Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL: Walkthrough Part 4

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL
By: redBit games

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for the full version of Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by redBit games. Feel free to ask for help or offer help in the comments below.


This is the fourth part of my Haunted Manor 2 walkthrough. Are you looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

104. Inside the library’s secret room, pick up the empty yellow paper.


105. Add the weight to the scales.


106. Zoom in on the candles. Take the chain link and the note for your journal. Hold the blank sheet of paper over the candles until a clue appears for your journal.





This video should get you through to this point of the walkthrough:

107. Remove the big painting on the room, then add the light bulb to the puzzle. Use the Braille clue from your journal and the one you just picked up to solve this. You need to spell out “IGNIS” in Braille. After you set up the bulbs for each letter, pull the lever down. Take the beating heart when you’re done.











108. Go back to the chem lab and take the bottles of H3C and CF3H from the shelves.



109. Go back to the scales. Place the H3C on the left scale. Add the 1.5 and 1.1 lb weights to the right side. Then add more H3C to the left side until they even out. Take the H3C.



110. Go back to the chem lab and add the H3C and CF3H to the mixture. Light the fire with the matches, then take the potion when it’s ready.


111. Go back to the kitchen and place the large metallic handle on the oven door. Open the door and take the “cauldron” that looks more like a platter. While we’re here, go to the greenhouse and use the wire cutters to cut the chain from the pulley. Pick up the pretty long chain from the ground. Go to the well and hang the chain down into it.






This video should get you through this point of the walkthrough:

112. Let’s go back to the crypt! Use the clue from the ruined paper to solve the red lanterns puzzle.




113. Now solve the music sheet puzzle. Insert the gold pin and copy the clue from the music box. Then pull the lever to open a new door. Head through.







114. Pick up the strange square tile in the tunnel, then continue on. Place the tile in the center of the puzzle here.



115. Solve the puzzle using this clue from your journal.



116. Go through. There’s a puzzle on the ground. Use the Hebrew alphabet and the other clue from your journal to set the letters up right. Then stick the pin with the eye on it in the center.





117. Place the cauldron on the roots, then add the beating heart and potion to it.




118. Place the broken chain link on the chain, then add the hook. Hang the stuffed bear from it and then use the matches to light it on fire. Then watch the ending.


This video will take you through the rest of the walkthrough:

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I somehow have 23 gold pieces in the music box… How do I solve the puzzle with extra pieces??


I have 21 pins so same problem. Any help greatly appreciated!!


Did you find a solution to this? I have to many tiles add well.


Any solutions yet to the extra pieces?


Why can’t iuse the matches in the lab?


Went to the end of the tunnel and got the symbol in the floor to open.
The caldron goes there.
(I think we’re supposed to hang the teddy bear)
Go to the study where the candles and a pen dipped in lemon juice.
Hold the blank piece of paper over them to reveal a hidden formula.
Get 2 spice bottles, one goes in potion the other I don’t yet.
Somehow we need to turn the gas to heat the mixture.


The H3C needs to be weighed in the scale. Put the bottle on the left side tap it to pour it out then balance the scale.
Take this back to the lab and add it to the beaker and it will cook with the matches.

( the rod with the star goes in the middle of the thing in the floor in the tunnel to open)

Go back to the garden and cut the chain from the pulley mechanism.


The rod with star goes on the sun dial and points to Beltrain?


The needle with eye goes to that hole at the end of the tunnel


Where can I find the large metallic handle?


Never mind


Find it on shelf right beside of great tank.


Stuck on the music box in the crypt. I have too many pins. Getting thru the crypt is the only thing I have left to get to the end. This game is driving me insane!


Apparently there is nothing you can do. I had to reset my game and am too lazy to play through. If you have finished it, care to share the ending?

A Meyers

Music Box In Crypt: I also have too many pins (according to clue only need 19 I have 20) and cannot remove extra. Ideas?


There is a glitch. If you swipe up from either the right or left side by the lever on the music box it adds a pin. I now have 20 extra. Can’t get rid of them.

Martin watts

Well that explains everything then – been going round in circles for days with 7 extra pins !! Thought they had something to do with the Ursa major formation but obviously not ! How do we get rid of the extra pins ?

Just another bug – you can keep collecting keys from the telegraph ..


Where do I find the light bulbs???


Where can I find the1.5g weight for the scale in the secret room?


At the crypt puzzle using the music box clue, I find myself with 3 more gold pins than needed. What do I do with the extra pins?


Had to restart the game and did it in easy, finally made it through the music box without the glitch and completed the game.


I’m at the part with the light bulbs, I’m trying to do the first letter but can’t remove any of the bulbs. I get the braile thing, just can’t get the bulb to move….thanks!


Never mind…got it!

Anaelle Dasse

Hello, how did you manage with the bulbs?


Yeah stuck now at the music box in the crypt….have enough pins, in the right place…just not working!

Bourbon Kid

Hello ! I’m in the crypt. I’ve placed the cauldron and put in the heart and the potion. The matter is that i can’t place the chain anywhere, same thing for the hook and the broken chain link. Can someone help me please ?


I can’t lit the fire in the chem room..please help..n hw do I get golden pin for the cript..thnx


Please..please..mayday..can’t lit matches in chem room..what did I miss?

Bourbon Kid

Hello. You must have all the elements for the potion. If you cant lit, thats you dont have all you need.


Never mine..got it..

Bourbon Kid

Aarrghh !


Where is the handle to open the oven in the kitchen?


What am I missing in the Chem lab for the potion? I added water, the ground herbs, and both chemicals. But I can’t light it! What the heck am I missing ?

Christopher Higdon



I think so. I put the handle on the gas tank and turned it now its sideways


When I go to the greenhouse I can’t get the chain. I get a message ‘the pulley is still there but the chain is missing’. I can’t zoom into the pulley to cut the chain down. I have the wire cutter, the link and the hook.