The Guides: Puzzle Walkthrough and Solutions

The Guides
By: Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with answers, tricks, solutions and help for the iOS and Android game The Guides. I will explain all the answers, so only look if you don’t mind spoilers. If you prefer to have a hint, you can ask in the comments section.

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Section 1:

1-1: Tap the blue circle. Then tap the red circled Y to continue to level 2.

1-2: Just tap the top circle, the one with a red dotted line around it.

1-3: Look at the numbers at the top and tap the circles in that order. So it goes brown, orange, brown, orange, orange, brown.


1-4: Tap the bottom of the screen and type out “FOUR” then press “submit.”


1-5: Pay attention to the colors. Notice that all “1’s” are orange and all “0’s” are blue. Using that information, fill in the missing numbers with 1 and 0.


1-6: Copy the binary code next to the red X (01110011 01110100 01101111 01110000) into the binary decoder in the menu. This will translate to “stop”. Enter that into the “input” box and press “submit.”


1-7: Notice it he photo says “Input settings: 4251” — so the answer is “4251”.


1-8: The clue says “73 = ?” If you pay attention to the other numbers and letters, you’ll notice that “C” is missing. That’s the answer!


1-9: Swipe down to see more of the screen and find the red “c” in the middle of the screen. It’s blinking, so may be a bit tricky to find. Tap on it when you find it.


1-10: Find all the read letters and put them together to make “NIGHT”.

1-11: The hint is “<--- esreveR", so you want to read the red letters from the bottom to top this time. You get: "I AM ONLY HUMAN". 1-12: The hint is "primrose." That's a fancy word for "yellow." So put the yellow highlighted letter together to get "PERSISTENCE." IMG_7477

1-13: Rotate each circle until the orange, brown and black dots match up. There are various ways it could look at the end, but this is one of them:


1-14: The hint is “Reference: 01.07”. That’s seen on the photo in level 1-7. So go look at that photo again and notice the word “Division” is highlighted in orange. Look at 14 again and notice the orange brackets. It’s telling you to divide the top number by the bottom number. So, XII/IV or 12/4 = 3. So the answer is “3” or “III”.


1-15: There are three little orange arrows above the letters, pointing to the left. This tells you to go back three letters in the alphabet. The hint also tells you “a = x | b= y | c= z . . .”
So take VKLIW and use that to decode it. Go back three letters in the alphabet to get V = S, K = H, L = I, I = F, W = T. So the answer is “SHIFT.”


1-16: If you go back to the menu, you’ll notice a new decoder. This one allows you to enter any letters and then shift them any number to get another letter. So for this, enter “PMOI E FEH WXEV” into the decoder. There are four orange dots, so enter “4” under “shift”. Press “submit” and you get the answer, “LIKE A BAD STAR”.


1-17: The hint is “S > J > N > E > M” and is referencing the planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth, Mars. What you need to do is tap the circles in order from largest to smallest. Like so:


1-18: This is Morse code. If you swipe the screen to the left, the game will tell you how to decode it. The answer is “SIGNAL”.



1-19: This is Morse code again. You can use the new decoder in the menu for this. Enter “… -.- -.–” and you get the answer, “SKY”.


1-20: Simply follow the numbers from 1 to 7 and put those letters together to make “DELAYED”.

1-21: Swipe the screen to the left and find the four letters hidden among the symbols: “sdvw”. The hint says “+3” so you need to enter “sdvw” into the decider and put “3” under shift. The answer will be “PAST”.


1-22: Slide the overlaying image over to match up the lines. Than spell out the letters according to the numbers below them to get the answer: “CEREBRAL”.


1-23: Enter the letters you see on the screen into the “a >> d” decoder. Then, count the number of orange dots in the circle. It’s 13. So enter “13” under “shift” and you get the answer: “IT IS SIMPLE”.


