Do Not Believe His Lies ( #DNBHL): The Unforgiving Riddle: Walkthrough Guide Levels 46 – 60

Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle
By: theM Dev

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This is a walkthrough for Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete. If you know the reasoning behind any of the answers I didn’t explain, please share.


Looking for the answers for levels 1 – 15?

46. These letters are square Aramaic that form the words ΓÇ£DEVIL DOOR DEATHΓÇ¥.


47. In the center of the swirl there are seven bars. Arranging them in a certain way makes them form a Microsoft tag that brings you to a page that says ΓÇ£THE FIVE ARE AMONGST YOURSELVESΓÇ¥.





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  1. Master Diba

    here it goes level 47 answer: the five are amongst yourselves

  2. Master Diba

    Level 46: Devil Door Death

  3. LoHotBelieveNisDies

    #46: Those letters are square Aramaic that forms the words “Devil Door Death”.

    #47: In the center of the swirl there are seven bars. Arranging them in a certain way makes them form a Microsoft tag that brings you to a page that says “The Five Are Amongst Yourselves”.

    #48: Serious WIP, taking a while. If anyone know the answer and how to get it, that’d be great.

    1. Scvz

      level 48 last part is braile code is not completed, braile part says “you are on your own now”

  4. Ausar

    For some reason when I put in the link the first ” in “#” terns into %22?

    1. Rockon421

      Irrelevant with the %22 the link has already been found lbhghor put through an rot gives you youtube and the part after ?v= needs to be put through a rot 47 giving you the link to the video terminus 5/5 (we have found 5 of these videos 1/5-5/5 each the same video but at end has a diffrent number.

      1. Rockon421

        For the lbhghor it should be put through a rot 13 auto corrected X_X

      2. Anna Molly

        You guys found the five videos already??? No way!!!

      3. Slappy the squirrel

        How did you find these terminus videos? Were there clues to get to them or were they given to you?

      4. LoHotBelieveNisDies

        When did we find parts two and three? Please reply and tell me; I really wanna watch them!

  5. TheArchitect

    Please email me the link to videos 2 and 3 as well! Been searching forever!!!

  6. Desparate swaggot

    Please email me the videos too!!

    1. Atomic mind

      thanksssssssss dude min a lot

    2. Polite theorist

      If the clue that unlocks this puzzle is “the five are amongst yourselves” and within that clue we find the link to the final and fifth terminus video, could the rest of the image be a clue as to where inside those videos we need to look, and then there should be five answers which together unlock the next puzzle.

  7. Atomic mind

    So what I’ve been most interested in is the videos, video 2/5 is still missing. I’ve collected the most of information I could from these videos and this is what I have:
    -Video 1/5 Berlin, Germany (3671) Charles Meynier 1810 Battle of Jena-Auerstedt Charles Meynier painted “Napoleon in Berlin” in 1810 which was a battle “Battle of Jena-Auerstedt” in 1806 ocurring right next to the BRANDENBURG GATE.
    -Video 2/5 N/A
    -Video 3/5 Kowloon, Hong Kong (6321) Tsim Sha Tsui (location) 1913 Clock Tower There is a famous railroad that passes right next of this Clock Tower called KOWLOON-CANTON RAILWAY which was built in 1910.
    -Video 4/5 Brasilia, Brazil (1031) Oscar Niemeyer 1968 The Four Evangelists The Four Evangelists are actually 4 statues standing right outside/next to the METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL OF OUR LADY OF APARECIDA designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1968. (These statues were actually created by sculptor Dante Croce in 1968 [I could not find any info on him])
    -Video 5/5 Sydney, Australia (5320) John Huges 1908 Bronze Queen “Bronze Queen” is the statue of Queen Victoria built in 1908 by John Huges, which was originally located in Dublin. This statue is located right next to the QUEEN VICTORIA BUILDING built in 1893.
    Now, what I noticed is that each historical monument, as they could be called, are located right next to another significant historical monument, some even complementing it/being a part of/being known for. I collected all this information hoping to find parallels but no luck. Maybe this info can help someone find another piece to the puzzle with information already collected and make a move. Don’t know where to go from here or how to connect anything else 🙁 Good luck!

  8. Sammy

    What is the answer to 48

  9. Brayan

    Pues en realidad lo que yo e encontrado bueno hablando del nivel 48 en la parte superior es un poema el poema es “the Dance of the seven deadly sins” en la aparte de los simbolos no logr╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╢├⌐ ayarlos en ninguna parte y un poco m╬ô├╢┬úΓö£┬ís abajo es leguaje braille que Dice “you are on your own now ” y bueno en la parte inferior es el Link de los 5 v╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼├¡deos lo cual Ya tienen la informaci╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╢├⌐n arriba si alguien sabe la repuesta o este comentario ayuda a complementar algo espero que aya servido en algo

  10. Víctore bem mais destaque

    I now the 48 answer

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