Escape Game: “The Hidden Trap of the Hotel” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Hidden Trap of the Hotel”

This game has a great Christmas theme for the holidays!


1. Lift up the green umbrella from the umbrella stand. Take the metal bar that’s revealed.

2. Take the wreath off the door. Examine the wreath and remove the bell ornament.

3. Turn to the right and zoom in on the bouquet of flowers. Lift up the flowers and look inside the vase to get a pair of scissors.

4. Turn right and look at the clipboard on the desk. It says to push all buttons.

5. Turn back to the front door. Lift up the upper right corner of the mat and press the button that’s revealed.

6. Zoom in on the framed painting to the right. Lift it up to reveal another button. Press it.

7. Turn left. Zoom in on the left chair. Lift the cushion to find a box tied with string. Cut the string with the scissors and take the snowman ornament from inside. Also look under the right chair for another button to press.

8. Turn to the opposite screen, where you found the flowers. First, lift up the vase and press the button that’s revealed. Then examine the light in the left alcove. It’s missing a bulb.

9. Turn to the desk and take the light bulb from the light on the desk.

10. Place the bulb in the fixture that was missing one. It lights up the area and you can now see a square plate attached to the wall. But it’s screwed on.

11. Turn to the right of the desk. Lift up the piece of the desk that’s on a hinge and you can now get behind the desk.

12. Take the chair from under the desk. If you examine it, it’s missing a screw and a leg. Attach the metal bar you found to the chair. It’s still unusable because it needs a screw.

13. Take the pen from the pen holder behind the desk. Examine the pen. It’s heavy. Remove the tip and you’ll uncover the shaft of a Phillips head screwdriver inside.

14. Examine the wreath again. A ball on the left side comes off. Tap again and you’ll get the handle of the screwdriver. Combine both pieces to make a working screwdriver.

15. Return to the square plate on the wall. Use the screwdriver to remove all four screws. Lift the plate to find an apple ornament and another button you can press. Don’t forget to take the screw!

16. Use the screw on the broken chair, then use the screwdriver to tighten it. You can now use the chair!

17. Zoom out. On the same wall there’s a shelf that looks like a “2”. Use the chair to reach it and get the angel ornament from the top.

18. Turn to the screen with the sofa chairs. Look behind the left one to find this clue:


19. Each doll represents an ornament. If you move each doll, a number is revealed. Based on the clues, Angel is 3, Bell is 2, Apple is 4, and Snow is 1.

20. Turn to the Christmas tree next to the front door. Place the ornaments in this order: Snowman, Bell, Angel, Apple. A hole opens up the flowerpot under the tree.

21. Turn to the left side of the desk and press another button.

22. Now that all the buttons are pressed, go look at the hole under the tree. A key appears. Take it.

23. Go back to the flower bouquet. The bottom drawer is locked. Use the key to open it and get another key.

24. Go back behind the desk. Face the lockers. Look at the rock on the right. Lift it up to find this clue:


If you examine each locker, they’re numbered like so:
31 7 4 3 28
2 5 15 20 12
10 11 9 6 13

If you do the math, you get A = 3, B = 31, C = 13, D = 5, E = 15.

Use the key on those lockers in that order. After the last one, something will start working again. Turn to the door on the left side of the desk and open it.

You made it out! Congratulations!


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