Underground Blossom Lite: Walkthrough Guide (Including ARG)

Underground Blossom Lite
By: Rusty Lake

Underground Blossom is the next game from Rusty Lake, the developers of the Cube Escape series and other adventure games. There’s a demo available on multiple platforms so you can get a taste of the game before it releases. As usual, there can be some tricky puzzles, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Looking for my walkthrough for the full release?


You can watch my video for both chapters or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

Chapter 1, Crib Station:

1. Tap on the train doors to open them. Then tap on them again to enter the train. (I don’t think there’s a way to open the suitcase right now but I’ll update this if that changes.)

2. Once the train stops, tap on the doors again to open them. We’re at Crib Station. Tap again to get off the train.

3. Tap on the suitcase a couple of times and then lift the two latches to open it. Take the matches and the bottle with milk from the inside.

4. Go back and talk to the woman. She tells you the baby is her daughter Laura and she wants you to take care of her.

5. Tap on baby carriage. Drag the blanket down and then take the safety pin. Also, give Laura the bottle of milk. Tap on her and she’ll drink all the milk.

6. Go back and then turn to the right. Open the box and take the cloth and file from inside.

7. There’s also a grate on the floor. Tap on it and then use the file to cut through the loose bar. Then take the rod and use the rod to get the key. Ignore the poster on the wall for now.

8. Go back left to the baby. Place the cloth down under the baby and then use the safety pin to make a diaper. Tap the diaper a couple of times to make Laura poop and then grab the dirty diaper. Yeah, this is a Rusty Lake game, after all! Then zoom back out.

9. Go right and then right again. The train leaves, but there’s a clock here. You can change the time by rotating the hands, but we’ll come back to that.

10. Go right again. Open the trash can and drop the dirty diaper inside. Then use the matches to light it on fire.

11. Tap the trash can to break it and then grab the scraper from inside. Zoom back out.

12. Tap on the ticket booth and then use the key to unlock it. Slide the door up to open it.

13. There’s an old lady here but she seems to ignore you. Use the rod or the file to smack her a couple of times and wake her up. She asks for a coin but we don’t have one yet. So go back.

14. Go right twice and zoom in on the poster on the wall. Use the scraper until you reveal the whole message and a symbol. It says: “THE FUTURE WILL ARRIVE”

15. Take a photo of the symbol or copy it somehow. I also pasted it below.

16. Go back to Laura and her mother. Tap on the pendant around her mother’s neck. Tap on the same segments you saw on the poster. Then notice the time is set to 10:15.

17. Go back to the big clock and change it to 10:15, matching the one around her neck. The train will come.

18. Get on the train. He asks for a ticket but you don’t have one. So open his pocket and take the coin from inside.

19. Go back to the ticket booth and give the woman your coin to get a ticket.

20. Get back on the train and give the ticket to the conductor. You have to manually punch a hole in it by first opening the hole puncher, then sliding the ticket into it and then closing it down again.

21. Tap on the conductor and then get on the train and close the door. Tap again to get the train moving and complete the chapter.

Chapter 2, Child Lane:

1. When the train stops again, get off at Child Lane. Talk to Laura and her mother. Laura says she wants candy. Zoom back out.

2. Tap on the metal panel to the left and use the scraper to scrape off the old gum. Zoom back out.

3. Give the old gum to Laura and have her chew it and blow a bubble. Then pop it and take the chewed gum from her.

4. Go right. Tap on the poster that says “HOLIDAYS FROM SMALL TO BIG.” You need to tap on the items in order from the smallest to the biggest. So it goes: Martini glass, hat, kite, camel, airplane, pyramid, sun. Then take the key.

5. Go back left to the first scene. Use the key to unlock the phone booth. We can’t use it yet so we’ll come back to that.

6. Go right twice and watch the train leave. There’s another clock we’ll come back to.

7. Continue right and pick up the poster from the ground. Talk to the guy on the bench and he asks if there’s any news. There’s also a locked box and a statue of Mr. Owl. We’ll come back to it.

8. While here, notice Laura hiding behind the bench. Tap on her. Then look for her again. She’s behind the Newspaper Photoservice window. Tap on her again. Then she’s behind the Mr. Owl statue. And last, she’s by the Newpaper Photoservice stand again. Tap on her and take the glass panel from her.

9. Go back left to her mother and tap on the stained glass window above that’s scrambled. Replace the glass panel and then flip all the panels until it makes an image of a tree. Take the crank from the wall.

10. Go right again to the Newpaper Photoservice stand. Use the crank on the hole to the left of it and then turn it to open the window. Take the newspaper.

