The Guides: Puzzle Walkthrough and Solutions

The Guides
By: Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with answers, tricks, solutions and help for the iOS and Android game The Guides. I will explain all the answers, so only look if you don’t mind spoilers. If you prefer to have a hint, you can ask in the comments section.

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If you’re enjoying the game, make sure to also check out the Compendium.

Section 1:

1-1: Tap the blue circle. Then tap the red circled Y to continue to level 2.

1-2: Just tap the top circle, the one with a red dotted line around it.

1-3: Look at the numbers at the top and tap the circles in that order. So it goes brown, orange, brown, orange, orange, brown.


1-4: Tap the bottom of the screen and type out “FOUR” then press “submit.”


1-5: Pay attention to the colors. Notice that all “1’s” are orange and all “0’s” are blue. Using that information, fill in the missing numbers with 1 and 0.


1-6: Copy the binary code next to the red X (01110011 01110100 01101111 01110000) into the binary decoder in the menu. This will translate to “stop”. Enter that into the “input” box and press “submit.”


1-7: Notice it he photo says “Input settings: 4251” — so the answer is “4251”.


1-8: The clue says “73 = ?” If you pay attention to the other numbers and letters, you’ll notice that “C” is missing. That’s the answer!


1-9: Swipe down to see more of the screen and find the red “c” in the middle of the screen. It’s blinking, so may be a bit tricky to find. Tap on it when you find it.


1-10: Find all the read letters and put them together to make “NIGHT”.

1-11: The hint is “<--- esreveR", so you want to read the red letters from the bottom to top this time. You get: "I AM ONLY HUMAN".1-12: The hint is "primrose." That's a fancy word for "yellow." So put the yellow highlighted letter together to get "PERSISTENCE."IMG_7477

1-13: Rotate each circle until the orange, brown and black dots match up. There are various ways it could look at the end, but this is one of them:


1-14: The hint is “Reference: 01.07”. That’s seen on the photo in level 1-7. So go look at that photo again and notice the word “Division” is highlighted in orange. Look at 14 again and notice the orange brackets. It’s telling you to divide the top number by the bottom number. So, XII/IV or 12/4 = 3. So the answer is “3” or “III”.


1-15: There are three little orange arrows above the letters, pointing to the left. This tells you to go back three letters in the alphabet. The hint also tells you “a = x | b= y | c= z . . .”
So take VKLIW and use that to decode it. Go back three letters in the alphabet to get V = S, K = H, L = I, I = F, W = T. So the answer is “SHIFT.”


1-16: If you go back to the menu, you’ll notice a new decoder. This one allows you to enter any letters and then shift them any number to get another letter. So for this, enter “PMOI E FEH WXEV” into the decoder. There are four orange dots, so enter “4” under “shift”. Press “submit” and you get the answer, “LIKE A BAD STAR”.


1-17: The hint is “S > J > N > E > M” and is referencing the planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth, Mars. What you need to do is tap the circles in order from largest to smallest. Like so:


1-18: This is Morse code. If you swipe the screen to the left, the game will tell you how to decode it. The answer is “SIGNAL”.



1-19: This is Morse code again. You can use the new decoder in the menu for this. Enter “… -.- -.–” and you get the answer, “SKY”.


1-20: Simply follow the numbers from 1 to 7 and put those letters together to make “DELAYED”.

1-21: Swipe the screen to the left and find the four letters hidden among the symbols: “sdvw”. The hint says “+3” so you need to enter “sdvw” into the decider and put “3” under shift. The answer will be “PAST”.


1-22: Slide the overlaying image over to match up the lines. Than spell out the letters according to the numbers below them to get the answer: “CEREBRAL”.


1-23: Enter the letters you see on the screen into the “a >> d” decoder. Then, count the number of orange dots in the circle. It’s 13. So enter “13” under “shift” and you get the answer: “IT IS SIMPLE”.


1-24: This level is a bit confusing/backwards. You might think that the colors of the circles at the top relate to the ones from level 1-5. To an extent, you’re right. But they’re reversed. So for this level, orange circles are 0 and blue circles are 1. Enter it into the binary decoder to get: “SENSES”.


