Escape Game: “The Stray School” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Stray School”


1. Tap on the blackboard. You’ll see some writing that’s cut off. Tap on it to see “1568+”.


2. Take the eraser from the blackboard.

3. Zoom out and turn right. Tap on the cork board to the left to see a clue:


4. Turn the cork board over to find a plate. Take it. It has an A on one side and a 4 on the other.


5. Turn right. Zoom in on the top of the right cabinet. Open the left door and move the box to find the lid of an alcohol lamp.

6. Turn left and look up near the ceiling. There’s something up there but you can’t reach it. Use the eraser to knock it down.

7. Zoom out and look at the ground. Take the remote and eraser. There’s also a drawing on the floor now:


8. Turn to face the blackboard. There is a blue box to the left of it. Tap on it to zoom in. Use the remote on it and it will unlock.

9. Turn the handle and the water will start working. Also take the key from inside the box (maybe need to zoom out and then open the box again in order to see it).

10. Zoom out so you’re facing the blackboard again. Tap on the stools on the right. There’s a book chained to one of them. Use the key to open it up and see this:


11. Tap the blackboard, then tap the desk to see behind it. There’s some words written on the left corner:


12. Also, there’s some kind of mold:


13. Turn to the screen with the cabinets, where you found the lamp. Open the bottom of the left cabinet to see a train. Remember the clue from the table? Trains are aluminum. The book told you that Aluminum = Al. So type Al (that’s a lowercase L) into the keypad on the train and press enter. The train will move.


14. Take the plates from the train track. Also examine the track to see these numbers:


15. Zoom out. Tap on the stools to the right. Move the stool over to find a trap door. Type 555 into the keypad and press ENTER to unlock it. Take the pipette from inside.


16. Zoom out and tap on the desk to the left. There’s a sink here with a beaker full of chemicals. Turn on the faucet and then walk around the room. When you come back, the beaker will be full of water. Shut the faucet off.


17. Zoom in on the drain. Open it up and take out two more metal plates, making a total of five.


18. Turn the plates over to see these numbers:


19. Zoom out. On the same screen is a desk in the back with a computer on it. Zoom in on the bottom drawer of the desk and type in the word from the plates, based on the numbers on the back (in order from 1-5):


20. Open the drawer to find another keypad to unlock. Remember the drawing on the floor? Compare that with the plates to get the code:


21. Open the box and take the screwdriver from inside.

22. Go back to the screen with the blue box. There’s a green cabinet next to it that won’t open. Use the screwdriver to open it and take the small vial from inside.


23. Examine the screwdriver. Turn the grip left to see this:


24. Turn it right to see this:


25. Turn to the cabinet next to the one with the toy train. There’s a keypad with shapes on it. Enter the shapes you saw on the screwdriver and press ENTER:


26. Take the red box from inside.

27. Zoom in on the drawer above where you got the toy train. Use the screwdriver to pry it open and take the beaker from inside.

28. Turn right to see some yellow blinds. There’s a green cabinet that’s partially hidden. Tap on it to see another keypad with shapes. Use the second code from the screwdriver to unlock it:


29. Inside is a small keyhole. The key you have doesn’t fit it. But I’d you knock off a piece of the key with the screwdriver, it will fit. You’ll hear a clicking sound.

30. Open up the backboard and take out vial B.


31. Remember the note from the cork board?


32. Use the pipette on vial A. Then use the pipette on the empty beaker to fill it with liquid from vial A. Then repeat. Do the same for vial B three times. If you do it right, you’ll get a green liquid:


33. Use the dissolvent to dissolve what’s stuck inside the alcoholic lamp lid.


34. Zoom out. Look on the table to the right. There’s a lit alcoholic lamp. Place the lid on it to put out the fire. Then take the pink flask with distiller water inside.



35. Examine the flask. It says it’s gradually solidifying. Maybe we can use it for something!

36. Remember the mold behind the desk? Go to it and pour the liquid into the mold.

37. Zoom out and then zoom back in on the mold. Take out the fork-shakes object you just made.


39. Turn to the blackboard. There’s an outlet underneath it. Plug the cord in and it will connect to the device on the desk.

40. Turn on the device:

41. Put the eraser on the device. It will clean it.

42. Examine the eraser. There’s a piece of paper inside with some cutouts.


43. Turn to the computer in the back of the room. Switch it on and look at the file on the desktop:

44. Place the piece of paper on the screen to see this:


45. Turn to the yellow curtains. Open them up and tap on the left window. There’s something there but you can’t see it. Use the eraser on it and numbers will appear:


46. Remember the number on the blackboard? Add it to the number on the window and get the password for the keypad to the left of the door:




47. Open the door and escape!

Congratulations! You made it out!

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  1. ish

    ive done it!:) yey!

  2. maha

    Where the hell is the alcoholic lamp lit please tell someone tell me.

  3. kari luke

    The cord dont reach

    1. Pa's Life

      38. Place fork in red box. Open to get extension cord.

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