Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL: Walkthrough Part 4

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL
By: redBit games

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for the full version of Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by redBit games. Feel free to ask for help or offer help in the comments below.


This is the fourth part of my Haunted Manor 2 walkthrough. Are you looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

104. Inside the library’s secret room, pick up the empty yellow paper.


105. Add the weight to the scales.


106. Zoom in on the candles. Take the chain link and the note for your journal. Hold the blank sheet of paper over the candles until a clue appears for your journal.





This video should get you through to this point of the walkthrough:

107. Remove the big painting on the room, then add the light bulb to the puzzle. Use the Braille clue from your journal and the one you just picked up to solve this. You need to spell out “IGNIS” in Braille. After you set up the bulbs for each letter, pull the lever down. Take the beating heart when you’re done.











108. Go back to the chem lab and take the bottles of H3C and CF3H from the shelves.



109. Go back to the scales. Place the H3C on the left scale. Add the 1.5 and 1.1 lb weights to the right side. Then add more H3C to the left side until they even out. Take the H3C.



110. Go back to the chem lab and add the H3C and CF3H to the mixture. Light the fire with the matches, then take the potion when it’s ready.


111. Go back to the kitchen and place the large metallic handle on the oven door. Open the door and take the “cauldron” that looks more like a platter. While we’re here, go to the greenhouse and use the wire cutters to cut the chain from the pulley. Pick up the pretty long chain from the ground. Go to the well and hang the chain down into it.






This video should get you through this point of the walkthrough:

112. Let’s go back to the crypt! Use the clue from the ruined paper to solve the red lanterns puzzle.




113. Now solve the music sheet puzzle. Insert the gold pin and copy the clue from the music box. Then pull the lever to open a new door. Head through.







114. Pick up the strange square tile in the tunnel, then continue on. Place the tile in the center of the puzzle here.



115. Solve the puzzle using this clue from your journal.



116. Go through. There’s a puzzle on the ground. Use the Hebrew alphabet and the other clue from your journal to set the letters up right. Then stick the pin with the eye on it in the center.





117. Place the cauldron on the roots, then add the beating heart and potion to it.




118. Place the broken chain link on the chain, then add the hook. Hang the stuffed bear from it and then use the matches to light it on fire. Then watch the ending.


This video will take you through the rest of the walkthrough:

Congratulations! You completed the game! If you found this walkthrough helpful, please help others find it. 🙂 And check back when Haunted Manor 3 is out! If you liked this game, you might also like these other room escape and adventure games. You might also like the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle, Shadowmatic and Destroy Ghost Mansion.

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  1. Julie

    I somehow have 23 gold pieces in the music box… How do I solve the puzzle with extra pieces??

    1. Lauren

      I have 21 pins so same problem. Any help greatly appreciated!!

    2. cassam72

      Did you find a solution to this? I have to many tiles add well.

    3. Kelley

      Any solutions yet to the extra pieces?

    4. Debra

      In your notebook use the punch sheet for gold bar placement

  2. jeff

    Why can’t iuse the matches in the lab?

  3. Tyler

    Went to the end of the tunnel and got the symbol in the floor to open.
    The caldron goes there.
    (I think we’re supposed to hang the teddy bear)
    Go to the study where the candles and a pen dipped in lemon juice.
    Hold the blank piece of paper over them to reveal a hidden formula.
    Get 2 spice bottles, one goes in potion the other I don’t yet.
    Somehow we need to turn the gas to heat the mixture.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What did you stick in the hole at the end of the tunnel? I’m so close to the end, but can’t find anything that fits.

  4. Tyler

    The H3C needs to be weighed in the scale. Put the bottle on the left side tap it to pour it out then balance the scale.
    Take this back to the lab and add it to the beaker and it will cook with the matches.

    ( the rod with the star goes in the middle of the thing in the floor in the tunnel to open)

    Go back to the garden and cut the chain from the pulley mechanism.

      1. Drew

        I am missing it — how do I grab the bottles? Every time I try or use some objector just my hands, it won’t let me. HELP!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You need to get the recipe in your journal for it to work.

          1. Drew

            Not to sound dumb, but how do I do that?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              You need to hold the blank piece of paper over the candle in that secret room in the library.

      1. Clara

        How do you get the handle that goes on the oven in the kitchen?

      2. Clara

        How do you get the handle that goes on the oven in the kitchen? I’m so confused

  5. Tyler

    The rod with star goes on the sun dial and points to Beltrain?

