Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL: Walkthrough

Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – FULL
By: redBit games

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for the full version of Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by redBit games. Feel free to ask for help or offer help in the comments below.


1. The beginning is the same as the light version, with very minor changes. You can follow my walkthrough for the light version.

You can also follow this video walkthrough for step 1:





2. In the next room, open the drawer and get the rusty lever.


3. Use the lever to break the bottle on the table and take the fuse from it. Also, grab the broken piece of glass.


4. Find this box to the left of the door with the bear behind it and place the lever in the slot. Also, add the fuse to it. Then pull the lever down to turn in the lights.


5. Go through the open doorway, now that you can see. Grab the crank/handle from the coffee grinder on the table. Also, pick up the newspaper clipping and tap on the stove with the pots to get a clue for your journal.



6. Go through the door to the right to the dining room and tap on the table setting to get a clue for your journal.



7. Tap on the grandfather clock to get another clue for your journal.



You can also watch this video for steps 2-7:

8. Open the door to the right and go through. Pick up the note from the leather chair.




You can also watch this video for the next few steps:

9. Notice the colorful puzzle on the table. Also, get a clue for your journal from the carpet. We’ll come back to it. Go to the pool table and take the cue and one of the balls.





10. Go back to the dining area. Zoom in on the painting of the dog with a gramophone. Use the piece of glass to cut open the painting and take the record.


11. Go back to the living room and place the record and the crank/handle on the gramophone. We’re still missing the needle for it to work.


12. Go back to the dining room. Tap on the front of the table (closest to you). There’s a locked drawer with buttons above it that look like the clue you picked up in the living room. Use the clue to solve the puzzle (press the buttons that are darkened in the clue) to get a handle.



13. Go back to the kitchen and use the handle on the door to the back right. It’s locked, though, and we need a key to open it.


14. Go back to the living room and find the pendulum towards the back left. Use the glass shard to cut off two balls from the Newton pendulum.


15. Add the two balls to the colorful puzzle on the table. Now time to solve it. By matching it to the clue from the clock. Is the pool cue to rotate the two intersecting circles. This puzzle can be a bit frustrating because the circle you intend to turn isn’t always the one that turns. But eventually, you should be able to make it match the clue, with the blue balls on the left and the white balls on the right. When it opens, take the small key.




You can also use this video to help you with this puzzle. Sorry it took so long — the circles never turn in the direction I intend them to. Very frustrating!

16. Use the small blue key to unlock the grandfather clock and take the minute hand (metallic needle).


17. Go back to the gramophone and add the needle to it. Turn the handle until you get a key with a red keyring.



18. Use the red key to unlock the door in the kitchen. Now you can enter the greenhouse!



19. Pick up the painted tile in this room. It’s right under the planter in the center of the room. Then use the pool cue get the wheel from the steel beam.



20. On the wall in the back, there are three other wheels, with one missing. Place the wheel on there. Now to voice this puzzle, based on the clue from the stove in the kitchen. When you solve it, take the green key in good condition.



This video should take you through to this point of the walkthrough:

21. Go back to the kitchen. There’s a tile puzzle to the right with a tile missing. Insert the painted tile and solve the puzzle to get a stove plate. Then go back to the kitchen and place the plate on the left stove. Use the clue from the dinner setting to see which plates to press. You can also follow the photo I posted below. Then take another ruined paper.




22. Go to the living room and unlock the door using the green key in good condition. Go through the door. There are two staircases here and a circle/ring of candles.


23. Look under the rug in middle of the circle for a puzzle. We’ll come back to it later.



24. Go up the stairs. Now you can look down on the room from afar. Tap on the entrance ahead of you. Then tap on the shield/crest above the door to get a clue for your journal.




25. Continue into the alcove and tap on the right side. Pick up the note under the couch to get a clue for your journal and get the umbrella from the left side of the couch.



26. Now go back and tap on the left side. Pick up the the wooden knob. It might be hard to see, as it’s in the shadows.


27. Go back to the stairs and pick up the photo on the right staircase. It will be added to your journal.



28. Go up the staircase. Turn on the light.


29. Open the second door on the right and go in to the bathroom. Take the pliers from the laundry basket near the sink. Also, grab the note for your journal.




30. Open the shower curtain and pull the plug from the drain to drain the blood. Pick up the sharp razor blade. Close the curtain again and use the razor blade to cut off a piece of it.





31. Check out the toilet. Take off the lid from the tank — eww! Flush and then pick up the triangle with three colored circles. Before you leave the bathroom, check the floor to the left. There’s a puzzle in the tiles! Solve it to get a lion’s head key.




32. Leave the bathroom and go through the door at the end of the hall to the bedroom. Look at the mirror over the dresser to the right. Take the glass eye.