1-25: You need to listen to the sounds for this level, so turn up the volume. If you tap the bottom circle, you should hear a sound like a whistle, which is different from the sounds the other circles make. You need to solve this through trial and error. Basically, start with the bottom one, then find the next one that makes the same sound. It should go like this: Bottom, Right, Top, Bottom, Right, Bottom. **Update: You actually don’t need the sounds. The sequence is the answer from the previous level, “SENSES” — South, East, North, South, East, South!


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Section 2 or click here.

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  1. William Hu

    1-14: Note the roman numberals, and how they are written like a fraction. The answer is 12/4, which is three, or ‘iii’.

    1-15: Caesar shift. You can use the decoder (shift 3). Answer is ‘shift’.

    1-16: Shift 4 (four dots). Answer is ‘like a bad star’.

    1-17: Press dots in reverse size order.

    1-18: It’s morse code. Answer is ‘signal’.

    1-19: Morse code again. Answer is ‘sky’.

    1-20: Take the numbered letters in order to get the word ‘delayed’.

    1-21: You can slide the screen to the left to reveal a computer interface. In the gibberish you can see the letters ‘sdvw’. Apply Caesar shift of 3 to get the word ‘past’.

    1-22: Line up the 4 vertical dashes in the transparency with the red ones on the screen. Take the numbered letters in order to get ‘cerebral’.

    1-23: Note the 13 dots spinning around. Apply Caesar shift of 13 to the text to get ‘it is simple’.

    1-24. The series of black and white dots in the white panel at the top represents another binary code – white is 0, black is 1. Decode using binary to get ‘senses’.

    1-25: No clue. The sequence must be given by another puzzle.

    2-1,2,3: Tap both circles at the same time, then the top circle. Match the letters with their corresponding positions below by color to get ‘enigma’.

    2-4: Read brown letters ; ‘the weeks’. Read orange letters: smtwtfs. They are the initials of the days of the week starting from sunday. So the highlighted s which is the solution is ‘saturday’.

    2-5: Fill in the blanks with the letter that makes most sense, then take them all in order to get ‘accept’.

    2-6: Swipe the screen to the left to see that a locking boolean value is set to ‘true’. Type ‘false’ to fix this.

    2-7: Caesar shift 18 to get ‘note’.

    2-8: Stuck.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks. I actually have all the answers. Just give me a chance to update this. 🙂

      1. Helpme

        Why do you Caesar shift 18 on 2-7

        1. Domo

          Make x=0

    2. Mike Brown

      “The next step is IMPORTANT…” Important is the answer.

      I am stuck on 2-18…

    3. Paul shield

      I need help on 2-13

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You need to make a word out of the letters that match the colored dots.

      2. hilal

        Semaphore is the answer which is when u send messages with flags or smth

    4. allen

      2-8 answer is important

    5. Jeran

      Can I get a HINT for 2-18?

    6. Katy

      2-8 is important

    7. Makinzie

      Did you figure out 1-25??? If not its by sound, its a higher note, bottom, right, top, bottom, right, bottom. And then it’ll take you on

  2. Jcflyingblade

    1-25. The sequence is given in the previous answer “senses”. The dots represent compass points. s=South, e=East, n=North (West is not used). Spell “senses” using the compass points…
    fq fp pfjmib

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahhh I missed that connection between the two. Thanks!

  3. Scott

    Bonus: It is not MAP-SCHRONOS it is 1) MAPS 2) CHRONOS. MAPS is used in the companion. I’m not yet sure what CHRONOS is used for.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I still need to get into the compendium. Didn’t realize it has its own puzzles. Nice!

  4. Rick

    I’m stuck on 2-22
    The hint is D+V+R+S+N. And the picture shows add 13.

      1. Rick

        Got it. Thanks

      2. Mark

        Thanks for setting up this thread on 2-22. I’m stuck. Seems like I’ve tried every combination of letters involving the previous screen and adding 13, but nothing works. Can you be a bit more explicit?


