Do Not Believe His Lies ( #DNBHL): The Unforgiving Riddle: Walkthrough Guide

Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle
By: theM Dev

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This will be a walkthrough for Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete. If you know the reasoning behind any of the answers I didn’t explain, please share.


1. The answer is hidden near the top of the screen. Tap “Enter Code” and type in “THE FIRST TIME”.

You can also watch this video I made for levels 1 – 15:


2. The next puzzle is morse code for “I SAW HIM THERE”. Press “Go Back/ Enter Code” and type that in to get to the next puzzle.

3. This next one needs to be (I am not kidding you here) printed out, cut up and put back together to say “I WAS JUST A CHILD”.

4. Take a screenshot of this one and look at the photo. It will say “HE KEEPS SHOWING UP”.


5. The clues are outside the triangle. The answer is “IN MY DREAMS”.


6. This appears to be morse code, only this time you have to listen to it. The answer is “I CANNOT ESCAPE HIM NOW”.

7. This seems to be a QR code. Scanning it doesn’t work for me, but the answers is “HE IS WATCHING YOU”.

8. If you watch the blinking pieces, they read “PLEASE HELP ME” backwards and upside-down.

9. Let it load to 100% and a video will start playing. The answer shows up in the lower right corner around the 28 second mark. I have trouble making out what it says, but apparently it’s “I AM SCARED”.


10. It’s a Magic Eye puzzle that says “I HATE ME”.

11. Morse code again. The answer is “I HAVE TO GO NOW”.

12. More code. (Thanks to Daniel for this explanation:) The alphabet is divided into 6 sections of 5. The first dot tells you which section the letters are in and the second set of dots tell you the letter in the section. (. ..) means first section of five second letter. so ABCDE B. (. …..) ABCDE E. So the first word is BE. The answer is “BE CAREFUL FRIEND”.

13. This is apparently the language called BrainFuck. If you translate it, you get the answer, “GIVE UP NOW”.

14. Thanks to Katherine for the explanation: If you go to the App Store descriptions, the first screenshot shows a spider and spider web if you turn the brightness up all the way. The answer is “SPIDER WEB”.     

15. Something to do with Pi? The answer is “BUDAPEST HUNGARY”.


Continue to the answers for levels 16 – 30.

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  1. Mr Chocolate

    Increase the brightness of your screen to the max.
    You should be able to see the text on the top.
    It says “the first time”

  2. Dotty

    This is an extremely hard game! I have been playing since July and am stuck on level 37 along with a small group of people. Good luck to everyone who plays it, please hurry up and catch up, the more help the better please post any help.

    1. Lavender

      Can you please help me and my friend?!?
      We have made it to level 24 and would like to be up at 37 too.
      If you can help me my kik is lavenderwright

      1. Sunfox

        The answer to piano is “defaced cafe” if you have anything after or need help my kik is Anthony_sunshine

  3. Chappie

    Hi, I am on level 25 I think. It plays a song and says LISTEN PLAY TRANSCRIBE. Help? email me at [email protected]

    It would be helpful if yall emailed me all the answers so I can catch up and help.

  4. Graceson

    I love this game, but I have cheated. xD I’m honestly stuck on level 21 with the numbers: “4,002602” and three others: “126, 90447” “12, 0207” and “238, 0289”. I have gotten the answer, which is “He he he I see you”. Well I think that’s it, I have gotten that off of two websites. But when I put it in, it doesn’t work, it says “Incorrect” so I’m kind of stuck. Any help?

    1. Bella

      It is he he he I c u

    2. Jessie

      It’s actually “he he he I c u “

    3. Carson

      It should be “I C U”

  5. Laith

    Graceson, you’re half way there! The answer is “he he he I C U”

  6. Melissa

    I need help on 25!!! The piano!

  7. Erin Lariviere

    I don’t know the answer to level 30

    “listen netsil transcribe”

    anybody got the answer

    1. shawnny

      did you figure it out. im currently stuck rn

  8. Xshady0025

    I think you have spider web and I am still here backwards. Actually I have not yet reached I am still here. I think this may come later but I could be incorrect

  9. Swagmoneyyolo

    What is the code for 36?

  10. Daniel

    level 17 with the dots and / is the alphabet.
    the alphabet is divided into 6 sections of 5. the first dot tells you which section the letters are in and the second set of dots tell you the letter in the section. (. ..) means first section of five second letter. so ABCDE B.
    (. …..) ABCDE E. first word is BE.

  11. Katharine

    For the qr code one, it’s missing the boxes in the three corners, but once you photoshop those in, it should work fine. Also for number 14, it’s spider web because if you go to the app’s page in the app store, click on the first photo, turn your brightness up all the way and invert your colors (press the home button 3 times), you can faintly make out a spiders web and a spider.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      How would you photoshop a QR code without knowing what it’s supposed to look like?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I see the spider web now, thanks! This guy must have investments in eyeglasses or something. He keeps making us turn up the brightness on our screens!

  12. Level 10

    Help with level 10? I see the answer here, but I don’t understand how it’s done.

    1. Drez

      hy i cant understand too, can u explain now?

  13. Hadegaga

    For the Pi thingi

    if you scale the distans from all citys KΓö£Γòóln-Milano-Budapest-Ponan-KΓö£Γòóln

    The distans will be around 3,1…
    but im not sure this is the right answer

  14. Shannon

    I know this is ridiculous but I downloaded this. Thankfully the brightness was up and I seen ΓÇ£The First TimeΓÇ¥ on the screen. I clicked ΓÇ£Enter CodeΓÇ¥ typed in ΓÇ£The First TimeΓÇ¥ (capitalized then lowercase then a mixture of it all) and everytime it says ΓÇ£the code you entered is incorrect give up nowΓÇ¥ wtfff is going on

  15. Dust

    uhhh I can’t type the answers in, I tried changing the format “the first time” “THEFIRSTTIME” etc… but it always says that’s not the right answer :/

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