33. Use the piece of shower curtain on the weird marks to discover three numbers (for the telephone).





34. Open two of the drawers of the dresser to find another ruined paper and a worn-out key.



35. Look under the bed for another note for your journal.



This video should take you through this part of the walkthrough:

36. Go back to the stairs. Place the wooden knob on the left post that’s missing one.


37. Now refer to the photo in your journal. You need to press on the knobs to raise and lower the chandeliers/candelabras so they match the photo. The numbers tell you which knob controls which chandelier. If you see “1+2” or “2+1”, it means press and hold the first one and then press the second one, then release both together. When you get them all matched up, the little secret door will open up by the left post. Take the small handle.



38. Go back to the bedroom upstairs and put the handle on the window so you can go out to the balcony.



39. Pick up the ladder. Then go back a by and look over the balcony. There’s something hanging in the tree. Use the umbrella to get the strange spiral key.



40. Go back to the hallway. Place the ladder down by the light fixture and climb up. Take the second glass eye.



41. Place both glass eyes in the painting to the right and then go through the newly-opened secret door to the attic.



42. Pick up the note for your journal:



43. Go the back. There’s a chest. Use the worn-out key to open it. Then take the square tile, lion’s head key, and another ruined paper from inside.





44. There’s another locked trunk in the back. Use the spiral key to unlock it. Remove all the books until you uncover a puzzle at the bottom. Place the triangle piece in there and then solve the puzzle (match the colored dots to each other) to get another square tile.





45. Go back to the candle circle and place the two tiles with the rest of them. Now you need to place all the square tiles so the fit perfectly together. Then take the light blue key in good condition, the key in the shape of a needle and thread, and the key with an engraved cross.



This video should take you through this part of the walkthrough:

Continue to Part 2 of the walkthrough.

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has anyone made it to the star puzzle in the wardrobe yet. I cannot figure it out

Cameron White

I can’t even find the missing piece for it! I’ve searched everywhere!


I can’t open the bathroom.can anyone help

Cameron White

There is a cement balcony in the greenhouse behind th Palm trees. I was wondering if you have figured out how to go up there yet?


I can’t even see a cement balcony behind the palm trees. where exactly is that

Cameron White

It’s in the black area. You can see the railing when the lightening flashes


Is that the balcony you can get to from the bedroom at the end of the hallway upstairs? You can find the handle for it in a hidden cabinet in the stairwell after you completed the puzzle with the chandeliers in the hall with the candle circle. To do the puzzle you need the wooden doorknob. (And I completely forget how I got to that one) I got stuck a little after that. But I haven’t come across a wardrobe with a puzzle (just yet).


Yes, there is a ladder on that balcony and a circle key. That’s when I got stuck. Where is that wardrobe? I didn’t come across that.


I found the ladder but it is for the upstairs light fixture and once you place it you cannot take it again


the wardrobe is in the room upstairs. first door to your right just before the light switch. it has to do with the clue in the journal with the nautical star with the blue white orange and red hands on it

Cameron White

Also, has anyone figured out how to put out the fire in the study? There is an object (I believe it is a key) between the flames.


Ow. I haven’t found how to open that door yet. I’m running back and forth between the ground floor and the first floor. Haven’t found the phone ring, nor the second eyeball.


did you get the eyball from the light fixture that you use your ladder on upstairs

Cameron White

I remember finding one eyeball in the chandelier in the hall, I can’t remember where the other one is, but they open a secret passage to the attic.

Lilac _ fresh donna

look on mirror in bedroom end of upstairs hall


Thanks! I would have never found that by myself. I used that ladder on everything except for the light fixture.


The other one is next to the mirror with the phone number puzzle on. Thank you!


I have three ruined pages, a thin needle, a broach with an engraved eye on it, a small piece of stone with a strange marking on it, mushrooms, a piano chord, a spear tip, and a peyote plant. None of these things will go anywhere.


How did you get the peyote plant? I cant seem to pull it out.

Cameron White

Where did you get mushrooms?


the mushrooms are outside. go through the gate and into the cemetery. go towards the back until you see some brush and a tree. keep tapping on the brush and it will move in a couple of places. you get mushrooms and another item but I cant remember what the other thing was

Cameron White

Well now I really feel dumb. How do you get outside?


to get outside you have to find the two lion head keys. they open the door downstairs with all the pictures around it. were you able to get the two lion heads off of the first trunk in the attic?

Cameron White

Yes, I have the two keys, but how do I open the metal cover over the locks?


if something could be found to put water in, there is a downspout with water pouring out of it in the cemetery, but I cant find anything to put the water in. I am sure that would put the fire out

Cameron White

I can see that the metal thing over the locks on the door is missing something, but I can’t find anything to put there. Also, did you happen to find the shovel to dig up the spot of dirt in the greenhouse?


there is a tool shed outside in the cemetery and I am sure its in there but I cannot find the key


The other thing is a rod


Was anyone able to figure out the date you’re supposed to put on the planetarium? I’m talking the one in the room with the fireplace. Earth is missing, but you can find it on one of the tombs after solving the mosaic in the entrance of the cemetery.


top 1914
left bottom 01
right bottom 05


Thank you. Where did you get these numbers from?


