Escape Game: “The Dangerous Doll House” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Dangerous Doll House”


1. Lift up the left cushion from the couch. Take the handkerchief from underneath.

2. Turn right. Take the umbrella from stand in the left corner.

3. Zoom in on the bed. Lift the pillow, then lift the blanket. Take the stuffed bear from under the mattress.

4. Tap the bear and its nose falls off. Examine the nose to see this:


5. Look under the bed. There are two cats there. There’s also another one on the shelf on the left side of the wall.

6. Turn right. Zoom in on the case of flowers. Lift up the flowers and look inside the vase. Take the scissors.

7. Turn right. Move the chair and lift up the rug to find a picture of a cat.

8. Turn to face the couch again. Move the right cushion. Then cut it open with the scissors and take out the handle.


9. To the right of the bed is a small dresser. Look under it to see an item. Use the umbrella to reach it. It’s a mirror!

10. The mirror is dirty. Wipe it with the handkerchief to see this clue:


11. Turn the mirror over to see this:


12. Open the umbrella to see 3 more cats.

13. The picture above the bed has another 5 cats on it. Together with all the other cats you’ve seen, you get 12 total.

14. Turn to face the window. Zoom in on the keypad on the dresser below it. Enter the passcode to unlock it:


15. Open the drawer to find a blue key.

16. Turn right and use the blue key to open the pink door. Enter the bathroom.

17. Attach the handle to the bathtub faucet.

18. Look inside the bathtub to find this:


19. Examine the middle drawer of the dresser to see this:


20. It matches the bear nose. Place the nose in the slot on the drawer to unlock it.


21. Open the drawer and take out the decorative plate.

22. Examine the hand mirror. Tap it to remove the handle. It has a sharp point.

23. Go back to the main room. Zoom in on the small dresser to the right of the bed. There’s a small hole in the bottom drawer. Stick the mirror handle in the hole to unlock it.

24. Open the drawer. Lift up the cups. The third plate has a moon on it. Take it.

25. Go back to the bathroom. Look between the bathtub and the dresser to find the drain plug.

26. Use the plug on the drain in the bathtub.

27. Turn on the water and walk away while the bath fills up.

28. Walk around a bit then check on the bathtub again. It’s filled up. Look at the roses. They changed colors.


29. Shut the faucet and a white key drops out. Take it.

30. Go back to the main room. Face the dressing table to the left of the bed. Open the drawers in the order you saw in the bathtub. At the end, you’ll hear a noise.


31. Open the top drawer with the white key. Take the third decorative plate from inside.

32. Face the screen with the pink door. Examine the picture on the wall and it falls down.


33. The picture fell to the table. Examine it to get this message:


34. Look at the wall again. Place the three plates in this order and press the blue button:


35. Take the dollhouse. The door is locked.

36. Examine the picture on the table. Turn it over and take the key that’s on the back.

37. Use the key on the dollhouse door. Open the roof and then tap on the doll inside.

Congratulations! You made it out!

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    Can anyone tell me what the icon looks like to purchase Dangerous Dollhouse. I’ve been searching and searching and can’t find. Thanks.

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