Escape Game: “Keys and Pieces” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Keys and Pieces”


1. Zoom in on the jacket and search the pocket to find a chess piece.

2. Zoom in on the magazine/catalog stand. There are two that you can open.

3. Turn right. Zoom in on the desk and open the drawer to the right. Look through the book inside.

4. Look in the trashcan to find another clue.


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  1. Turkishplayer

    One of the books show the picture all the Sakura flower. Count the number of sticks in each of its petals and enter that number on the flower next to the glass cabinets. Take the key and open the cabinets next to date bookshelves. Take the clothes and read the sign that has to triangles equaling eight. That’s how far I got.
    In the bottom drawer next to the desk it says it’s sunlight flowers leaves bees and that opens the world which is in the glass cabinet on the left but the number of sunlight and flowers and leaves and bees don’t work there so I’m stuck!

    I’d like to hear if anyone got any further. Thank you.
    Turkish player.

  2. Arthur

    What did you use as number of sunlight? Count the rays of the sun on top of the “world” box 🙂

  3. Helena

    Count the number of rays on the sun. The code is 8391.

  4. Turkishplayer

    Thanks guys,
    I am pretty sure I tried the same password before but it only worked after I read your messages.

  5. Revital

    I am stuck with the password of the drawer near the desk (with the colorful triangles circles etc…) there are 3 clues I found. One of the books , in the closet near the library and inside the armor. I thought I figured it but it doesn’t work , if anyone figured it out please help!!!

  6. Revital

    I did figure it out , now I have 5 chess pieces and a pair of gloves but I have no clue as for the next step.
    I know there is a hole on the window but nothing fits in it. The big picture can move but I can’t manage to do it. I can’t open the middle drawers near the rest or the safe or the hatch near the door. That’s about all of the option left in the room .
    If you need help getting this far just ask a specific question.

    1. Helena

      The message in trash can is the clue to middle drawers near the safe. Put all the chess pieces in this order : King in the middle, bishop on the king’s left and right, queen on top of the king and the knight on the bottom.

    2. Christo

      How did you figure it out? What is the code for the drawer?

    3. Candace

      Once you put the 5 chess pices into the cupboard it turns the library into a tv and there’s a star key on the tv which opens 2nd draw next to desk.

  7. Candace

    I have 2 chess pieces and the gloves but that is as far as I have got. Revital wouldn’t you put your chess pieces into the grooves I. The cupboard as per the clue in the trash?
    How do I open armour?

  8. Kel

    The cabinet nxt to the bookshelf, the third shelf there’s hole for u to insert the chess pieces.. I only got 2 so far n a pair of rubber gloves. Hw did u get all 5? N I can’t even get e armour thingy n also the the safe nxt to e computer table..

  9. Kate

    How do u open the armor?

    1. Helena

      Put sword on armor’s hand and Tap the button at the foot of the armor.

  10. Candace

    Ok I’m stuck, can someone please tell me what I can do next? I have 2 chess pieces and the gloves…

  11. Candace

    Ok I got through a bit and now I have the USB, and gloves. I don’t know what to do with the satellite on tv? I gather the numbers from a,b,c and d probably make code for safe next to door but can’t figure it put. Any help?

  12. SimpleWhispers

    The (world) box has a key in it… You have to go back to the box and open it… Key is under the bottom panel. Key is to the computer.

  13. SimpleWhispers

    The (world) box has a key in it… Key is under the bottom panel.

  14. Alisha

    Where did u get the sword to put in the armor?

  15. Revital

    You open the case on the desk by adding the numbers on the bottom of the two bishops. Iook inside the knight piece there is alert sword that goes on the armor and opens it.

  16. Alisha

    I still only have one bishop! So lost

    1. Arthur

      I don’t know which Bishop you got. One is in the pocket of the coat near the door, the other one is in the box which is labeled “WORLD” You can get the key to open the box from the bottom drawer of the desk.

