41. DOOORS – room escape game – Walkthrough Download

42. Broken Sword Walkthroughs Download

43. Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered Walkthrough Download

44. Escape Game: “The Twin Prank”: Walkthrough Download

45. Escape Game: “The Black Lodge” Walkthrough Download


46. Escape Game: “The Blood-stained Mansion” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

47. Escape Game: “The Bored Victim” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

48. Speed Escape: Chamber Walkthrough Download

49. Escape Game: “Stolen Happiness” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

50. Escape Game: “The Summer Cottage” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

51. Plants vs Zombies Cheats Download

52. Escape Game: “The Stray School” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

53. Escape Game: “The Dangerous Dollhouse” by IDAC Walkthrough Download

54. Escape Game: “The Secret at the Bottom of the Water” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

55. Escape Game: “Falsely Accused” by IDAC Walkthrough Download

56. Escape Game: “Prank House” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

57. Escape Game: “A Sweet Trap” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

58. Cryptic Keep by 3D Methods: Walkthrough Download

59. Escape Game: “The Single Room Murder” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

60. Snappers Walkthrough Download

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644 thoughts on “Walkthroughs

  1. Tahm

    Could you please tell me how to become the officer’s assistant in battleheart legacy? I have already helped him out and he said to wait a while. Not sure how long, or if I have to achieve some consequence for it to happen.

    1. Barry

      Looking for help on a game called Dante: the Inferno released back in 2012 I think. Stuck on level 82. Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. Dotty

    I am asking again can you look at a game by Ruoming Bian, it’s called Escape the Temple. NOT. escape the mystery temple.( I’ve done that)
    Nobody seems to know anything about it.
    Thanks ?

  3. Dotty

    Re: escape the temple
    Thanks for checking it out , I had all but finished the game, but it didn’t save it and when I came back to it next day the first clue had changed( it had a bug on it) anyway the star shape on mine is in a different order than yours, but by looking at yours I was able to make my one work. So I don’t know if everybody’s will be different or not so perhaps you could point this out.
    Many thanks again?

  4. Sabrina

    This site is such a help…thanks so much!!! I’m hoping you or someone can figure out the game I’m referring to, grrr I can’t remember the name to. A young girl gets sent to help her grandfather. There is a store you can keep going back to that lets her kill plants and ghosts in exchange gives her planks, boards, glass, construction I just that he can then exchange of in certain houses to be turned into other things.
    Oh I so hope some ones knows this game because it is driving me crazy. Thanks

  5. Elizabeth

    Hi! The Mortimar Hill Hotel just released and I’m already stuck. Have you been able to play through this game yet? Looking forward to your reply and/or walkthrough!

                    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

                      Ahhh of course the one cabinet I didn’t try to open (got tired of trying to open drawers and cabinets that seemed to be decoration).

            1. AppUnwrapper Post author

              Uh oh. Seems a bit buggy. Whole screen went black on me. I’ll post what I have so far. I’m too tired right now. Maybe someone else will be able to offer some help before morning.


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