Escape Game: “The Single Room Murder” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Single Room Murder”

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1. Zoom out a few times till you’re facing a computer desk. Then turn right.

2. Look behind the beige dresser for a power cord.

3. Look on the top shelf of the dresser to see a name:


4. Turn right. Take the paper dumbbell from the floor.

5. Turn right. Zoom in on the top of the red furniture. Open the panel. Arrange the letters according to the days of the week, like so:


6. Open the cabinet to see this:


7. Zoom out. On the same screen, there’s a cabinet to the right. The puzzle on it is like Sudoku — each side needs to add up to 15. It should look like this:


8. Open it and look inside:


9. Go back to the box that said Jeannot Elgar on it. One of the DVDs had that name on it, too. Look at the year on it and type it into the keypad on the box:


10. Take the screwdriver from inside and look at the note:


11. Zoom out. On the left of this same screen is a glass DVD cabinet. Look at the bottom and lift the panel. There’s another puzzle. Put the letters in order from the note you just found, like so:


12. Open the drawer and look at the DVDs:


13. Leave the room and go back into the hallway. There’s a white door, which is the bathroom. Go in. Look at the left side of the cabinet under the sink. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.

14. Take the razor from inside.

15. Go back into the hallway. There’s a small brown cabinet locked with a screw. Use the razor on the screw and open the cabinet.

16. There’s a machine part inside likely for the computer), but you can’t touch it with your bare hands.

17. Examine the sticker on the closet to the right of the bed:


18. Open the drawer with the DVDs and take out Loppi 1988.

19. Face the computer desk. There’s a screw loose on the chair. Fix it with the screwdriver.

20. Use the razor on the paper dumbbell to remove the paper and reveal a phone receiver.

21. There’s a phone on the beige dresser, below the blue box. Place the receiver on it and a phone card will pop out. Take it.

22. Below the phone is a locked drawer. There’s a small slot above it. Stick the card in the slot and the drawer will unlock. Open it.

23. There’s another machine part in it that you can’t touch with your bare hands.

24. Turn towards the sink. Remove the coffee jar with the card.

25. Open the lid of the coffee jar and cut open the aluminum top with the razor.

26. There’s a small triangular compartment in the sink. Open it and throw the coffee into it. Now you have an empty jar.

27. Turn on the faucet and fill the coffee jar with water.

28. Turn to the TV. The cabinet below it is locked. Try to stick the card in. It’s too big. So use the razor to cut it down to size.

29. Use the card to open the cabinet.

30. Open the DVD tray on the DVD player. Insert the Loppi DVD.

31. Turn on the TV and see this clue:


32. Go back to the closet with the Loppi sticker on it and enter the code from the TV to unlock it.


33. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

34. Look at the corpse. Examine the shirt:


35. Zoom in on the hands. They’re tied up. Use the razor to cut the rope and take the phone cable.

36. Look at the writing on the wall:


37. Go back to the cabinet with the four DVDs and take the French one:


38. Put the DVD in the DVD player and look at the TV:


39. Connect the phone cable to the phone.

40. Open the red freezer and put the jar of water inside.

41. Walk around a bit then come back and take the jar. It should be frozen now.

42. Go back to the bathroom and use the frozen jar on the gloves and they’ll loosen up. (You may need to examine the gloves before freezing the water, etc.)

43. Open the cabinet in the hallways and use the gloves to take the machine part.

44. Go back to the drawer below the phone and use the gloves to take another machine part.

45. Look up at the top cabinet with the skeleton inside. There’s something up there but it’s too high to reach.

46. Zoom out and move the chair over. Now take the last machine part with he gloves.

47. Open up the computer and put all three machine parts inside.

48. Examine the cord in your bag so it says “I wonder what this is used for.” Then plug it into the PC.

49. Look at the monitor to see this:


50. To the right of the TV is a metal dresser. On the bottom is a panel with some animal shapes behind it. Move the shapes around so that the number of legs are all equal. It should look like this:


51. Open it up and take the DVD that’s like the shirt the corpse was wearing:


52. Open up the DVD case to see this clue:


53 Put the DVD in the player and look at the screen:


54. On the computer desk is a book of cards. Take the one with the same first name as the lead actor:


55. Use the card with the card reader on the desk. You can now access the computer.

56. Open both files on the PC and examine them.



57. The phone number is the one from the clue on the French DVD (K. A.).

58. Dial “6395” on the phone and the door will unlock.

Congratulations! You made it out!

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See my full list of escape games and walkthroughs.

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