Implosion – Never Lose Hope: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Implosion – Never Lose Hope
By: Rayark Inc.

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Implosion – Never Lose Hope by Rayark Inc is a premium hack-and-slash game for iOS devices. This is a walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks and help for the game. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for or offer help in the comments section. Let me know if you need help on a specific mission and I’ll do my best.

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Note: I’m using pagination for this guide. Click on the little numbers at the bottom to jump to another page.

Starting Guide:


You control your war mech with the left side of the screen via a joystick. Your main attack in this game is melee, your sword. Hit the STRIKE button to attack the Xada. The other buttons are evade/dodge and special abilities that you can use after you’ve charged them up by performing regular attacks.

You’ll soon be given a gun for ranged attacks. Drag the STRIKE button to aim your gun. But ammo is limited, so you can’t always rely on it. Ammo does automatically recharge after a short wait.

Evade/Dodge Button:

It is tempting in this game to just go head-on and mash the attack (strike) button. And you can actually get away with this early on in the game. But don’t ignore the Evade button. It makes you invulnerable for about a second, and even lets you go through enemies! I’ve been finding it particularly useful against large enemies (mini-bosses) that do lots of damage and have lots of HP.


Ark System:

This is where you can equip new items you looted. Tap on one of the circles to see your inventory that can be equipped. Some have negative effects, so you need to take that into consideration. There are a lot of ways to play with your build here. You can also use credits to buy items from the shop using the shop icon in the upper right corner.



The central icon is what allows you to change your special abilities. You can tap the icons on the bottom to see a description of each ability.





Power: Attack power
Endurance: Possibly health points?
Armor: Defense once the shield is down
Hack Level: Allows you to unlock doors
Shield: How strong your shield is
Critical Rate: Your chance of making a critical hit
Agility: Dodge (how well you can avoid hits)


You earn badges by meeting certain conditions on a mission. You can see the badges several ways. From the map, tap on the little badge icons.



To earn a badge in Hard mode, tap on the blue circle on the map to switch from Easy to Hard. It will turn red.


Badge Rewards:

On the bottom strip, to the left of the Ark System, you can see the Badge Rewards. These are rewards you can collect once you’ve earned a certain number of badges. Sometimes you have to choose between several different rewards — so choose wisely!


Unlocking Crimson (second character):

If you look at the badge rewards, you can see that you need 42 badges to unlock Crimson as a playable character. Crimson is the female warmech. When I unlocked her, Avalon was level 15 and she was level 15 as well. But they level up separately when you use them. She also has her own set of equipment and skills. She uses a staff instead of a sword. You can see her in action in my video on page 3. (Update: It appears that Crimson unlocks at level 15 no matter what level Avalon is.)



Tip: If you’re having trouble earning a specific badge, come back to it later after you’ve leveled up and/or got better equipment. It will be much easier to achieve those goals when you’re stronger.

Locked Doors:

You’ll encounter some locked doors on certain missions. They usually say a Hack level on them. This means you need to equip an item that gives you some Hack stats in order to open that door. They usually look like an open padlock and are named Cerberus Algorithm. If you know there are no locked doors on a mission, you might want to swap out that equipment for something more useful. Just don’t forget to re-equip the Cerberus Algorithm when you need it!


iCloud Syncing:

You can only access the iCloud after you complete the first mission on the device. That’s when the options menu is available. If you delete the game and reinstall it, you’ll have to play through that first mission again before you can access the cloud. Small inconvenience, but after that it’s been working great for me. Just make sure to close down the game on the device you’re not playing on so there’s no conflict. But every time you switch devices, it should ask you if you want to use the local or the cloud save.
Note: I’m not sure if it works the same if you have only one device and delete the game. Can anyone confirm?



Infinite Weapons:

You can earn infinite guns with badges. But there’s a catch — you can’t earn more badges when one is equipped. They’re mostly for farming and fun.

Expert Mode:

Once you complete the campaign, you can start the game over on Expert mode. You can also earn badges here, and they add to your overall badges from the regular campaign. So I suggest working on getting some from there if you’re having trouble getting them all in the regular campaign. There are no revives in Expert mode, so you may need to level up a bit for it.

Build Recommendations:

For those asking, these are my current builds for Avalon (level 17) and Crimson (level 20). I don’t know if they’re the best builds. Feel free to offer your own advice on the best equipment and stats to use.



Click on the little number 2 below to continue to Chapter 1.

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Can’t see any comments, so if this is a repeat of info sorry. I’m just grinding to level and am finding the best method to do so is the snow boss. With 2x 9% exp boosts I get 19k per clear. I use all power and ballistics, go in and dump 20 shot gun rounds in him and he’s dead. Takes me 2 mins tops to run the mission. Otherwise, your guide is really the only one I found so far and is a good walk through, especially since the game is a week old. Hopefully you can expand it… Read more »


Hey great guide! I just recently beat the game and went back to do some badges. I got Crimson when my Avalon was at level 17 Crimson was 15 so I believe it’s just the automatic starting number (maybe it goes by fives so it makes sense to try at lvl 20)


So, got lvl 20 and unlocked Crimson and she was still lvl 15. So it seems that 15 is default.


