Escape Game: “Eyes to Ambush” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Eyes to Ambush”



1. Zoom in on the record player and take the knob.

2. On the same wall, zoom in on the shelves to the right. Take the record from the shelf.

3. Turn to the left to find a desk. The top drawer is missing a handle. Attach the knob from your bag and open the drawer. Take the screwdriver.

4. Turn left and zoom in on the clock. Use the screwdriver to take one of the hands.

5. Face the bed. Lift the pillow to find a broken handle. Use the screwdriver to fix it.

6. Go back to the s reenact with the record player. The cabinet door is missing a handle. Replace it with the one from your bag. Open the door and take out the duck bank.

7. Use the screwdriver to open the bottom of the duck and take the magnet from inside.

8. Turn back to the computer desk. Zoom in on the blue lamp. Look through the top to find a blade. You can’t reach it with your bare hands. Use the magnet to get it and you now have a cutter’s blade.

9. On the right side of the wall is a blue canister. Zoom in on the lid to find a small screw. Use the screwdriver to remove it. Open the lid and take the extension cord.

10. Look at the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Move the row of blue books. There’s a hole in the wood behind it. Use the clock hand in the hole to unlock it. Open the flap and take out the glue.

11. Look near the ceiling. There’s a model airplane. Tap on it to discover it’s too tall to reach. Tap on the chair by the computer desk to move it under the airplane. Tap on the chair again to reach the airplane. Take it.

12. Look under the desk for the computer cable. Attach the extension cord from your bag.

13. Turn on the computer. Look at the screen and tap the yellow folder. The computer goes off.

14. Look under the desk and tap on the cable. It says the cable is loose and you need something with which to stabilize it. We can’t do this yet, so take the extension cable back.

15. Turn around to the wall with the front door. Open the closet. Tap the key on the floor and you’ll hide it in the cup of oil. Tap the purple box to cover the cup.

16. Examine the beige coat that’s hanging in the closet. Look for a pocket you can zoom in on. Cut the button with the blade and take the cell phone from inside the pocket.

17. Look at the phone. You have two messages. Read them both:




18. The message with the 7’s and 21’s has a clue on it: 3 –> E. So we need to turn 7 and 21 into letters as well. Turn them upside down and 7 looks like an L, while 21 looks like an R. So Left and Right.

19. Look on the shelf above the bed. There’s a toy. It moves left and right when you touch it. According to the phone (upside-down) you need to do it in this sequence: R L L L R R L. Press the red button and the toy opens, revealing a red pen. Take it.

20. Examine the pen closely to find a Philips head screwdriver inside.

21. Switch out the flat head tip from the screwdriver and replace it with the Philips head.

22. Look on the bottom right side of the bed. There’s a metal piece bolted there. Use the Philips head screwdriver to remove the screw. Zoom out and lift up the bed to find a box. Take it.

23. There’s also a circular panel in the floor. Switch the screwdrivers again and use the flat head screwdriver to lift the panel. Take out the strap.

24. Turn to the record player. Plug it in the the extension cable. Place the Philips screwdriver (red) in the hole in the center. Then place the record over it. A song plays:


25. Zoom in on the dials and turn the one you above control over.

26. Now the music plays backwards!

27. Take the extension cable back.

28. Use the blade on the strap to get a vinyl cord.

29. Go back to the computer and plug the extension cable back in. Use the vinyl cord to stabilize the cable. Add glue to secure it.

30. Now the computer stays on. Read through all the emails. This one stands out:


It says 5pm and 11pm. If you change them to 24hr, you get 17 and 23. Go to the purple poster near the record player. Lift it up to see a safe. Enter 1723 into the keypad and it unlocks. Take the box from the safe.

31. The box is heavy. You need to put it down somewhere before you can open it. Go to the bookcase and place the box on the empty shelf. Use the blade to cut it open and empty its contents. There’s a bunch of dolls.

32. Look at the model plane. There’s now a keypad on it. To get the code, you need to use this email from the computer:


It says that the day after tomorrow it will be 16 years and 7 months since he was born. Remember the second phone message? 1Y = 365, 1M = 30. So, 16 x 365 = 5840. 7 x 30 = 210. Add them together and you get 6050. type it in on the plane and you get a key!

33. Use the key to open the box in your bag. Take the magnifying glass from it.

34. Go back to the shelf with the box. Take the green ribbon from the bottom of the box. There’s something on it. Use the magnifying glass to read it. It says “510”.

35. Go to the closet. We now have the code for the purple box. Tap on each line and type in 5, then the next line type in 1, and the last 0. Each number must be on its own line. Press enter.


The job is done! You can now leave. Congratulations!


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  1. Revital

    I’ve been typing 6050 on the plane and keep getting “incorrect password”. I made sure I read the email and the diary, I tried to calculate how many days are from oct 25th to nov 5th ( last entry) and add it , taking off 2 days didn’t work either. Now I am stuck and don’t know what to do next!!!

    1. Roger

      This is happening to me too. I don’t know why? I read everything and tap everywhere! I have all stuffs and I still get incorrect pw in the airplane. Also I didn’t get what’s the meaning of record and the song backward…
      If you got, let me know!

  2. Arthur

    The same with me. Tried all combinations of numbers. Still can use the screwdrivers. This must have a readon. Also the dolls look like a code. 1683 or st. th. like that. But where / howto use.
    Anybody’s got a clue?

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