Escape Game: “Prison Bar” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Prison Bar”



1. Zoom out from the door. Turn to the tables and open the menu on the right table. Take the torn memo from inside.

2. Turn left. Look under the table to find this:


3. Turn left again. Tap on the left side of the screen to find the fridge. Open the bottom half (the fridge part) and look in the right door to find some eggs. One of them can be examined. It looks like this:


4. Zoom out and turn left again. Tap on the right side of the bar and go behind the bar.

5. Tap on the safe until you are facing it and a green trashcan. Look inside the trashcan and take a crumpled card.

6. Smooth out the card to get this:


7. Zoom out so you see the side of the safe. Tap on the cabinet ahead of you. Take the glass from inside. Examine it to find this:


8. Based on the three numbers you found and the equation on the playing card, you get:
68 + 12 x 6 = 140

9. Open the right cabinet and take the knife from inside.

10. Zoom out and tap on the left side of the screen to face a cabinet under the bar. It’s locked. Enter “0140” on the keypad to unlock it. Open the doors and take the lens from inside.

11. Leave the bar and turn to face the the front of it, with a mirror. The mirror has a hole. Place the lens in the hole:


12. Zoom in on the lens to see this:


13. Go back behind the bar. To the left of the wine bottles is a thermostat. Set it to 31 degrees.

14. Examine the freezer. It’s still frozen shut. Walk around a bit and come back to find it defrosted. Open it and take the wine from inside. If you examine the wine, you discover it’s frozen. Walk around a bit and it will thaw out.

15. To the right of the fridge is a dresser with a duck on it. Look behind the dresser (on the right side) to find a battery. Take it.

16. Face the bar again. Zoom in on the left chair to find a battery taped to the back. Take it so you have two batteries.

17. Open the fridge again and use the knife to cut the milk open (next to the eggs). Take the cord from inside.

18. 18. Tap on the laptop on the right side of the bar. Plug the cable into the computer. Then look down at the floor and you’ll see an outlet. Plug the other end in.

19. Turn to the front of the bar again. Above the left chair is a roulette wheel. Spin it and the ball lands on red 12.



20. Turn to the bookcase with the numbered books on it (near the dart board). Zoom in on the top right shelf and open up the red book number 12. Inside you see this message:


21. Zoom out and tap on the dog weathervane in front of the bookcase. Tap the dog’s tail and it moves. The dog’s eyes start to flash.


22. Zoom out and follow the beam of light to a crack in the wall. Tap on it to reveal a key and another piece of torn memo.



23. Take the key and attach the piece of memo from your bag to the wall to get this:


24. The key opens the cabinet under the toy duck. Open it to find a remote control.

25. Open the lid of the remote and place the batteries inside. Zoom in on the two buttons on the remote. Press the top button and there’s a sound somewhere.

26. Exit from the remote and you’ll see the blinds went up, revealing the window.

27. Zoom in on the window to see that a train has stopped. It says “My body color is blue.”


28. Go back to the computer and turn it on. The screen asks for a password. Type in “Blue” and a window is displayed:


29. Turn to the keypad below the bookcase. Press the buttons according to the memo in the wall. __ means do nothing. 2, means press the second button in that row. 1 + 3 means press the first and third buttons in that row. You should end up with this:


30. Inside is box with another lock. The keypad with all the buttons looked like an “I” and an “H”. Type in “I” in the first box and “H” in the second. It unlocks, revealing a white key. Take it.


31. Go behind the bar again. Zoom in on the cash register. Use the white key to unlock it. Open it up and take out the USB memory stick. Pull the drawer all the way out and look inside to get a sommelier knife.


32. Plug the memory stick into the PC. Two folders appear on the screen. Open them up to see this:



33. Use the knife you found to open the wine bottle. Pour the wine into the wine glass. A ring falls out. Zoom in on the engraving on the ring to see the word “ANGLE”.


34. Go to the green safe. Tap the dial on 5 black, 4 red, 3 black, 2 red. The lock opens. Take the card from inside.

35. Go to the front door. Slip the card in the slot. Type “SPANGLE” on the keypad (SP from the computer and ANGLE from the ring). Something falls down.

36. Open the mailbox next to the door. Take the key from inside.

37. Go to the door behind the bar and use the key to unlock it. You’re free!

Congratulations! You escaped!


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