Escape Game: “A Twisted Love” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Twisted Love”



1. Zoom out and pick up the crowbar. Lift up the mat and tap the upper right corner to open the trap door. Take the book.

2. Zoom out again and turn right. Open the curtains over the window, the. Open the window and walk out. You’re on the second story, so you need something to use to get down.

3. Go back inside and zoom in on the laptop. Take the cable from the right side of it.

4. Open the cabinet below the laptop. There’s a box with this message on it:



5. Turn around to the bookcase. Take the book that’s sticking out.

6. Look behind the bookcase (on the right side) to get another book.

7. Zoom in on the sink to the right of the bookcase. Open the right cabinet and take the cd.

8. Go back to the weird box under the PC and put the CD in the slot. It will start talking to you.


9. Keep tapping on it until it stops speaking and the box will open. Take the mirror from inside.

10. Turn to the bed and examine the framed photo to see these two messages:



11. Lift up the blanket from the bed. Then lift of the top part of the mattress to reveal a trap door. It says “Make sure to clean up.” Open it and there are some fliers inside.

12. Zoom in on the wall to the left of the bed to find a crack. Use the crowbar to break it open and a skeleton falls out!


13. The hand of the skeleton is holding a book. You need to straighten all the fingers in order to get it out.


14. Here’s what you need to do. Tap the fingers so only the bottom on is extended. Then tap the second finger from the top (middle finger) and the other three will straighten.



15. Take the book from the open hand. We now have all four books.

16. Turn to the screen with the laptop. There’s a stuffed lion on a dresser with a key in its mouth. Use the crowbar to get the key.

17. Turn to face the bed again. Use the key in the lock of the suitcase. Open it up and there’s nothing inside. Take the whole suitcase.

18. Go back to the bed and open the trap door. Stuff the fliers in the suitcase to find a message:


19. Turn to the screen with the bookcase. Open the bottom drawer of the desk. Left the lid. There are four slots. We need to put the books in order of the number of letters (like the photograph said).


20. Place the books in the slot in this order, from left to right: Purple, Blue, Orange, Green.

21. A clue is revealed:


22. There is some light shining in from the window onto the desk. Place the mirror by the light and it will reflect it.


23. Try to stand on the desk at look at the ceiling. There are some words but you can’t reach them. Place the suitcase on the desk and then stand on it to see the message:


24. Turn to the screen with the stuffed lion again. Open the left cabinet below the lion to find a yellow box. Tap the buttons until you get “13” and then open the box. Take the radio-controlled car from inside.


25. Go outside to the balcony. Tie the radio-controlled car to the cable (open the cable first).


26. Using the cable, drop the car off the balcony.

27. Select the controller and look over the balcony to see the yard. There’s another dead body out there! Move the car over the red button near the body and make it drive over it. There’s a sound somewhere in the room.


28. Also pick up the key near the bottom of the pool. (Not sure how you’re able to get it from the car, but oh well.)



29. Face the lion again. Replace the crowbar with the key so you can get the crowbar.

30. Go back to the desk next to the bookcase. The red button unlocked the top drawer. Open it and take out three cups:


31. Look over the balcony again and see a ladder. Tie the crowbar to the cable and use the crowbar to pull the ladder in to you.

32. Try to use the ladder to escape. It’s old and breaks under your weight! Didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? It’s of no use, but take the piece of wood from it.



33. Go to the sink and examine the cup. It tells you to fill it. The faucet handle is missing. Use the piece of wood as a handle and turn on the water.



34. Place the three cups on the sink. If you played Strange House, you’ll be familiar with this puzzle. You need to get exactly 1 oz left in one of the cups so you can pour it into cup 1. So, fill up cup 5 (tap on it to pick it up, then tap on the faucet). Pour the water from cup 5 into cup 7. Fill up cup 3. Pour the water from cup 3 into cup 7. You should now have 1 oz left in cup 3. Pour it into cup 1. There’s a sound coming from somewhere.


35. Now the cabinet above the sink is unlocked. Open it to find a message. Zoom in on both parts. The bottom half shows:


36. You now have the password for the PC. Follow the light from the mirror to the PC and try to turn it on. It won’t let you. Flip the PC over so the light shines on the bottom. Now you can access the login page. Enter the password “Keita”.


37. Open the folder on the screen and read each page. The last one has a password:


38. Turn to the big dresser near the front door. Type in “Yurika” on the keypad and it unlocks.


39. Open each drawer and look at the contents (creepy!). Then take out each of the drawers.


40. Zoom out and tap the empty dresser until it moves to the balcony. Move it over the balcony and use it to escape.


Congratulations! You made it out alive!


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  1. Kym

    I have key in the password “keita”, is incorrect. I have turned over the pc many time but still cannot.

  2. joanne

    me too…

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