          1. Mark

            Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately yes I’m still stuck. I set the game aside for a bit hoping for some inspiration.

              1. Mark

                Yeah, I’ve tried turning DIVERSION, DVRSN, GROOM LAKE all into numbers using “1>>a” decoder. Adding them up and typing in that sum and also that sum + 13. Clearly I’m missing something basic.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Try using the info from the previous level instead of the decoder.

                  1. Mark

                    Ahhh…got it! Thanks!

      3. Oscar

        Why is the answer to the second puzzle AURAS?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Still not sure. :/ Someone gave me the answer and it worked, but I didn’t understand their explanation.

          1. Nate

            Section 1-12 contains a document with file ID #3-108097, hence “as in 108097.” It has 5 paragraphs. The first letter of each of these spells out AURAS.

      4. Mateo

        How do you go back a level? It doesn’t seem to be working for me…

  5. XXY

    2-20. Swipe the screen to the left and you will see ‘System security key equlas the sum of null values’. The sum of null values (brown dots) is 10. That’s the clue for Shift 10.

    By the way, I wonder why MCMLXIX means 1969.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahhh I missed that up at the top there. Thanks!

      2-25: They’re Roman Numerals. 🙂 It’s the one puzzle in the game that you would have to either know already or look online.

      1. XXY

        Ah! I’m sorry that I only knew I V X, and in my country Roman Numerals are only used as question numbers in English examination papers lol.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I needed to check online for M, C & L myself – you really only see them in reference to dates.

    2. Domo

      Romain numerals

  6. xxdy

    how does the arrows spell out anything in 2-10. “The guide”, no pun, said that 2-10 arrows spell out roads. How is that even possible?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you tap the arrows in the right order, you should see letters below them. If you put them all together, that’s what they spell out.

  7. Rick

    I need help again 🙁
    2-24. I can’t figure out the hint.

      1. Rick

        Still can’t figure it out ?

          1. Rick

            Right. Thats the one that ends in ==
            If i’m right, i just have to figure out which groups of letters or numbers to plug in, correct?

              1. Rick

                Here’s the dumbest question of the day. I’m on the puzzle, but for the life of me I can’t remember how to get the letters on the screen.

                  1. Rick

                    If I’m not mistaken, just like the previous puzzle,you slide you finger up and down over the pic of the clouds to move the letters.

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      When I swipe on the clouds in 2-24, nothing happens.

  8. rick

    Well, I still can’t figure out the puzzle.
    Can you please tell me the answer?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Enter the full text hint, exactly as you see it, into the new decoder. You may have to leave off the “==”. Try it with and without.

  9. Me

    The second answer in the compendium is “auras”. The first letters in the 5 paragraphs on the note with “important ” underlined

      1. ausmapa

        I don’t get why “auras” is the answer. I can only see 4 paragraphs and the first letters in those paragraphs don’t spell auras…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Sorry. Someone gave me the answer and I meant to go back and show the reasoning. Will do that now.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I just looked and I don’t get it either. Not sure how he got AURAS.

          1. Michelle

            It is actually in the note from 1-12, FILE ID: 3-108,097. The first five letters of those paragraphs is AURAS.

  10. Boothey

    Any help with 2.11?

      1. Jeffrey

        I am putting “sticktothesideroads” on 2-11, but it’s incorrect, so what is it?

  11. Ngraham

    Stuck on 2-18

  12. Helpme

    Why is there a Caesar shift of 18?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you swipe left and solve the equation, you get 18.

  13. yl

    stuck on 2-17 – what’s the flashing r?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      When you see a flashing letter, it’s not really a clue. It’s for something else.

      1. yl

        so what’s the clue?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          There was an audio clue but it’s currently bugged. There’s a sort of visual clue as well, but it might not be very obvious. Let me know if you want more details.

          1. JC

            Also stuck on this one! I can’t see or hear any obvious clue – no ideas! Can see the three dots but unsure of what to decode! Further hints would be helpful 🙂

              1. JC

                oh! well, that was unexpected! onwards and upwards!