  17. Revital

    First bishop is in the jacket pocket. Open the drawer near the decoration cabinet using the code in the first catalog (put the number of lines in the corresponding petels ) in side there is a cross key , use it to open the closet near the bookcase and take rubber gloves, notice the equation on the lower shelf, notice the holes on the middle shelf.
    Look at the sunflower picture, count the leaves, flowers and bee.
    Look at the lower drawer near the desk , read the red book.
    Inside the decoration cabinet there is a box with a drawing of a sun and “world” written on it. The code is 8(sun rays) 3(sunflowers) 9 leaves,1 bee. Now I did it before and it worked. I restarted the game so I could remember where I found everything and it doesn’t work. This really frustrating, I’ll keep trying and write later.

  18. Luca

    And out! Give me a shout if you need anything…

    1. 9A

      What is the password for satellite? I can’t figure it out! Thanks

  19. Revital

    Apparently I needed to exist the game to home menu for it to work, the second bishop is inside. In the bottom of the 2 bishops there are numbers, add them and enter the sum on the box on the table. Inside the box there is the knight open the bottom and find the sword. Notice the drawing on the lid. The is a hidden compartment in the “world” box, inside it the is the key to the computer.
    Put the sword in the armor and open the small compartment there.inside there is the queen and another clue for the shape lock on the first drawer near the desk.
    Now look at all 3 clues ( lower shelf in the closet, book, armor) the answer is: yellow triangle =5 pink triangle =3 green circle =2 blue shape=4 , now follow the signs in the lock and add each couple of shapes ie: yellow+blue=9. The code is 9477.
    Inside the drawer there is the king.
    Go to the middle shelf in the closet and put the chess pieces there , the board in the right opens, take the pieces back and put the in the new holes according to the clue in the garbage can. The library moves and reveals a huge screen. On the right there is a key for the middle drawer near the desk. Inside there is the USB for the computer.
    On the screen there are 4 buttons, pressing each shows a different satellite picture. This is probably for the safe near the door but I haven’t figured out it yet.

    1. Arthur

      The satellites are for the safe at the door but you won’t be able to find the code before you logged into the computer on the desk

  20. Jazz

    What is the ID and the Password for the pc?

  21. Revital

    Stuck now, I figured the numbers on the USB correspond to the paper on the lower shelf of the cabinet and I got VENUS but is it the ID or the password? How do I open the safe ? What’s with the picture and the hole in the window frame ? Where do I use the gloves ?

    1. Arthur

      Which picture?
      The hole in the window – later
      The gloves – later

      First thing is to log into the computer. You got VENUS, thats fine. But you need the other part of the login.

      Have you examined the lower corner of the bookshelf, which is still visible although it moved to show the big TV? …

  22. Jan

    Check the right side down at TV,you will find a card.Theres”HEAD”wrote on the card.Its stand for the ID.The code is VENUS,you can found the clue on the USB and the you can log in the computer,check the file 2,there’s (A*B+C*D)*(A*B+C*D). Go check the TV monitor,you will find out A=7 B=8 C=12 D=3. So the code is 8464.its for the desk near the door

  23. Revital

    Finally escaped. Thanks for your help!! ( I meant the sunflower picture).

  24. Jan

    By the way,after you open the cabinet you will got electronic key.use the key to open it and you can get the CD.turn the CD back and put it in the hole at window.go check the top right side of TV.It shows R up 2,L down3,L up 2 and R down 3. Tap it to the sunflower picture!then you may escape

  25. Revital

    Don’t forget to take the CD when you escape – for the good ending

  26. Daniel

    Where are the 3 clues for the top drawer on the cabinet beside the desk?

  27. Empty

    I’ve got the USb thing and gloves.But,I can’t get the computer on and vie tried all codes and can’t find the key for the back of the computer either. Please help.

  28. Empty

    Okay,finally got key 4 back of computer and it’s on. But,for the life of me what is password and I’d”??????? Vie played around with the TV 4 a code and nothing works. Someone plzzzzzzzzzzz help……….

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