  6. Merit

    The needle with eye goes to that hole at the end of the tunnel

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I was missing the tile for the puzzle before that. Oops!

  7. Corey

    Where can I find the large metallic handle?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is that the one for the oven? If so, it’s to the right of the large tank in the chem lab.

    2. Corey

      Never mind

    3. mimzi

      Find it on shelf right beside of great tank.

  8. Teri

    Stuck on the music box in the crypt. I have too many pins. Getting thru the crypt is the only thing I have left to get to the end. This game is driving me insane!

    1. Question123

      Apparently there is nothing you can do. I had to reset my game and am too lazy to play through. If you have finished it, care to share the ending?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m almost done with my video walkthroughs. I expect to have the rest done before the end of the day (assuming I don’t hit that same glitch!), so you can wait for those if you’d like.

  9. A Meyers

    Music Box In Crypt: I also have too many pins (according to clue only need 19 I have 20) and cannot remove extra. Ideas?

  10. Emrod

    There is a glitch. If you swipe up from either the right or left side by the lever on the music box it adds a pin. I now have 20 extra. Can’t get rid of them.

    1. Martin watts

      Well that explains everything then – been going round in circles for days with 7 extra pins !! Thought they had something to do with the Ursa major formation but obviously not ! How do we get rid of the extra pins ?

      Just another bug – you can keep collecting keys from the telegraph ..

  11. Bones

    Where do I find the light bulbs???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s just one bulb. It’s in the office in the library.

  12. Question123

    Where can I find the1.5g weight for the scale in the secret room?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s in the room with the telegraph machine, by the filing cabinet.

  13. Question123

    At the crypt puzzle using the music box clue, I find myself with 3 more gold pins than needed. What do I do with the extra pins?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not sure that anyone’s managed to find a way around that glitch. I suggest contacting the developer and seeing if they can help or if an update is on the way thay fixes it.

      1. Question123

        So is my only option at this point to reset the game and start over? Thank you.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It’s possible they have an update coming that would fix it. I contacted them about it and will let you know if I hear from them. I suggest waiting before restarting.

          1. Rebecca

            They are working on a fix , I had to start over and they gave me a code for a free download for a friend. Now I’m stuck again can’t find the broken chain link anywhere.

            1. Bonz

              Did you ever find the broken link? I canΓÇÖt figure that out!!

          2. Neen

            That’s interesting Rebecca. I contacted them twice and had no response.
            Got sick of waiting so started the damn thing again.

  14. Teri

    Had to restart the game and did it in easy, finally made it through the music box without the glitch and completed the game.

  15. Linda

    I’m at the part with the light bulbs, I’m trying to do the first letter but can’t remove any of the bulbs. I get the braile thing, just can’t get the bulb to move….thanks!

    1. Linda

      Never mind…got it!

    2. Anaelle Dasse

      Hello, how did you manage with the bulbs?

  16. Linda

    Yeah stuck now at the music box in the crypt….have enough pins, in the right place…just not working!

  17. Bourbon Kid

    Hello ! I’m in the crypt. I’ve placed the cauldron and put in the heart and the potion. The matter is that i can’t place the chain anywhere, same thing for the hook and the broken chain link. Can someone help me please ?

      1. Tamz

        Greeting and thanks for this walkthrough! I too am having the same issue placing the chain- I’ve tried everything, frustrating!!!! The heart and potion have been placed. I do have the rod with star left- could this be the problem somehow?!?!? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

        1. Teri

          The chain goes in the well in the greenhouse, then the chain link and the hook attach from below through the crypt. The star rod goes on the sundial in the room with the fireplace and piano. Hope this helps

          1. Tamz

            Definetly. Thanks!

          2. Bourbon Kid

            Thanks, I have all these things, but in the crypt, i can’t put the chain anywhere…:-(((( going crazy…

            1. AppUnwrapper

              The chain goes in the well. Then it drops down to the crypt.

          3. Bourbon Kid

            AAAHHHH ! Thanks ! I understand now ! I usually speak french and my English is not very advanced. Its ok, i can sleep now;-) Thanks a lot

      2. Natalie

        Sorry to sound dumb but how do you light up the well?

      3. Jenni

        I can’t find the broken chain link. Please help.

        1. Terri Baran

          I canΓÇÖt find the broken chain link. Help!

  18. prabu

    I can’t lit the fire in the chem room..please help..n hw do I get golden pin for the cript..thnx

  19. prabu

    Please..please..mayday..can’t lit matches in chem room..what did I miss?