Great job! This was really helpful, even if it’s not complete yet.


Juuuuust curious but how LONG did it take you to get Crimson?? And do you HAVE to spend badges or does she just unlock at a certain time in the game??


It’s my 5th day playing this game and I got Crimson at 4th. You just need to earn 42 badges to unlock her (without spending a badge)


I was early into ch3 when I was able to get Crimson, about level 15-16. But, I waited until level 20 to get Crimson to see if her level would change when you get her, which it didn’t. It only took a few days of playing an hour a day approximately. The badges are permanent, so if you get the badge rewards as you progress you don’t lose any. I haven’t seen a trial version, therefore I have no idea either whether or not if there is a difference. Level cap… No idea either I’m not at 30 yet, been… Read more »

Ben W

Could you share a best ark setting for Avalon and Crimson, please ? I’m still confuse with an ark system, thanks for advance. 🙂


Thanks for the guide. I was going nuts trying to figure out how to get the hacker. I figured it was an ark ability but I’m only level 5 so far. Just found it peculiar one of the earliest badges says open the secret room and I can only assume it’s the giant locked door haha. Well written guide and even better with the pics!


There’s a Lv.3 hacker ARK if you earn enough badges


May be a stupid question but how do I jump over objects I can’t get around?


Played it through normal, am now on expert, and the blocked path that reads “no access” in ch.1 lvl 5 Fatality March is still blocked off. Anybody figured out yet how to gain access here?


Comments for Mission C3-4, Möbius Strip:

By hacking the two doors you can reach the destination point right away, without risking yourself with the traps you’d otherwise face on the way. Just equip the Lv.3 hacker ARK you get from badge award.

However you will have to deal with all the mid-sized bosses (5-6 of them!) in the same room so you better be prepared.


Has anyone figured out what these are? There seems to be no in game explanation.

Rage – Is this pertaining to non powered hit combos? But it has to be separate from Normal Arc Damage.
Raging Rate – No idea…
Heavy Attack Damage – Is this pertaining to powered hits with the purple circle?
Agility % – Does this reduce recharge time of evade?

Also I can’t seem to find sound options in the game. Guess I wont be listening to a podcast while playing this game.


Hello! I’ve been playing the game for a while, and I figured that: -Rage: is the meter that you use when you unleash an special attack. Its RA! Notice that every special attack uses some segments of the meter under your HP. So, if an ark says “1 Rage”, you will have 1 segment more to spend! -Raging Rate: It indicates how much rage you regain when you hit an enemy with a normal attack. So, If an ark says “20% Raging Rate”, with each hit you regain 20% more than if nothing equiped. -Heavy attack damage: as you say,… Read more »

Tripolic X

It helps the newbies. =)


Kinda sucks that you can’t earn any badge, when you equip an infinite-ammo gun

Tripolic X

I just passed the game a couple of times and earned enough badges to get infinite xada destroyer. It was a solid and enjoyable game. I do have some issues. First, I like games that you have to hunt for rare items. It brings me much joy to get those shiny red boxes. However, I don’t get why major bosses don’t drop anything. Also, I have not received any lv 20+ excellent items even if I have my item drop rate at 114%. Second, Crimson doesn’t have her own cutscenes, this could have boosted the replay value. Third, I wish… Read more »

Tripolic X

Never mind, it seems all the higher lever ark stuff are obtained in expert mode. Also, I didn’t think you can get excellent items if you had infinite weapons equipped, but you can. Red boxes are more difficult to get though but I really want my warmechs to have lv 30 equipment.


Finding high-level red ARKs are pain in the butt, especially not all of them suit your needs…


Any ideal to get throught the block passage in Farcility March map guys,i just dont know what to do @@


Do you know how to open the blocked path in chapter 1? I think the blocked path is in the 3rd or 4th map of chapter 1. I try to clear the area, shot the blocked path with the rocket launcher, but useless. I the previous room, you can see ‘clear the area’ sign, but I couldn’t go back there since the door is loocked. Thank you very much if you can figure it out and share it

Tripolic X

I doubt that blocked path leads to anything.


Has anyone found a red(excellent) occulomotor enhancement, theta wave, extra sensory perception? Also, any lvl 30 center ARKs?

Tripolic X

The only excellent lv 30 ark fragment that I found was a Thor factor. High lv ark fragments can be found in expert mode. Tell me if they are hard to get cuz I’m unlucky or something.


Currently I have been running C4-2 Melting Steel (Expert) with Avalon with all item find ARKs. And an infinite rocket launcher. The 3 purple dudes at the end have a high drop rate. I have found several level 30 red ARKs for the 3 outside categories. The highest center ARK I have found is level 22.

Tripolic X

I’m going to try that and see if I find some stuff. I always like to see those shiny red boxes.


Are you using iphone or android tripolic x?
Max item find i have found btw is 128.

Tripolic X

I’m using android version. I didn’t have much luck getting much of anything on the level you told me. I did find higher drop rates on other stages. Yeah, my max item drop rate is at 128%. I wonder if excellent versions exist. Arayark was not kind enough to give us an item list or something.


