Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough
By TeraLumina Games

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1. Turn right. Take the knife from the left drawer.


2. Look out the window and watch the four figures go by. Pay attention to the directions they go in. Then zoom in on the right drawer of the desk and put the combination in like so:


3. Turn right again and use the knife to carve the four pumpkins.


4. On the same screen, tap the painting above the gravestone. It will open up to reveal a ghostcatcher. Take it.

5. Turn to the screen with the ghost. Place the ghostcatcher on the floor and it sucks him up. Now you can access the desk.

6. Open the right drawer and take the bone saw. Open the left drawer to take a key. Also take the jar of newt eyes from on top of the desk.

7. The scroll on the desk is the clue for the potion you’ll be making later:

8. Use the key to unlock the door near the tombstone. A grim reaper comes out! Tap him and he drops the toad essence. Take it.

9. Take some candy corn from the bowl by the front door.

10. Turn to the skeleton in the cage. Cut off his hand with the bone saw. He’s wearing a cross but you can’t reach it

11. Turn to the right and take the sword off the wall. Use it to take the cross from the skeleton. Also make sure to take the iron meteorite from under the cage.

12. Turn to the screen with the coffin. Tap on the coffin. Remember the pumpkin carvings? Copy the same order of shapes from their eyes to open the coffin.


13. Put the cross around the vampire’s neck to weaken him.

14. Turn to the desk where the ghost used to be. The middle drawer has a combination lock. Go around the room and count all the pumpkins, cats, skulls and spiders. (Make sure to pick up the spider from the floor by the window.)

Pumpkins: 9
Cats: 4
Skulls: 7
Spiders: 6

15. Put the numbers 9476 into the combination lock and the drawer opens. Take the mallet and wooden stake.


16. Go back to the vampire in the coffin. Shove the stake through his heart and he dies. Use the pliers to take his fangs.

17. Now you have everything you need for the potion. Look at the scroll on the desk again. The order for the ingredients is BEFITS.


18. Turn to the cauldron and put the ingredients in in this order: Bony Hand, Eye of Newt, Fangs, Iron Meteorite, Toad Essence, Spider. When they’re all in, you get a key!


19. Use the key to open the front door.

20. Dracula appears! Give him your candy corn and he goes away. Congratulations, you made it out of the haunted house!

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