    1. Bourbon Kid

      Hello. You must have all the elements for the potion. If you cant lit, thats you dont have all you need.

  20. prabu

    Never mine..got it..

  21. Bourbon Kid

    Aarrghh !

  22. Carrie

    Where is the handle to open the oven in the kitchen?

      1. Carrie

        Thank you :)

  23. Ashlee

    What am I missing in the Chem lab for the potion? I added water, the ground herbs, and both chemicals. But I can’t light it! What the heck am I missing ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That soubds like everything. You turned on the gas?

    2. Christopher Higdon


  24. Ashlee

    I think so. I put the handle on the gas tank and turned it now its sideways

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Might be a glitch, then. Can’t think of anything you’re missing.

  25. Mary

    When I go to the greenhouse I can’t get the chain. I get a message ‘the pulley is still there but the chain is missing’. I can’t zoom into the pulley to cut the chain down. I have the wire cutter, the link and the hook.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      This may sound dumb…but check the ground for the chain?

  26. Mary

    I can’t zoom in on the area to check the ground.

    1. Mary

      I got it at last and was able to finish the game.

  27. SWTH20

    I cannot find the broken chain link, where is it? I used the wire cutters to hang the chain down the well, but don’t have and can’t find the broken chain link.

    1. SWTH20

      Nevermind, backtracked and found it in the library with Col. Mustard

      1. Elizabeth

        Where in the library was the chain link please?

  28. RayLinStephens

    Weird ending – fantastic walkthrough and videos! Thank YOU so much!!

  29. Ssaddeeb

    I finished the game and never used the staff with the star. Where was it supposed to be used?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The sundial on the desk. Gives you a clue for the palnetarium.

  30. Linda

    Are there any fixes for the extra music thing in the crypt? I’m at a standstill till I can get rid of the extra 3 . Thanks

    1. Teri

      I restarted the game in easy mode and it worked, sucks I know, but it was the only way I could finish. Someone mentioned that the extra pins come from swiping the screen, so don’t swipe anywhere when placing the pins if you do start over. Good luck

  31. Peggy

    Fantastic game but stuck at the end Says to put the cauldron on the roots but where are the roots? Have hung teddy, no problem but can’t get any further. Have got matches, cauldron, pin with eye, rod with star, heart, potion. Now getting frustrated. Please, please help, how do I open the dial thingy??

  32. Linda

    Yeah! They finally did a fix! Finished the game! Waiting for the next one

    1. Tash

      How do you get rid oft he extra pin now? I download the new update and the extra pin is still there.

  33. Tash

    Appunwrapper do you know how to get rid of extra pins with new game update? I really don’t want to start over.

  34. Lexii

    where do I find the cauldron?

  35. Lexii

    Yeah feel kinda stupid for asking that one lol. Thx!!

  36. Stephanie

    Someone help me with the music sheet, I have 20 little squares an your suppose to have 19 what do I do???

  37. Stephanie

    Someone help me with the music sheet, I have 20 pins an your suppose to have 19 what do I do???

    1. tash

      I started over, it seems you still have to redo everything. The update didn’t take away my extra pin and some ppl never encountered the bug in the first place.

      1. Stephanie

        Thank you for responding, actually I did the update an it did remove my extra pin so I only had 19 and I had to fix one of the section an finally it opened up

        1. Tash

          I wish the update took my extra pin. I double checked to make sure I had each section right too.

  38. Bridget

    I’m stuck at the puzzle with the light bulbs. What do I do with the extra bulbs I don’t need for certain letters? Luke the I only requires two bulbs, but I don’t know what to do with the other 2..

      1. Bridget

        I’ve tried several times, but they won’t stay 🙁

        1. Deb

          I have the same problem. I can’t get the extra bulbs to stay in the bottom holders. .

          1. Marcel

            I am having the same problem with the bulbs. How to put them in the bottom holders if you only need 2 (for the letter “I”, for example.
            Any solution to that problem.?
            Thanks in advance!

  39. doug

    Where do I find the golden pin or what’s needed for the crypt to make it work? Also I still a have pin with an eye engraved on it. What is it for?

  40. Carly

    Where do I find the large metallic handle for the oven? I looked at least half a dozen times on the app and through the turorial and I can’t find where it talks about it.

    1. Aggie

      Have u found it yet cose i cant… The

    2. Clara

      I know I can’t find it eather.

