Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 6

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn (Murder Manor 2)
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Murder Inn, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 6:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Find the black camouflage paint and stencil. Also, look at the note that says a+b=c and b+c=d. And last, open the camera case and move the photo to see the three lenses in green, blue, and red.




2. Tap on the gray camouflage jacket. Place the stencil over the pattern and add the black camo paint. Remove the stencil and you’ll have a new pattern! Notice the 2 and 7.



3. Tap on the framed camo and swap the tiles around to complete the pattern. Notice the 3 and 5.



4. Let’s crack the safe code. So we have the numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7. We also know that a + b = c and b + c = d. So with that information, we can work out:

a = 3
b = 2
c = 5
d = 7

(3 + 2 = 5 and 2 + 5 = 7)

So enter 3257 to open the safe and take the four colored arrows.



5. Remember the three lenses in the camera case? They went green, blue, red. Do place the green, blue and red arrows in the holes in the wall in that order. Go through the opening.


6. Ok, there’s a few things to do in this room. First off, move the chair to the side and get another arrow. Also, read the target practice sheet that says:


Also, take a look at the deer heads mounted on the wall, the cards on the table, and notice there’s a lock.



7. Let’s work on the lock. It has a directional pad on it. The deer heads also face different directions. First, count the antler branches/points on each deer. They go:

2: Left
3: Right
4: Down
6: Right
7: Up
8: Straight Ahead
10: Left

The target practice sheet told use to focus on the hearts and the 10-point buck. So look at the cards on the table and focus on the hearts. They are:

6 7 10 3

So which deer were those?

6: Right
7: Up
10: Left
3: Right

So now we have the directions, but what’s the order? The way I have them is actually the order, since they’re each in different rows on the table. So to open the lock, press:

Right Up Left Right


8. Take the metal dial. Also, place the two arrows in the holes on the wall. Put the dial in the center of the door handle. Go through.



9. Move the framed painting and open the drawer to get a key.


10. Use the key to unlock a cabinet and take the googles. Use them in the dark behind the painting to see a carving of initials that says:




11. Use those initials to open the padlock. Enter JSEB.



12. Look at the target practice sheet for a clue to the puzzle with the colored dots. It tells you the order to select the dots. Notice there’s bullets through each color on the buck. 1 in blue, 2 in red, 3 in yellow, 4 in green. So first select the blue dot with an asterisk on it, then a red dot, then a yellow dot, then a green dot, then a blue dot, and so on until all the dots are connected.




The SlyHunter rifle is missing!

And that’s the end of Chapter 6! Click here to continue to Chapter 7.

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  1. Tina Kershner

    How in the heck do you know that A = 3? I cannot figure that out to save my life! (Regarding opening the 4 digit code on the safe using the algebraic formula.

    1. remco

      because b+c=d so if b was 3 then the algabraic formula wouldn’t make sense anymore, in relation to the numbers you’ve found on the jackets

      1. Caitlin

        Should be A = 3, b = 2

  2. desy halimah

    I cant go trough after i put the dial why?

    1. Kathie

      I Am also not able to open thane door after putting in dial.

      1. patty

        Go right 3 spokes without hitting spoke 4. turn left 2 spokes without hitting the 3rd spoke. go right all the way around.

        1. Am Hall

          Thank you. I thought I was going to have to play the other games to earn enough stars to skip this one.

        2. Woody

          Thank you Patty. I looked for half an hour for this answer.

        3. Christine

          Thank you! I couldnΓÇÖt figure that out for the life of me!!!!

        4. Stephanie

          Thank you!!!!

        5. Tina

          This doesn’t work

        6. Nicole

          How did you know this was the solution?

        7. Felicia

          Thank you so much!!! Been stuck there for a min!!!

        8. Gogo

          I didn’t understand the solution can you explain in detail pls

    2. Kookie

      Turn the wheel different directions to light up the spokes… I think it was right three spokes, left two spokes, right two spokes, left one spoke. Some thing like that. But right three for starters then head left for sure

      1. Joshua Burns

        Mine just opened once I had the two yellow arrows in?

      2. Christina McConnaughey

        Wont let me go left. Ugh…

    3. patty lane

      Go right 3 spokes without hitting spoke 4. turn left 2 spokes without hitting the 3rd spoke. go right all the way around.

      1. Gowri

        Try this. Those is working for me. + Means right. And – means left.
        +3, -5, +7, -8.

    4. Barb

      I found I had to keep my finger on the dial the whole time I was doing the combination or it would reset itself

      1. Pebbles

        This was invaluable! Thank you!
        Right 3 spokes, left 2 spokes, right all the way round. Don’t take your finger off through the process!

      2. Beth

        Thank you I couldn’t figure it out till I held my finger on it the whole time, thanks for the info on thet

    5. Debra

      Go right, left, up, right on the dial.

  3. Ram Neck

    Why is the neck of that ram so freaking lonnnng?!

  4. Confused kid

    The part where you had to put the disc in the lock , I had to do like a certain rotation that I still canΓÇÖt solve, didnΓÇÖt see it in your game?

    1. Confused adult

      I’m having the same problem. Others talking about a solve but I cant go left. Please help…or I have to abandon this puzzle! LOL

      1. Ellen

        I finally figured it out.. I was letting the thingy go in between the turns, but I need to hold on to it. Not sure if I’m explaining it right. 😅😣

        1. Tina

          Thank you that worked

  5. Bogs

    In the vault door with the center disc, one of the bars fell off after I did some tries. Now there’s 7 left and I can’t rotate my disc anymore. Can’t even see where the bar fell off. How do I move on from this puzzle?

    1. Bogs

      Weird for the bar to fall off coz it was animated, as in it was falling off the center dial! So I thought it was part of the game. But when I closed the app and opened it again, Im back with 8 bars in the vault door again.

  6. stella

    I can only rotate the wheel for 3 bars. WHY

    1. Ash

      Rotate it 3 bars one way 2 bars the other and then back again

  7. Gabbb

    Metal disc homd the dial. 3 right, 2 left, go right all the way again

  8. Ana

    You missed the vault door puzzle. There’s a puzzle where after you place the dial on the vault door, you have to rotate the dial in the right order to release all the bars

  9. Linda

    The app made me update, and none of the walkthroughs gave a solution for the dial. I ended up buying enough stars to skip the puzzle — but I used Google points. I won’t use ‘REAL’ money for a game! And next time I will check your comments first!

    1. Michelle

      Me too. In her video the door just opened when she put the dial on and mine had the puzzle I could not get to work. I ended up skipping it in frustration!

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