Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt – Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with yet another free Adventure Escape game, this time called Haunted Hunt. You play as Moira, a shapeshifter that can turn into all different animals. Here I’ll be helping you get through Chapter 3 of the game with a step-by-step walkthrough guide including all puzzle answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3:

You can watch my video walkthrough for Chapter 3 here or continue below to see my step-by-step guide.

1. Change into a raven. Find the two cobwebs, three piles of wood chips, and the screwdriver. While you’re here, also examine the engraving on the corner of the wardrobe. Then fly through the hole in the wall and find another cobweb and pile of wood chips. Also, brush away the dust to find some symbols. They must be a clue! There’s also a smaller clue that looks like a 7 with three dots around it. We still need more wood chips before we can finish building the nest.

2. Go back through the hole. Change into a human and pick up another cobweb. Go through the door to find a chained up hell hound. You need to find water for him. First, grab the web and take a look at the drawing in the book.

3. Change into a raven and grab the web and two piles of wood chips. Also, use the screwdriver to get the screw from the hanging hook. And notice the clue that’s an L with three dots around it. There’s also some dots between the two chains.

4. Change back into a human and go back to the other room. Open the glass case to access a broken sword. Use the screw to fix it. We still need something to sharpen it.

5. Change back into a raven and go through the hole in the wall. Use all six piles of wood chips and six spider webs to finish building the nest. Pick it up and grab the salt, too.

6. Leave the hole and use the salt on the magic seal. Change the symbols to match the clues you saw inside the wall and inside the book. You can now access the wardrobe, but there’s another lock!

7. Change into a human. Use the hints you found around the place to open the lock. The dots tell you which part of the lock they refer to and the symbol tells you which symbol to change it to. It should look like the image below. Open the wardrobe and take the gauntlets from the coat of armor.

8. Change into a raven. Fly into the hole again and use the gauntlets to get the silver musket ball. Leave the hole.

9. Change into a human and tap on the musket on the table. Place the musket ball on the table and then rearrange the images so they show how to load and fire a musket. Pay close attention to the arrows! Then pick up the musket.

10. Head back to the other room. Use the musket on the clogged faucet and take the cork.

11. Change to a raven and grab the musket pin. While you’re here, zoom in on the puzzle on the wall. Use the pin to hold down the papers (somehow one pin becomes two?). You need to divide the territories between different supernatural species. You must form a pink shape and blue shape and they need to look the same. There’s a series of three puzzles and you can use my screenshots below for help.

12. Change to a human and go back to the armory. Examine all the items to the left of the sword. Place the cork with the rest of the items. Now you just need to drag all the items around so there’s no overlapping or empty spaces around the items. It’s a jigsaw puzzle! Some items are fixed to make it easier. When you’re done, take the broken knife handle.

13. While you’re here, use the whetstone to sharpen the sword and use the gauntlets to pick it up.

14. Go back to the hell hound. Place the nest in the sink and use the broken knife handle to turn on the faucet and fill the nest with water. Pick it up.

15. Give the water to the hell hound. Now, use the sword to cut through the hell hound’s chain.

16. Go through the hole under the hell hound (Beezle) to compete the chapter!

Congratulations! You completed Chapter 3! Click here for the Chapter 4 walkthrough.

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    Hi I’m having a problem with accessing last clue!!! Have unchained the hell hound but cant access hole. It keeps saying “good boy”. What am i missing?

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