  14. hilal

    Any help with 2.13?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a tricky one. But you need to make a word out of the brown, white and orange letters based on the same colored dots.

  15. Paul shield

    Thats what I thought. Still having a hard time figuring out what the word is. I’ll get it eventually…if not ill be back begging

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s not a word you’d use on a regular basis. I had a really hard time with that level, too,

      1. Paul shield

        Do the letters have to match up to the dots? Ie the first dot is white therefor the first letter is a white letter. Second dot is yellow second letter yellow etc

          1. Paul shield

            Bingo! Thank you

  16. hilal

    Stuck on 2.14 🙁 what do all these circles mean and the (1,1)? Man this game gets hard !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The numbers in the parentheses refer to rows and columns

  17. Paul shield

    I’m having a hard time with 2-18. Hints?

      1. Paul shield

        Yeah I could only come up with “xrxxe24xdx”

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Try to see if you can turn that number into a letter.

          1. Rick

            Help with 2-18! I came to the same conclusion as Paul. Saw your comment and tried every letter in the alphabet to replace 24. Nothing worked. Any more hints? Multiple letters? Tried some of those also.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              You’re overthinking it. 😉
              Look at the rest of the answers you got and see if it makes more sense.

  18. Miguel Reyes

    HELP!!!! 2-11?!?!!?

  19. Miguel Reyes

    nvm 2-11 i solved it.. im stuck on 2-12… i need help

  20. Patrick

    Hey, first off, thanks for this!
    Second, just a minor correction: the shifted phrase in the Caesar pic of the Compendium says, “Alea iacta est” – it’s a well-known Latin phrase meaning “the dice is cast”, i.e. ‘fate has been decided’.
    Not sure if it will mean anything later, but just in case.

  21. Paul Shield

    Just finished! Great game. Any suggestions for another app like this?

  22. Brendan

    2.15 (satellite) – I can’t work this one out! Anybody got a clue?

  23. hilal

    I need help with 2-20 !! i’ve tried everything!

      1. hilal

        Yes I actually fo all I got is , cfikoqy now what ?

          1. hilal

            I checked that, its 10 so its a shift by 10? But 8s still doesn’t make sense

              1. hilal

                I did a shift to the lettres they gave me, svyaego which still doesn’t make sense, can u hive me the anwer cz its 2 am and I want to solve this puzzle and get on with my life ?

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  From my walkthrough:

                  2-20: You need to look at level 14 again for this one. Match the numbers in this level to the letters in level 14 and you get “FYIKQOC”. If you enter it into the “a >> d” decoder and Shift 10, you get the answer, “VOYAGES”. To get the clue for Shift 10, swipe the screen to the left and you will see “System security key equals the sum of null values”. The sum of null values (brown dots) is 10.

                  1. hilal

                    Now I ╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├ªnderstood what was wrong !! I wasn’t matching the numbers ! Anws thank you sooooooo much Γò¼├┤Γö¼├æΓö£ΓûÆ I can finally sleep ?

  24. Pixnoelle

    2.24 this one is spelled wrong…

  25. imran

    Help out at 2.11!!!!!

  26. Sammroxanne

    For the compendium message you get after putting in the password in part 2,you end up with : QIJSVRSA and if you shift it by 4 you end up with mefor now. I don’t understand what it means…

  27. Aqib Sagri

    Thanxx. very helpful

  28. Linda

    2-4 is saturday. You hint says you have smtwtfss, but there is one s to many at the end.

  29. Matthew

    The second compendium password…

    “Within 108,097:” Section 1-12 of The Guides has ‘FILE ID 3-108,097’.

    “The of each in which there are five.” There are five paragraphs in the document. The first letter of each paragraph spells ‘AURAS’.

  30. Officer Shibe



    Hold the first dot and drag outward. Then, tap the third dot.


    oh look at that. I’m stuck.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      For me, just holding both dots at the same time works.

      And yep, been staring at 2 and can’t make any sense of it.

      1. Officer Shibe

        Found it out.

