Lost in Play: Walkthrough Guide

Lost in Play
By: Happy Juice / Snapbreak

Lost in Play is a whimsical point-and-click adventure from Happy Juice Games. It is now available on mobile and works perfectly with touchscreens. It starts off pretty straightforward but can get quite tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


I have gameplay videos of the full game here while I work on a step-by-stop guide below.

Chapter 1:

1. Tap on the frog and your character will emerge from the grass to try and catch it. You’re playing as a little girl first. Tap on the right of the screen to walk there and keep doing so until you see a bird puppet. As you get close to it, it moves behind you. Walk to it again and it will pop back to the right. Walk to it again to reveal a fairy!

2. Follow the fairy to the right and answer the phone. Then continue right. Tap on the broken mirror a few times to interact with it and then continue right once you’ve had enough.

3. You come across a floating teacup. Notice the two rocks. Jump onto the left one and then to the right one, and then back and forth until you can reach the teacup.

4. Continue right until you come across some glowing flowers. Tap on the flowers until you light them all up. If you’re struggling, first turn them all off and then tap the middle one to turn them all on. Then pet the fish and after he’s gone, continue right.

5. The door is locked and you need a key, so continue past it and reach up to the words “Lost in Play” for some extra whimsy. Continue on until you come to a tea party.

6. Tap on the teacup with the key on it and the gnome tells you he wants three other teacups in exchange. Open your bag and drag the first one to a plate to place it down. Then tap on the duck to get a second and tap on the frog to get a third. Then the gnome holds up a key for you. Take it.

7. Go back left and use the key to unlock the door. You need a solve a little puzzle first. Rotate the pieces until all you see is red. Then take the watering can.

8. Continue right. Use the watering can to fill up all the teacups and then drink it up. And that’s the end of the first chapter!

Chapter 2:

1. It turns out you were dreaming. Tap on the little girl to wake her up. Then walk over and tap on her brother to open the window. Tap on him again to try and wake him. It’s no good, he’s sound asleep.

2. Pick up the alarm clock to see it’s not working. We need a screwdriver, crank and battery.

3. There’s a lamp next to the alarm clock. Pick it up and shine it on the cat under the bed. The cat will run off, knocking down a toy robot.

4. Pick up the toy robot and then get the battery that falls out.

5. Pull the box out from under your brother’s bed and use it to reach the screwdriver high up on the bookshelf.

6. And last, open the cabinet to the right and quickly tap on the motorized cat toy to take the crank. If you fail, just try again.

7. Now add all three parts to the alarm clock. You have to fix it it manually. First, use the screwdriver to remove all the screws. Then rotate and insert the battery in the slot. Then solve the sliding tile puzzle to link all the gears and get the alarm clock working again.

8. Use the alarm clock to wake up your brother and complete the second chapter.

Chapter 3:


More coming soon!

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