Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt – Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with yet another free Adventure Escape game, this time called Haunted Hunt. You play as a shapeshifter named Moira who can turn into all different animals. Here I’ll be helping you get through Chapter 4 of the game with a step-by-step walkthrough guide including all puzzle answers and solutions. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video walkthrough here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’re the raven right now. Brush away all the dust and then pick up the jar of fish and bell ringer. Place the bell ringer inside the bell and ring it. A cat will appear!

2. Place the jar on top of the box to the left and push it so it breaks open. The cat will come out of hiding to eat. Touch it so you can take on its form.

3. Tap on the footprints to the right and then find your way through the maze to the two green footprints. You can watch this video I made if you need help.

4. Notice the glowing hints around the room. The flowers on the statue have three fingerprints and the snowy painting has five fingerprints. Also, there are paw prints leading to the space between the books on the desk. Change into a human. Pick up the ghost book from the desk and head downstairs.

5. Tear the curtain and pick up the cord. Also, lift up the rug to reveal a floor safe. We need a combination for it so we’ll come back to it later. Change into a cat and notice the rug has falling leaves on it as well as seven fingerprints. Also, notice the paw prints leading to the broken vase and the scratches on the couch. Head through the door to the bedroom.

6. Notice the beach painting has one fingerprint on it, a pillow is out of place, and there are some claw marks near the foot of the bed. Change into a human. Pick up the chair leg. Open the night table drawer to get a wheel. Tie the cord to the cauldron in the fireplace and top it over. Take the brass tab and vault door ring.

7. Leave the room. Place the wheel on the foot of the ladder so you can move it. Also, fix the broken step with the chair leg. Then climb up and place the ghost book in the empty slot.

8. A crank appears, but it won’t budge. But we can open the floor safe using the four numbers we got from the different seasons. The seasons go winter, spring, summer, fall. So the numbers are 5, 3, 1, 7. Enter those numbers in the floor safe and take the vault door ring.

9. Go back upstairs. Place the brass tab with the others on the front of the desk. We need a clue to figure out how to solve this puzzle. What you want to do is turn into a cat and follow the paw prints to the broken or missing objects. I highlighted them in all the previous photos. The first is the 2nd book on the desk, then the 5th vase downstairs, the 1st butterfly on the couch, the 2nd bed post, and the 5th pillow on the bed. So you get 2 5 1 2 5. Go upstairs and turn into a human. Slide the brass tabs to those positions. Take the vault door ring. Also, change into a cat and grab the ghost key.

10. Go back to the bedroom and use the ghost key to open the locked box on the table. You need to be a cat to do this. Grab the winding key and diamond ring from inside.

11. Leave the bedroom and use the diamond ring to break through the glass on the bookshelves and take the oil can. Use the oil can on the crank and then use the crank to lower the chandelier. Grab the vault door ring from it

12. Go back upstairs. Change into a human and use the winding key to turn on the music player. The notes are faint, but if you change into a cat you can see the sounds glow. They go 5 rings, 4, 1, 3, 2. Go to the piano as a cat and look at the glowing footprints. Tap on the 5th one, then 4th, 1st, 3rd, and 2nd.

13. Change into a human and take the last vault door ring from the music player. Tap the door to the left and place all five vault door rings on it. Rotate them to create a path that goes from the outside to the center and then back outside. Go through the open door to Otto’s vault.

14. Change into a cat to look at the vault inside of the vault. This is a really bad puzzle, so don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get it. Each panel can switch between a flying animal and a land animal. As a human, you can swap the color between blue and green. Blue represents sky and green represents land. Change all the triangles that point to the sky to blue and put flying animals on them and change all the triangles that point down to green and put land animals on them. It should look like the screenshots below.

15. Move the book aside and take the key.

16. Go back downstairs. Use the crank to pull the chandelier back up and then use the key to unlock the door and complete the chapter.

Congratulations! You completed Chapter 4! Click here for the Chapter 5 walkthrough.

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2 years ago

I have some reservation about playing as a shapeshifter “naked” Moira. I hope there is a clothed setting. ?

2 years ago

The picture of the gears isn’t showing up here??

Reply to  Sarah
2 years ago

Ah sorry about that. Looks like they didn’t upload properly at first. Just fixed it.

2 years ago

Don’t see the gears as a cat in my game? Glitch?!?! I just have 8 colored gears and they are silver when I change into a cat. No more gears though 🙁
I can send you a screenshot via e-mail if you want me to.

Clinton E. Smith
2 years ago

The piano Keys Don’t work and I put tthem in the Right order Wat am I Doing Wrong

Alley Dy
Reply to  Clinton E. Smith
2 years ago

Same ?

Jane Everett
Reply to  Clinton E. Smith
2 years ago

Can’t get passed the piano puzzlefollowed the walkthrough and still can’t get passed

Reply to  Clinton E. Smith
2 years ago

They’re apparently supposed to go left to right, instead of right to left like I thought? I was reading them like I would read words, instead it’s backwards. Did you try that?

Reply to  Clinton E. Smith
2 years ago

Piano keys do work.. 1 is the first key to press..comment image

Reply to  Clinton E. Smith
1 year ago

The same thing kept happening to me so after hitting 5,4,1,3,2 I hit 1,2,3,4,5 and it worked! Good luck!

Julie Quinton
2 years ago

Same here

Julie Quinton
2 years ago

Watch video the image loaded in walkthrough has wrong numbers. Keys are numbered left to right.

Reply to  Julie Quinton
2 years ago

Not sure what you mean? I numbered them in the photo by the order you’re supposed to press them and I followed my own photo for the video.

2 years ago

I can’t get the metal box to open. I keep getting the same message, “How do you open this?” in both cat and human form with or without the key. Anyone else have this problem?

Reply to  DJ
2 years ago

I do! Did you open it?

Reply to  Reque
2 years ago

I did eventually! It worked after I deleted and reinstalled the game, but that meant starting the whole thing over. I contacted the makers of the game, though, and it sounds like they’ll look into it. The guy who responded also recommended restarting the level, but by the time I heard from him I’d already reinstalled it.

2 years ago

Where is the key?

2 years ago

I finished the game and wanted to replay. Game said I would keep the stars I had purchased, but they are gone

2 years ago

I can not find the 5th ring😐

Leah Lauren
Reply to  Unknown
8 months ago

I can’t either.

Leah Lauren
Reply to  Unknown
8 months ago

There’s an additional ring in the fireplace ashes.

1 year ago

I can’t get the round brass puzzle line thing to work. I lined it up exactly how the picture shows but nothing happens. I’ve rechecked and redone it several times but nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Reply to  Lex
1 year ago

Same here 🙁