How do you get 128% drop rate? Best I have is 80% – two level 10 advanced Blood Hound ARKs (40% drop rate each)… Haven’t gotten anything better even though I’ve been farming C4-2 Melting Steel on expert mode…


Extra Sensory Perception and Theta Wave Activity.

Tripolic X

Trying to pass later expert stages without my infinite xada destroyer is incredibly difficult. I would like a higher drop rate like in hard mode. Lv 30 red boxes could make things a bit more enjoyable.


I completed expert using Avalon with 2 occulomotor enhancements (28% ballistics each) 2 zero-point energy shields (521 shield each) and 5% agility arks… Forgot the name. While using an infinite rocket launcher, the reason being that it has knockback as well as area of effect damage.

What I haven’t been able to find… Yet. Are any red(at any level) theta wave or occulomotor enhancements. They are shown in the promotional footage in the app store.


I also use android.

Tripolic X

I want the red versions of the item finders. I’m starting to think that they don’t exist in game.


If you go to the google play store, and look at the photos posted by rayark. The last photo of the ARK system shows a red occulomotor enhancement(ballistic damage) and a red theta wave(item find)

I haven’t found them in game yet, but I am curious if they only drop on lower levels?


I find that bosses are vulnerable to fire attacks, so equip your infinite flamethrower and fight the final boss on EASY mode, and you can gain around 20k experience in one go (my best time is 46 seconds). Keep farming this mission and you’ll get to Level 30 pretty easily


Confirmed. This is how i leveled to 30. Although I used infinite rocket launcher.

Tripolic X

Leveling up is easy in the game. I found more lv 30 red boxes but on a different level, melting steel to be exact. I played the game more on expert to see if there was a pattern. It seems that one level on each stage has higher drop rate than the others. I’m not sure if most of you noticed that on some levels, enemies drop absolutely nothing. However, on just one level on that stage, enemies seem to drop something every time. Those are the stages I’ve been hunting for red boxes.

Tripolic X

I was so excited that I found a rare red lambda unit, the large center slot, but alas it was lv 22. Why!!!???
It did have nice stats but my favorite shield breaking ability was absent. I found a weaker advance version earlier.


Found a second level 24 red lambda ARK today. I have 1 for Avalon and 1 for Crimson.

Tripolic X

I’m steadily getting the lv 30 red arks i need but no item finders or ballistics yet. The thing that annoys me most is the low level arks you get on expert mode. Post your finds if anyone gets something significant.


LV 24 Excellent
Millenial Processing II

Endurance 95
Agility 5%
Shield Repair Acc 15%

Jaguar Rush
Precognition Protocol


I only got Lv.30 Thors

Tripolic X

Go hunt for rates on Melting steel level on stage 4.


LV 24 Excellent
Data Stream Enhancement
Nano Sub-routine ß

Armor 19
Xada Shell Atk Damage 20%
Agility 5%


Tripolic X

I got 2+ of each of the following Lv 30 excellent version: Corticoadrenal Enhancement: The Berserker Myelinated Nervous System: Myelin Layer Upgrade Heterosis Outbreeding Enhancement Axosomatic Synapse: Node of Ranvier Enhancement S Nervous Response: Vasodilation Optic Evolution Depth Perception Valence Shell: Neutron Acquisition Advance Rate Coding: Adrenal Potentiation Mind over Matter: Titanium Will Electron Shell: EM Field II Zero Point Energy: Reactor Upgrade II Precognition Protocol: Reflexology II Escape Velocity: Slipstream II Thor Factor: Hammer Tech II Nano Machine Upgrade: Triplet recombination protocol (2) lv 25 Nano restoration protocol: class III protocol I assume that the above are either common… Read more »


Where did you farm for the:

Optic Evolution Depth Perception
Myelinated Nervous System
Thor Factor

Tripolic X

I played the level Melting steel alot. Those 3 big purple robots drop the best stuff. I used infinite launcher to breeze by the level.


I see i see..

On expert mode, right?

Tripolic X

Yes, on expert.

Tripolic X

These are the Lambda units i recently aquired:

For Avalon
Lv 24 Excellent
Blood Music IO-X Millenial Processing II

Lv 22 Excellent
Recombination Protocol-C
Nano Hex Defence II

For Crimson
Lv 22 Excellent
Vreyon Amplitude Modulation
Disintegration ReflexII

Lv 20 Excellent
Recombination Mark V
Werewolf Protocol II

Its odd that we didnt get lv 30’s right away. Thye might be rare drops.


Goodies I’ve found so far…

Corticoadrenal Enhancement
The Berserker

Axosomatic Synapse
Node of Ranvier Enhancement

Mind Over Matter
Titanium Will

Precognition Protocol
Reflexology II

Advanced Rated Coding
Adrenal Potentiation

Nano-Restoration Protocol
Class III Protocol

Nano Machine Upgrade
Triplet Recombination Protocol

Tripolic X

It’s time for an update to the game right? Maybe Guantlet can make a cameo with some hidden levels. I hope there is a sequel to this game with more stages and tons of rare stuff.