I mean the 01 and the 05, I think I know where the year comes from


Nevermind. Found it! Thanks

Cameron White

Can you please explain to me how to open the metal thing over the locks on the main door?


I think you have to put the two lion heads that you get off the first trunk in the attic, after you put them on then you put in the two keys to open the door


has anyone made it to the multicolored star puzzle in the wardrobe upstairs in the first room on the right. it is driving me crazy


It’s driving me nuts too. The pattern I noticed is that yellow dots are “under”, which means they only cover empty ones, then red dots cover yellow ones, but not blue and white, blue covers all except white and white goes over all the other colors, so it’s like the gears are on a “pile”. Also, do you think that the order of the colors on the note is correct? Because the note for the stove is sideways, and also is the one for greenhouse


could be. I tried the color code from the note and had them lined up correctly but no luck. I even contacted the devs, but no luck getting an answer. there are six of each color, and I have tried every config I can think of


There is a video which is very helpful. Start out by making sure all knobs are pointing upwards.. Move the white knob four to the right. Then move the red know ten to the left. Last move the blue knob five to the left..


I only found one lionhead key, and i dont remember where… where were those?


I can only remember one. Check the bathroom floor…bottom left corner.


That was the one, thank you!!


There was one in the chest with the lion studs on in the attic, but I have no idea where to find the other one. I’m stuck there too.


One lion head key is in the bathroom. You have to click the tile floor near the foot of the bath and solve a puzzle. The other key is in the chest where you pry the two lion heads off.


each color clicks in 12 different positions, so if you wanted to deduce then that would be prob 20,000 possibilities


Ugh, ain’t nobody got time for that. Now, something that I don’t get, on the upper part, each tip point at exactly one dot, but the other toe kind of point exactly in the middle. How to decide if the color should go on the right or on the left?


Other two*, not toe.


I know. I have tried it both ways, neither work. unless I accidently fall into the answer, I am thinking I will never get this one


Or mayyyybe, you have to have the same color on both sides, not just exactly where it’s pointing. Have you tried that?


I GOT IT. Don’t pay attention to the actual star, move the knobs into the position indicated by the color!

Cameron White

Has anyone found something to collect water yet? I’m at a stand still. I solved the wardrobe puzzle, but I don’t know what to do next.


How did you solwe the wardrobe puzzle ?


Use the color code to move the knobs into position, not the color dots. For example, yellow is pointing up, so turn the yellow knob until it points up, and so forth


Where is the missing knob?


Have you opened the musoc box in the wardrobe room?
Also… what is the rod with a star do?

And how can you get the peyote?

Could anyone open the shell over the fire? I think under that is some symbols, and thise could be used outside at the grave in wich the metal gear went…

Cameron White

Yeah, I opened the music box. The rod goes on the sundial on the desk in the study. I’m still trying to find a sharp object to cut the crib mattress and the peyote.


Get a sharp spear to cut the mattress at the cemetery by clicking at the gate when you’re facing I_na Harris’ grave


It also cuts the peyote

Cameron White

Thanks! Have you figured out how to get the piece of the tombstone out from under the shell in the study?


Hold on… crib mattress? Where the dickens is that?


No, I got stuck after that. Trying to find something to collect water with, can’t find anything though.


You can get one of the letters from a tombstone and place it on the mantle piece, then you have to play with the letters on the fire place.


How do you get the letter?


Got it, nevermind.


Have you worked out the round puzzle on the tomb yet? It feels like the C tile is related, but I just can’t figure it out. I just keep spinning it and trying the tile, but doesn’t work.


I have that one that looks like a C, but it doesn’t fit anywhere


Take the i, so you can arrange “lucifer veritas”


Got it. Thanks


That tile is driving me nuts right now. But it’s not that letter. You can get one from one of the tombs that already misses a letter. Try some stuff on it. (don’t want to spoil it completely)


Anyone found the star(!?) to open the mausoleum?e


Where is the missing knob for the wardrobe puzzle and the missing tile for the cemetery mosaic?


Ok to clear a few things up, 1 eyeball is the bedroom at the end of the hall upstairs, when you enter the room it is on the immediate right of the screen on a mirror. 2nd eyeball you will need the ladder and it is located on the first chandalier when you first get upstairs. Place them in the painting on the right wall next to the locked door, This opens an attic doorway in the wall. There is a chest here. Yses the ploers on the lions heads and then use the funny fork like key to open… Read more »


You have to align the colors by rotating the triangles, both with the external and the internal ones


Oh, sorry, you already got that one


Ok, the square puzzle took me a bit but it’s really just to put then where they fit. You have to find two extra squares. I put the biggest one on the top left