    3. Natalie

      I was wondering the same

  41. Sabreanah

    The end of this game is very unsettling ***spoiler alert – don’t read of you haven’t finished game***. Am I now the teddy bear, and this whole ruse was a setup to capture my soul? Holy ef, I won’t sleep tonight!!!

  42. Sue

    I got through the game once. The second time playing the compass puzzle (in the clothes closet) stopped working. There seems to be no way to get it to open. We even reset the game and started again but it still won’t work. Has anyone else have this happen?

  43. Nikki

    In the secret room I have four instead of five weights I only have four. Was the fifth one a clue to be found?

  44. Serkan

    I’m probably the last one to finish the game but hey…I completed it. I had to come here for some (not many) hints. You really have to think logically throughout the game. It certainly does have its’ challenges for sure. I got stuck in a few areas but that also had to do with lighting. Handles that you can’t really see because of the dark, etc… Overall a fantastic game! Great job guys.. looking forward to # 3.

    1. Bonz

      Where did you find the broken link for the ending to attach the chain to the hook? I cannot find it!!

  45. Laura

    I’m at the end but I can’t place the cauldron, it says “it doesn’t seem to work” can you help me ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you sure you did everything else up to that point?

  46. Aggie

    Where can i find large metal handle for the oven?

  47. Clara

    How did you get the large handle that goes on the oven in the kitchen?

  48. Sally

    In the Chen lab. I’m trying to make the potion, I have all the ingredients, but my beaker doesn’t have any water in it, and I can’t start mixing anything without water! Where do I get it? It wasn’t mentioned in the walk through.

  49. Shuga

    I’m at that crypt and can’t get in help I have pushed the stones will not open

  50. Caz675

    Anyone know where the oven handle is?

  51. Bri

    I missed the 1.5lb weight.can I go back and get it and if so where?

  52. Steohen

    Where do I find the large metallic handle?

  53. Shelley

    I got into the crypt, past the red lantern puzzle, and started on the Music puzzle, where I placed my golden pin. Somewhere between switching back-and-forth from the puzzle to this website and the book that shows the music template from the music box, I discovered that I had 18 pins for this puzzle that required 19 for its solution. There was no longer a pin in my inventory. I tried turning off of the app and turning it back on. I think I restarted my iPad. This is nearly the last puzzle and I didn’t feel like doing the whole game over again minus two or three puzzles, so I wondered about other possibilities and I watched the final video on this website.
    Thank you again. Since I played this game on the Easy setting, I was able to solve most of it myself, but there were two or three that I could not get on my own, and one that even though I knew how to solve, I could barely see it; that was the puzzle with the distilling beaker behind it. Even with a solution in front of me I still could barely see it properly so I really appreciated this websites help. It allows me to enjoy the game maximally without having to waste too much time in frustration mode.

  54. Deasy

    Help me.. i cant finish the last scene. Hang the teddy bear. I dont know what to do. Becos i dont know where to hang it. When i click The broken chain link no respond. Stuck.. pleaseeee

    1. Caz

      Any reply yet ? I have the same problem ? Link wonΓÇÖt go onto ceiling , I have extra chain ,teddy ,hook and chain matches and link ?

  55. Marissa Reinke

    I can’t get the heart and I’m doing everything correctly. Please help me

    1. Marissa Reinke

      So do I only get one chance because I messed up and now the lightbulb a won’t light up???

  56. Please Please Help

    Where is the large metallic handle for the oven?

    1. S

      If you go to the room where the chemistry set is, click on the large boiler in the right-hand corner of the room. The heavy handle is on the shelf to the right of the boiler.

  57. Kiesha Miller

    IΓÇÖm stuck. WhereΓÇÖs the other light bulb?

  58. Rex

    What is the star rod for?? I canΓÇÖt remember using it for anything yet IΓÇÖve completed the game :s

  59. Melissa

    I’ve completed the game yet in my inventory I’ve still got the rod with a star on . Whyyyyy lol help its driving me nuts lol

  60. Debra

    The bulbs wont light and I’m unable to reset them below to start over.

  61. Claudia Wood

    Where is the chain? I am in the greenhouse and I get the Message.. the pulley is still there but the chain is gone. I donΓÇÖt have it and I canΓÇÿt zoom in on the pulley to look on the ground! I am at the end of the game but need this to hang the bear. I have everything else!

  62. Hmouse

    i need to do the Braille bit with the Bulbs but canΓÇÖt seem to use less than 4 bulbs, how can I do I which only needs 2?

    1. DHO

      Tap on bulb then tap on holders at bottom. They stay eventually

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