11. While here, place the poster from your bag down on the empty space next to the other poster. Place the gum down behind the poster and use it to hold the poster in place. It says SMILE on it, so tap the woman’s mouth. Then it says SPARKLING EYES, so tap her eyes. Then her NEW BRACELET, her NEW HAIR, LARGE EYES, BIGGER SMILE, and then SURPRISE means you should open the box. Now it says, “EMERGENCY? CALL 24355”

12. Go back to the bench and give the guy the newspaper. Now he’s distracted and you can get the coin from his pocket.

13. Go back to the telephone booth and insert the coin. Dial 24355. If you don’t know how to use a rotary phone, wait for my video.

14. Tap the earpiece and listen to the message. He tells you to take the 7:00 metro and leave the station.

(Note: There’s an extra secret here. If you want to open the briefcase, the clue is in Cube Escape: The Cave. Enter 9827 and press the button on the right to unlock the briefcase. Then take the camera from inside.

Give the camera to Laura and have her take a few photos. Then take the roll of film from her.

Place the film in the photo booth and then see that they need 20 minutes. So change the clock to 20 minutes past 12.

Then look in the box in the photo booth to see the photos. I think that’s it!)

15. Go back to the clock and change it to 7:00. Get on the train to complete the demo. Sort of…. Continue below!

Update: There’s been some new content added to the demo. You need to watch this video to find this clue:

Now I’ll show you how to use it in the game and access the Memory Distribution Center.

Best Kept Memory Distribution Center:

1. Play through the first chapter as normal. Then in chapter 2, gain access to the phone and get the coin. Call the number from the video — 74222.

2. Chad Brunswick answers and asks you if you’re interested in visiting Best Kept Memory. He tells you to take the 25 to 9 metro.

3. So go to the clock and change it to 8:35, which is 25 to 9. Then get on the train to Best Kept Memory Distribution Center.

4. When you get off the train, talk to Chad, the guy in the lab coat. He tells you all your memories are stored on the VHS tapes.

5. Go left and read the packing lists on the floor. It’s very strange and you can get tapes out of boxes to play on the TV.

6. Basically, it’s a whole big ARG that I simply don’t have the time or brain power to figure out. Others have already figured out that you press the button to call box 66 and then open it to find a key.

7. Next you need to enter 23 into the machine to call up box 23. Look inside and grab the tape labeled Vendome_Ba. That’s because the person’s full name, Vendome Barroso, is an anagram for Rose Vanderboom. You can even see the full name if you give the tape to Chad.

8. Play the tape in the VCR. Then step back from it to see Albert standing over Chad’s body. There’s an envelope to the left of Chad. Open it to get another key.

9. Some very smart folks did a lot of work using the website bestkeptmemory.com and figured out how to unlock the door. If you want to know more, there a lot of stuff to go through in this Google doc. From what I understand, there were actual winners who each got a tape of their memories. You need to find those tapes in the game and watch them. Each tape has a number and together all ten tapes give you the 10-digit code. So let’s watch the tapes. This is where you can find them all and what number you’ll see on the tape when you play it:

Kat = box 11 = 8
Rayiv = box 18 = 3
Paigeot = box 17 = 5
suvi = box 21 = 7
Ace = box 0 = 9
Tikibuns = box 22 = 9
JS777 = box 11 = 2
LaMier = box 12 = 4
Jimbo = box 10 = 4
Crowe = box 4 = 2

You end up with 8357992442.

10. Turn to the locked door and enter 8357992442 into the keypad. Go inside and tap the lamp a few times. Albert appears and pushes you out of the room.

11. Enter the code again (8357992442) to go back inside. Use the two keys to unlock the two drawers. One drawer has a Mr. Memory plushie inside. The other has an envelope with a link to enter Contest #2.

12. You can give the plushie to Chad for an extra Easter egg. (This only works if you click on the envelope.)

When you’re done, read the message on the floor near the door. It says: “Dear Chad, The train back to Child Station leaves at 3:45 today.” So you can set the clock to that time whenever you’re ready to leave.

And that’s the end of the demo! See my walkthrough for the full game here.

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  1. Fuse

    Thank you! I love how your walkthroughs have text, instead of just being a video. I like the text format so much better. Thank you and keep up the good work! I find so many interesting games through your site.

  2. Sara

    Hi AppUnwrapper, so excited to try the new Rusty Lake game. Do you know if you pay $2.99 now, is the full download included when it releases in September?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you pre-order you’re only charged when the game releases. And yes, that should give you the full game.

      1. Sammm

        I found a video in some website where they show the code to the door in the Best Kept Memory Distribution Center. The code to open the door is 8357992442. To open the drawer inside that room you will have to call the box number 66 which will contain the key inside. I don’t have any idea why does numbers work but they do, so there you go.

  3. JermCool

    Rusty Lake just dropped another ARG for this. In the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGOBfs8sa3g, there is a new number to call which leads you to the BKM depot. I had a look at Jimbo’s tape and the number “4” flashes on the screen which leads me to believe the code to open the door has something to do with the clients.

  4. emila

    hey, underground blossom just had a new secret chapter update. can you post a tutorial please? i have no idea how to finish the chapter

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