Escape Game: “The Secret at the Bottom of the Water” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Secret at the Bottom of the Water”


1. Take the doorknob off the door.

2. Turn right twice and look behind the middle plant. There’s a thermometer. Take the decoration from it.

3. Examine the doorknob from your inventory. Tap it a few times and part of it will break off.

4. Attach the decoration to the doorknob.

5. Face the yellow table and chairs. There’s a small pillar to the left. Place the decoration/doorknob on top of it. It’s a sort of sundial. It casts a shadow in the dirt, but you need something to dig with.

6. Turn to face the screen with the lion-head fountain. Tap near the top of the screen to see the sunroof. It’s open.

7. To the left of the table is a plant. Behind it is a red level. Pull it and the sunroof will close.

8. Look at the thermometer again and some numbers have appeared:


9. Turn back to the screen with the lion fountain. To the left, is a small dresser. Put the code from the thermometer into the combination lock and press ENTER.


10. Open the door to find four drawers, three locked. Open the top one to get a watering can.

11. Now you can zoom in on the flowers on the wall. Tap the white flower and something will fall. Look at the soil below and there’s a purple coin. Take it.

12. Turn back to face the pink door. On the big pillar to the right is a stick fixed with a screw. Use the coin to loosen the screw and take the stick.


13. Look behind the left plant for a lever. It’s high up, so use the stick to turn it.

14. Face the middle of the pool. To the left is a faucet that now works. Turn it on and fill the watering can from it.


15. Face the link door again. Pour the water into the top of the right pillar. The water then starts running through the statue/fountain to the left.

16. Take the red coin from the fountain.

17. Turn to face the lion fountain again. There’s a calendar to the left. Examine it to get a clue for the father’s birthday (June 14).


18. Tap on the calendar to turn the page and see this:


19. Open the cabinet and zoom in on the combination lock on the second drawer. Use the birthday to unlock it:


20. Open the drawer and take the trowel.

21. Go back to where the sundial shadow was pointing and dig up the dirt with the trowel. Take the handle that’s revealed.

22. Turn to the lion head fountain. On the side of the stone is a space for the handle. Insert it and turn it. Now water comes out of the lion’s mouth!

23. Now look at the middle of the pool. The water is clean and you can see some writing in it:


Also look behind the lion-head fountain to find a picture of Maria, holding up three fingers on her right hand, and two on her left:



24. Go to the dresser with the drawers again. Zoom in on the dial. To unlock it, tap left twice, right three times, left twice, and again left twice. It should unlock.

25. Take another handle from inside.

26. Open the notebook and read through each page. Take the acrylic plate on the last page of the book.

27. Look behind the tree right nearby. There’s a good thing. Put the handle on it and turn it. Something moves.

28. Zoom out and look under the little planter to find a key.

29. Turn to the table. There’s a locked glasses case on it. Use the key to unlock it and take the reading glasses from inside.

30. Look inside the glasses case to see this:


31. Tap the reading glasses and the “temple” breaks off. Tap it again and it becomes a key!


32. Examine the yellow coin-key and the key part folds down, turning it into a yellow coin.


33. The letters in the glasses case are a clue for the last drawer in the dresser. The letters stand for numbers, like so: Ze = Zero, Tw = Two, Ei = Eight, and Ei = Eight.

34. Put the code in the lock and press ENTER.


35. Open the drawer and take out the blueprint.

36. Place the acrylic plate on top of the blueprint:


37. Look where the “X” is. Face the green door. To the left of it is a small locked door. Use the key from the glasses to unlock it.

38. Inside is a handle. It’s stuck. Use the stick on it as a lever. Turn the handle and something falls.

39. Pick up the blue coin from the floor.

40. There’s a cuckoo clock above the table. Put all four coins in the slot on the side. Then move the hour hand like so:


41. The door at the top of the clock will unlock. Open it and take the five coins from the pigeon.


42. Remember the colored flowers from the calendar? Look at them again.


43. Go to the green door. Place the coins in order of the flowers.The door unlocks!

Congratulations! You made it out!

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