do so. Perhaps someone else can speak up and make the solution clearer or send in a picture or video, thanks.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s been a long time since I played the game so I’m not sure which part you’re referring to. But I made videos for the whole game, so even if I didn’t get a screenshot, that should be able to help you.

    2. Shelley

      Correction: that should read, ” May have been purely based on luck where you put your knob and in your orientation of the puzzle ”
      P.S. I found that some of the colored dots were just before where the compass points were when I completed this puzzle.

  38. Patty

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out the lab puzzle. I have tried for the last two days. Please help!

  39. Emily

    I canΓÇÖt find the dang handle to the oven. It shows up in your inventory when you need it, but at no point in the walkthrough did you mention picking it up. Unless I completely missed it.

  40. MissLCinS.F. (Lia)


    ΓÇ£Go back to the first Cemetery Screen- click to the Left- to access overflowing GutterΓÇ¥

    Every time I clicked left,
    I ended up back at Tombstone Cross +Wheel.

    While on that Tombstone Screen,
    I clicked to the left BEHIND the Cross, (near lower window in background)
    and ⭐️FINALLY ⭐️
    Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Ended up in the GutterΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ …..lol….

    (IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m in S.F. – maybe itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s due to an update within the U.S. App.. ??)

    Anyway- just thought IΓÇÖd mention it,
    Maybe save someone else some Frustration.

    Take Care – and Thanks for all your Amazing Walkthroughs!

  41. Cerah

    How do you find the spear

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