Escape Game: “Stolen Happiness”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Stolen Happiness”


1. Zoom out. Turn right and zoom in on the plant to the left of the fireplace.

2. Move the plant and take the water bottle that’s revealed.

3. Turn right twice. Zoom in on the sofa. Tap the left side of the sofa to move it.

4. Look behind the sofa to find a blank memo. Take it.

5. Zoom in on the teacup and water boiler to the right of the sofa. Open the lid and pour the water in. We need to find a cord to plug it in.

6. Close the left curtain to find this clue:

7. Close the right curtain to find another clue, and something falls to the floor.

8. Zoom out and pick up the tea bag from the floor.

9. Tap the right curtain a few more times to turn it over and see more markings:

10. If you think of the markings on the back how they would appear from the front, they would show up below the markings on the other side. Together, they make up the numbers “3531”.

11. Zoom out and turn right to face the china cabinet. Put 3531 in the keypad and press ENTER to unlock it.

12. Open the left door and move the right stack of dishes to find the cord!

13. Go back to the water boiler. Tap on the lower right side of it and plug the cord in.

14. Zoom in on the floor between the sofa and the water boiler. There’s an outlet on the wall. Plug the other end of the cord in.

15. Since you already poured the water in, the boiler should already be turned on. But the light is red, showing it’s not hot yet. Walk around a bit.

16. Come back and the light should be green, showing the water is hot.

17. Put the tea at in the teacup. Pour some hot water in the cup.

18. Put the blank memo in the tea.

19. Walk around the room. When you come back, the memo should be soaked in tea and an image appears on it. Take it back. Also take the used tea bag and the cord.

20. The image on he memo is telling you to look under the table. Zoom out and look under the table. Take the pliers.

21. There are some flowers to the left of the sofa. Move them to see a tiny scale. Pull up the plops in the center and the scale will work.

22. Put the used tea bag on the right side (with the tea cup). You now need something for the left side.

23. Zoom in on the cord from your inventory. Use the pliers to cut off the plug.

24. Place the plug on the left scale. The scales are now balanced.

25. Open the small drawer below the scales and take out the card key.

26. Face the front door and look at the carpet to find a “=” symbol.

27. Look on the right side of the fireplace for another clue, “#”.

28. Tap under the table and then tap the lower left corner of the sofa to find a “&” symbol.

29. Turn the key card over to see another clue.

30. Zoom in on the center of the window to find the number 120 written there.

31. Face the fireplace. To the right of it is a dressing table with a mirror on it. Tap on the right side of the table to see a keypad.

32. Put the key card in the keypad slot. Then zoom in on the keypad. It says “20%=”. 20% of 120 = 24, so type in 24 and press ENTER.

33. Zoom out and open the drawer of the dressing table to get a key.

34. Turn right and use the key on the beige door. Now you can enter the second room.

35. Zoom in on the sleeve of the wedding dress to see a snowflake-like pattern.

36. Take the tiara off the mannequin’s head.

37. Turn right to face the window. Close the left curtain. Tap on the very bottom of the curtain to find another clue.

38. Combine the clues from the left curtain of each room to get the letters “fato”.

39. Go back to the main room. To the left of the fireplace is a small stand with a plant on it. Open the top drawer and zoom in on the keypad inside. Type in “fato” and press ENTER.

40. Close the top drawer and open the bottom one to get a pencil board.

41. Go back to the small room. Examine the left side of the painting. It’s on hinges. Stick the pliers in the crack between the painting and the wall and the painting will come off, revealing a monitor.

42. Turn to the window. Open and close the right curtain several times until something falls from it. Look at the floor and take the pen.

43. Zoom in on the bottom right corner of the monitor. There’s a keyhole. Use the key on it and the monitor will turn on.

44. Use the pencil board on the screen. Some symbols appear.

45. Go back to the main room. Face the fireplace. Tap on the right corner of the rug. Tap it again to find a trap door for a storage space under the floor.

46. On the trap door, refer to the symbols from the monitor. Tap square, triangle, circle, and circle again (there were two of them inside each other). The door unlocks.

47. Open the door and take the piece of colored glass.

48. Turn around and face the stained-glass window. Place the colored piece of glass in the empty spot. If it doesn’t fit, try rotating it. Once it’s in, it will shine some light on the china cabinet.

49. Face the china cabinet. Open the right door and examine the spot where the light is hitting. There’s a small object. Take it. It’s a round pin.

50. Go back to the small room. Tap the right side of the picture frame to see a small hole on the side. Stick the round pin in the hole.

51. Zoom out and stick the tiara in the bottom of the picture frame.

52. Open the picture frame and take out the mirror.

53. Tap the handle of the mirror to turn it over and see something drawn on it.

54. Use the felt pen on the pencil board to cover it with ink.

55. Place the mirror on the window sill. Light reflects off of it. There’s a parking lot outside, so maybe someone will see it!

56. Walk around a bit and then come back to see a car parked in the parking lot!

57. Tap the glare on the car’s windshield. It’s too bright to see.

58. Place the pencil board on the window. Then tap on the glare again to see some arrows.

59. Face the dressed mannequin. Lift up the skirt and there’s a mechanism with two arrows on it. Tap the right arrow once, then the left arrow twice. Something falls down.

69. Zoom out and pick up the level that fell from the dress.

70. There’s a red square to the left of the main double-door. It’s missing a lever. If you try to put the lever on, it says it doesn’t fit. So go back to the framed painting and take the pin back.

71. Place the pin in the hole in the square by the main door. Then place the lever on top of the pin. Open the small door and there’s another puzzle.

72. Remember all the symbols you saw around the apartment? They were at different heights, so that’s how you know the order they go in. Press the snowflake first, then #, &, and =. The door unlocks.

Open the door and you’re out! Congratulations!

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