        3:2 Align the Xs with the letters in the phrase at the top vertically.

        3:3 Can’t make sense of the pattern. W, first E, S in six, and T in eight.

        3:4 Put the letters in sequence from the previous problem.

        3:5 Swipe right. Convert from letters to numbers in the sequence provided. Swipe back and click the letters in order: V, I, G, N, last E in seven, T, T, first E in seven.

        3:6 Stuck. Attempted tilting the screen to view at a different perspective, as well as viewing from afar, yet to no avail.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I tried looking at 3-6 like a Magic Eye, but I don’t think it works.

          1. Officer Shibe

            Found the solution. Certainly an interesting one.

            3:6 Tab on the bottom left to pull up the decoders. Tap on the last icon on the right sidebar. This is the camera. Never knew it’s purpose until now. It overlays the image with a red tint. It only reveals what the red is displaying. Certainly an odd one.

            3:7 Mirror dots.

            3:8 Go back one stage.

            3:9 I assume this one has something to do with binary, as the phrase 1-5 is bolded near the bottom. Stage 1:5 involves a binary system and a grid. Can’t seem to figure this one out anyways.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, we figured out the others, just stuck on 9.

              1. ugacsaka

                Convert Binary in 1-5..;)

  31. Officer Shibe

    Damn. Can’t believe I missed that. Thanks.

    You know the drill. More levels solved, stuck on one more.

    3:9 The numbers 1-5 are bolded at the bottom of the sheet. It also talks about how binary is involved. Go to 1:5 and enter the 1s and 0s into the binary translator.

    3:10 Swipe to the left to pull the console into view. The box at the top is a grid. Notice the string interconnecting the numbers on the previous screen, as well as the letters to the left of them. Go in order of the string, and use whichever letter that the number corresponds to. (e.g. The beginning of the string is B [4]. Go to line B on the console screen and line up the number with the letter on the grid. The first letter is S.)

    3:11 Look closely. There are small cuts in between the parallel contact point between the small circle and large circle. Line them up. This is the key. Use the phrase in the center to get the answer. Find each letter on the outer circle and line each up with their partners on the inner circle.

    3:12 Stuck. I’ve tried everything to my knowledge.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      3-12 is more straightforward than the previous level! (At least in hindsight. 😉 )

      1. ugacsaka


      2. Officer Shibe

        Yeah… This is going to sound pathetic, but it’s been about a week now and I’m still stuck on this level. I’ve tried decoding by using the position that the cipher was in when the level started and the phrase in the middle, “LXAA…” I’ve tried countless other possible cipher angles, and all have been incorrect. I’ve even tried the cipher in the previous level, as well as “d╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ëj╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ vu”, since I’ve thought that through.


  32. Marty

    3.12 any help pls I’ve been stuck on this for two weeks I’ve focused on both Lxaad and k… My brain hurts now lol

  33. akaiLV

    Just to let you know, I did the crossword for part one of the Compendium, it is possible, though two of the clues come from things in the puzzles than the actually inputs like the others.

    The letters in the highlighted boxes didn’t make much sense other than possibly being an anagram of “DESTROYER”.

    I’m going to try and work out the Word Search later, see if the unused letters hint at something as well.

  34. skamsie

    I think the one with the planets is a bug…
    The hint says ‘S > J > N > E > M’ and you can solve it by tapping the circles (planets) from the biggest to the smallest. However in reality Jupiter is bigger than Saturn so the hint should be ‘J > S > N > E > M’

  35. Mariam

    In the Compendium, QIJSVRSA translates to “MEFORNOW” (shift 4)

    1. Kay

      Where does MEFORNOW help later? What’s the relevance? Anyone know?

  36. Klay

    Can anyone help with the “AAAAAAA RO” one?

  37. Kay McBath

    Compendium – Chapter 1 – Crossword puzzle – When I fill in all the answers to the crossword puzzle from the various levels in the Guides, I get the following letters in the shaded boxes: ETRDSYERO. Unscrambled, either DESTROYED or ROSYTERED. But I have no idea how this helps!

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