Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Mystery Story
By: Haiku Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 3 of the iOS and Android game Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Mystery Story by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Note: Make sure to pick up the blue sparkly things as you find them. They’re magic. I’m not pointing out each one, but they’re pretty bright and obvious.

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Chapter 3, The Main Office:

You can also see my video for Chapter 3 here:

1. Open the drawers. You can’t take the hook yet, but you can take the scissors. Also, look at the note. Next, solve the “guess the colors” game. It’s like Mastermind. You guess five colors and it tells you how many you got right, but not which ones. The way I did it was 5 of each color first just to see how many of each color there is. Then I just played around with the order until I got it. For me it was orange, yellow, yellow, red, orange, but it looks like it’s different each game. So you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. But here’s a tip: Use the color you know isn’t part of the answer at all and use that to confirm where each of the other colors go. I’ll show later in my video. Take the green monkey tile.




2. Go through the beaded doorway to the other room. Take the fireplace poker and use it to knock down the bookshelf to get the purple raven tile and more magic. Use your magic (it should be full now) to pull down the tapestry and reveal a clue for the animal tiles. Use the scissors to cut off a piece of yarn.




3. Use the yarn and hook in the tarantula tank to get the green frog tile.

3. And last, use the clue from the other room to unlock the chest. The four symbols are actually numbers. The first is 5, then 4, then 7, then. 3. But that’s not the answer. You need to see which location the number is in when it looks like the number. Then organize them to get the code for the chest. It goes:




4. Solve all the puzzles inside the chest. You get three clues from it — 4 Floors of Mazes, the 8th wonder of the world, and the only fortune teller in the world. So 481. Open the box on the table using those numbers and take the red snake tile.







5. Go back and attach the yarn to the hook in the drawer. Then use the hook and yarn to get the blue frog tile from the tarantula tank.



6. Now you have all four tiles. Place them in order from biggest to smallest from the mural behind the tapestry. So it goes purple raven, blue frog, green monkey, red snake. Take the photo of Emily with the words “The Sacrifice” on it and complete the chapter.




And that’s the end of Chapter 3! Click here to continue to Chapter 4 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Cheryl L Brietzke

    It won’t let me take the monkey tile.

    1. Cheryl L Brietzke

      Found the problem. Got off the game went back to it.

    2. Kath

      Same! It’s like every one who plays it has a different pattern!

      1. Michelle

        Mine was yellow yellow orange red yellow

    3. Kath

      oops I can do it now

  2. phoebe

    I can’t solve guess the colors ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓò₧├åΓö£├ª╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓò₧├åΓö¼Γòæ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓò₧├åΓö¼ΓöÉ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓò₧├å╬ô├«├ë╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓò₧├åΓö¼┬╝

    1. Sarah

      I can’t solve guess the colors either, I’ve only gotten as far as figuring out that my color pattern has 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange and 2 greens with 0 blues. I can’t figure out what order they go into though.

      1. Christine

        Mine was ygrgo

  3. nan

    where is the mural to be found?

  4. Sarah

    My answer was yellow, green, red, orange, green. I hope that helps someone else in the future.

  5. Mariyah

    How do you activate the mural so I can add the tiles?


    I donΓÇÖt have the scissors

    1. Vickie86

      Same thing with me and I can’t get back to the area to get it.

  7. LUCY

    In the poster jigsaws one has a piece missing so can’t finish it. As for the balloon colours ine was red orange yellow red orange.

  8. Aice

    For the balloon puzzle, i’ve got red green yellow red green, hope it helps u guys

  9. Belinda

    Yellow orange green orange red

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