Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival: Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Mystery Story
By: Haiku Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 9 of the iOS and Android game Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Mystery Story by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Note: Make sure to pick up the blue sparkly things as you find them. They’re magic. I’m not pointing out each one, but they’re pretty bright and obvious.

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Chapter 9:

You can also watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 9 here:

1. Get rid of all the rocks on the ground so you can find all the magic — there are seven bits of magic. Pick up the candle. Then use your magic on the snakes to get rid of them. They were just an illusion!



2. Tap the chains holding Jack’s arms up. You need to move them around so they’re untangled. It’s similar to a puzzle from a previous Adventure Escape game. You need to make sure none of the chains cross each other. When they’re all green, it means you solved it. Take the knife that falls.




3. Use the knife to cut the vine and get a long stick.


4. Use the long stick with the grappling hook and then take the grappling stick. Use the grappling stick to get the mining pick (pickaxe).


5. Use the pickaxe on the wall to break it down and go through to the next room.



6. Pick up the candle and the cup and then go through the next doorway.


7. Pick up two more candles and fill the cup with water.


8. Go back to the cell and pour the water in the hole. A box will float up. Take the flint from inside.


9. Go back outside and use the flint on the dry moss. Pick up the fire.


10. Go back to the room with the candles and place the rest of the candles down. Light them with the fire.


11. Look at the symbols on all four gravestones. Then, based on the number of candles near each gravestone, enter the symbols onto the slab of rock. So it goes Lightning, Spider, Lute, Sword. Take the stone symbol from inside.







12. Go back outside. Place the stone symbol in the slot and a door will open. Go inside and take the knife, then leave again.



13. Use the knife to cut the vines and solve the sudoku puzzle.



14. Go back through the stone door and follow the gray tiles on the sudoku board to get to the door. It goes like this:


15. Ok the other side of the door, you’ll meet Zoastra. She has Emily! To save her, tap each of the circles on the cauldron. Connect the blue lines on each and complete the game!





Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. Heather Baldwin

    Where do you get the cup from to collect the water? It is not in Your inventory when you leave the dungeon? It just appears when you are collecting the water?

    1. T Cooper

      It is behind the top right headstone and very hard to see.

    2. Rachel Jackson

      It’s behind the gravestone at the back right

    3. Reshika Campbell

      The cup is behind the gravestone in the back near the door. It is circled on this image

      1. Sandra

        The soduko puzzle isn’t working

  2. Lyn

    I literally had to skip the chain puzzle because when it started, one of the metal pieces you need to move is stuck under the arrows to skip the puzzle and nothing I did would get it out. It is too close to the top of the screen so on an iPhone, it kept bringing the notification menu down but nothing would unstick the link from under the arror so I had no choice but to choose to skip when I could have easily did the puzzle

  3. Dave

    If you turn your screen brightness way up you dont need the candles

  4. Anni

    I’ve done the sudoku puzzle but the stone tile is still missing when I go back through. Help.

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