1-24: This level is a bit confusing/backwards. You might think that the colors of the circles at the top relate to the ones from level 1-5. To an extent, you’re right. But they’re reversed. So for this level, orange circles are 0 and blue circles are 1. Enter it into the binary decoder to get: “SENSES”.


1-25: You need to listen to the sounds for this level, so turn up the volume. If you tap the bottom circle, you should hear a sound like a whistle, which is different from the sounds the other circles make. You need to solve this through trial and error. Basically, start with the bottom one, then find the next one that makes the same sound. It should go like this: Bottom, Right, Top, Bottom, Right, Bottom. **Update: You actually don’t need the sounds. The sequence is the answer from the previous level, “SENSES” — South, East, North, South, East, South!


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Section 2 or click here.

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William Hu

1-14: Note the roman numberals, and how they are written like a fraction. The answer is 12/4, which is three, or ‘iii’. 1-15: Caesar shift. You can use the decoder (shift 3). Answer is ‘shift’. 1-16: Shift 4 (four dots). Answer is ‘like a bad star’. 1-17: Press dots in reverse size order. 1-18: It’s morse code. Answer is ‘signal’. 1-19: Morse code again. Answer is ‘sky’. 1-20: Take the numbered letters in order to get the word ‘delayed’. 1-21: You can slide the screen to the left to reveal a computer interface. In the gibberish you can see the… Read more »

Mike Brown

“The next step is IMPORTANT…” Important is the answer.

I am stuck on 2-18…

Paul shield

I need help on 2-13


Semaphore is the answer which is when u send messages with flags or smth


2-8 answer is important


Can I get a HINT for 2-18?


2-8 is important


Did you figure out 1-25??? If not its by sound, its a higher note, bottom, right, top, bottom, right, bottom. And then it’ll take you on


1-25. The sequence is given in the previous answer “senses”. The dots represent compass points. s=South, e=East, n=North (West is not used). Spell “senses” using the compass points…
fq fp pfjmib


Bonus: It is not MAP-SCHRONOS it is 1) MAPS 2) CHRONOS. MAPS is used in the companion. I’m not yet sure what CHRONOS is used for.


I’m stuck on 2-22
The hint is D+V+R+S+N. And the picture shows add 13.


2-20. Swipe the screen to the left and you will see ‘System security key equlas the sum of null values’. The sum of null values (brown dots) is 10. That’s the clue for Shift 10.

By the way, I wonder why MCMLXIX means 1969.


Romain numerals


how does the arrows spell out anything in 2-10. “The guide”, no pun, said that 2-10 arrows spell out roads. How is that even possible?


I need help again πŸ™
2-24. I can’t figure out the hint.


Well, I still can’t figure out the puzzle.
Can you please tell me the answer?


The second answer in the compendium is “auras”. The first letters in the 5 paragraphs on the note with “important ” underlined


Any help with 2.11?


Stuck on 2-18


Why is there a Caesar shift of 18?


stuck on 2-17 – what’s the flashing r?


Any help with 2.13?

Paul shield

Thats what I thought. Still having a hard time figuring out what the word is. I’ll get it eventually…if not ill be back begging


Stuck on 2.14 πŸ™ what do all these circles mean and the (1,1)? Man this game gets hard !

Paul shield

I’m having a hard time with 2-18. Hints?

Miguel Reyes

HELP!!!! 2-11?!?!!?

Miguel Reyes

nvm 2-11 i solved it.. im stuck on 2-12… i need help


Hey, first off, thanks for this!
Second, just a minor correction: the shifted phrase in the Caesar pic of the Compendium says, “Alea iacta est” – it’s a well-known Latin phrase meaning “the dice is cast”, i.e. ‘fate has been decided’.
Not sure if it will mean anything later, but just in case.

Paul Shield

Just finished! Great game. Any suggestions for another app like this?


2.15 (satellite) – I can’t work this one out! Anybody got a clue?


I need help with 2-20 !! i’ve tried everything!


2.24 this one is spelled wrong…


Help out at 2.11!!!!!

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