Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 4

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn (Murder Manor 2)
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Adventure Escape: Murder Inn, by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. We need to get into Jay’s room. Pick up the binoculars. Move the plant to get a key. Read the entry in the guest book and open the curtains to see the ski lift.



2. Use the binoculars to look through the window. You can now see numbers on each of the chairs on the chair lift. It goes:

Green 7
Red 9
Orange 3
Yellow 5





3. Use the key to open the cabinet and get a controller. Look at the fruit basket. Count the fruits:

1 Orange
2 Green Pears
3 Red Apples
4 Yellow Bananas.


4. Put the numbers from the chairs in order of the number of fruits. So:

1 orange = 3
2 green = 7
3 red = 9
4 yellow = 5

Enter 3795 on the controller. Go up the ladder to the attic.


5. Uncover the suitcase. It’s locked so ignore it for now. Pick up the game controller and the Christmas lights. Move the rug aside to reveal an outlet. Also, look at the photo album. It shows a picture of a hockey player in a Whales jersey with the number 9 on it.



6. Plus the Christmas lights into the outlet and the TV and turn on the TV. We still need a game cartridge, so let’s solve the miniatures Sudoku puzzle. Take the key when you’re done.


7. Use the key to open the suitcase and look inside. Move the jacket aside to see two jerseys — one for the Polar Bears that says 2 and one for the Leopards that says 5.


8. Remember the guest book? It said Whale, then Polar Bear, then Leopards. So put the numbers from those jerseys in order and you get 925. Go back downstairs and enter 925 into the padlock to open the door. Go through.


9. Look around the room. There’s a bunch of things to take note of. The trophies make up the Roman numerals IVX. There’s also a note that says LOSE = 3507 and SELL = 7735. There’s also a clock and two combination locks, one with some stickers on it.





10. Set the clock to 4:50, with the small hand on IV and the big hand on X, like the trophies. Take the small key. Use it to unlock the drawer and get the game cartridge.



11. Go back up to the attic and insert the game cartridge and add the controller to the game console. Now you have to play a game where you move the two mice to their respective cheese. The mice move in opposite directions of each other. You can watch my video if you need help.

12. If you do it fast enough to get a high score of 120 (it seems buggy as I got a high score in that video above because it thought I did it in 27 seconds, even though I didn’t), you’ll see the other high scores as well.


13. Go back to the locked drawer with the stickers on it and enter the high score of 240 (because it says #1 and shows the mouse). Look at the note inside. It says I SEE LIES.



14. Remember the note about SELL and LOSE? You need to treat I SEE LIES. The same way. Write it out upside-down using numbers like so: 5317 335 1. Enter 53173351 into the locked briefcase under the bed and read the note inside.



And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5.

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3 years ago

Your solutions have been mostly incorrect for this walkthrough. The checkerboard and the sudoku so far are incorrect!! 🙄🙄

Reply to  Sana
1 year ago

Ive discovered that they’re usually correct, and i just missed one thing that was my bad. Including the sudoku

Reply to  Sana
2 months ago

Why don’t u figure it out yourself. There’s no need to blame the author. She’s made so many other great walkthroughs. The least you can do is be considerate and understanding.

Reply to  Sana
2 months ago

They were correct for me.

Pamela Douglas
3 years ago

I’ve played the cheese game several times, got scores ranging from 100 to 280 but never see a leaderboard & nothing happens

Pamela Douglas
Reply to  Pamela Douglas
3 years ago

And then it logged me out & I had to restart the whole chapter again. But at least it recognised that I had completed the sudoku and strangely seem to have completed it without solving the last lock.

2 years ago

Wheres cahpter 3??😭

1 year ago

Where do you get the Sudoku pieces

Reply to  Rick
1 year ago

You tap on any of the empty slots and keep clicking it until you get the miniature you’re looking for

charlotte heath
1 year ago

following your video I can’t get the pink mouse to move up in the beginning like you do can you please explain

Reply to  charlotte heath
1 year ago

Swipe down to move the pink and either way to move the blue

1 year ago

I dont understand, how i get the Code for the Black briefcase. The clue on the Note with “sell” and “lose” didnt help me 🙁

Reply to  joschy_98
1 year ago

If read the word “SELL” and “LOSE” upside down you will get “7735” and “3507” respectively. If you read the note that says ” I SEE LIES ” upside down you will get “5317 3351” and that’s the code for briefcase

Sandeep Kumar Verma
Reply to  joschy_98
1 year ago

If read the word “SELL” and “LOSE” upside down you will get “7735” and “3507” respectively. If you read the note that says ” I SEE LIES ” upside down you will get “5317 3351” and that’s the code for briefcase

1 year ago

Did game in 64 seconds for 284 points and it won’t log the high score.

1 year ago

50 seconds for just 100 points lol. Ridiculous. Am I supposed to do the game in a certain number of seconds?

Reply to  QUEU
3 months ago

the scoring in the mirror mouse game seems completely bonkers. idk if there’s a problem with the Android version of the app, but it always tells me i’ve taken like 50, 60+ seconds to complete it when i usually beat it in 20 or so. just going to cheat it now.

10 months ago

Cant seem to get the remote for the stairlift to work I’ve tried the same combination and nothing

1 month ago

Hey the jersey emblem is the Vancouver Canucks

1 month ago

THANK YOU for giving us the score values in the mouse game. I tried several times, even getting a score higher than Jay (300 points lol) and it never loaded the panel of high scores

1 month ago

i hate jay’s dad a lot😭
he’s freaking useless jerk, seemed like he evn had his wife housekeeping work by herself like she prepared the treats for the guests alone. n he blamed emma for cheating even he cheated on his wife, how could he.