100 Floors: Walkthrough

100 Floors

By: Tobi Apps Limited

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This is a walkthrough guide for anyone who needs help, cheats, hints, tips, answers or solutions for the iPhone/iPod game 100 Floors. If you like this game, try these other escape games and walkthroughs from AppUnwrapper.com.

Floor 1: Tap the green “up” button to open the door, then press the green arrow to continue to the next level.

Floor 2: Slide the garbage can to the side. Pick up the green triangle. Tap it in your inventory and put it in the empty slot to the right of the elevator. Press it to open the door.

Floor 3: Tilt your phone.

Floor 4: Grab both doors with your fingers and pry them open.

Floor 5: Shake the screen so the ladder falls.

Floor 6: Move the right plant. Tap the little sun button to make it yellow. Then tap all three buttons on the doors that match that sun to turn them yellow.



Floor 7: Tilt your phone left until the rock on the right moves onto the red button.


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Floor 8: Move the fruits until you find a banana. Take the banana, then select it and use it on the gorilla.


Floor 9: Tap the big circles until they match the little circles.

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Floor 10: Turn your phone upside-down an shake really hard to get rid of the snake. Then trace the arrow on the door to open it.


Floor 11: This is like a labyrinth game. You need to tilt your phone to get both balls in the hole at the same time, causing the lights above the door to light up green.

Floor 12: Hit each red button until it hits the top, turning the light green.


Floor 13: Shake your phone until the hammer falls. Pick it up and use it on the wall until you break through.





Floor 14: hold your thumb down on the green handprint until all five lights turn green.


Floor 15: Tap the keys 1, 6, 4, 3 to open the door.

Floor 16: Pick up the screwdriver. Unscrew the four screws and remove the plate. Turn the phone upside-down to open the doors.

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Floor 17: Use the lines on the doors as a guide for pressing the buttons. Start from the top, so 1 left, 2 right, 3 left, 2 right.

Floor 18: All five squares need to be lit at the same time for the door to open. I did it by quickly lighting up the left side from up to down, then the right side up to down.

Floor 19: Pick up the rag off the floor. Use it to remove the cobwebs from the door. Keep cleaning the doors until they’re clean.

Floor 20: Move the sign. Take the screw from the ground and place it in the hole. Use the screwdriver to tighten it.

Floor 21: All I did was hold my phone upright so the eye was open, until all the lights went on.


Floor 22: Use the hammer to break the right statue. Then follow the directions to open the door. Swipe up, right, left, down.


Floor 23: Tap the green spot to turn on the lights. Place the metal plate on the doors. Tap the buttons in the order from most petals to least petals.

Floor 24: Use two fingers to slide the door up. Use a third finger to tap the arrow to the next level.

Floor 25: Slide the circles on the door up and down to match the locations of the circles on the floor.

Floor 26: Remove all the batteries, then places them in the slots to make the bar green. You can follow my screenshot, just put the last two on the door:


Floor 27: Move the white block on the right to reveal a crack in the wall. Use the hammer to break the wall and take the crank. Place the crank in the hole in the door and turn it until all the lights turn green.

Floor 28: Treat the dots above the door like morse code. Tap two times quickly, then wait for the rainbow to disappear. Then continue, waiting at each space. So 2 taps, pause, 3 taps, pause, 1 tap, pause, 2 taps. And it should open.

Floor 29: Lay the phone flat on its back and wait for the numbers to count down to 1. Then the bomb will explode the doors open.

Floor 30: Look at the current time and set the clock to that time. Then pull the lever down to open the door.

Floor 31: Unscrew the two screws, then turn the sign upside-down.

Floor 32: Couldn’t get a photo in time, so I’ll try typing it out. The numbers should look like this:


Floor 33: Just tap the correct button for the color of the item that appears. They go fast, so act quick. You need to light up all the lights above the door. If you get one wrong, it restarts.

Floor: 34: Type out “IOOFLOORS” (use an “i” and two “o”s for the 100).

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Floor 35: Make the two digits spell out “35”.

Floor 36: Tap the fish, dog, apple, plane, moon.

Floor 37: Move the little square up on the upper left hand corner. Then take the little round piece from it and the first light will light up. Then move the drum/barrel aside and the second one will light up. Lay the phone flat on its back and the door will open.

Floor 38: Tap the left, then upper right, then lower right quickly after each other so all three hit the green strip at the same time.

Floor 39: Start drawing from 2 across, 3 down and make a triangle. The fourth line goes from 2 across, 4 down to to upper right corner.


Floor 40: Lower your volume until it’s muted.

Floor 41: Tap on each ant a few times to see what shape it forms when it moves. Then change the shape near that ant to correspond with it.
Blue = triangle
Pink = straight line
Purple = double triangle (hourglass)
Green = triangle

Floor 42: Turn off the lights, and take note of the shapes that appear. Then slide the doors apart. Turn off the lights to see two more shapes. Then slide those doors away. Match the shapes you saw to the four slots in front of you to unlock the door.



Floor 43: Move the plants to find a hole on the left and a tube on the right. Place the black ball you have in the hole, then guide it into the tube on the right by tilting your phone.


Floor 44: Move the plant. Then tap the panels on the doors until they’re in this order: Grey, white, black, white.

Floor 45: Pick up the knife off the floor on the left side. Use the hammer on the projector to break it. Use the knife to cut the balloon (swipe at the string) and then tilt your phone to guide the balloon to the red button.


Floor 46: Match the images to the reflection on the floor. It should look like this, except the bottom right corner needs to be rotated more:


Floor 47: Create a path from the circle to the lightning bolt, using all the puzzle pieces. You can use the screenshot below, just rotate the second piece down all the way to the right.


Floor 48: Use the knife to cut away as much of the vines as you can. Then count the flowers of each color on the door and press the buttons in relation to them. So, White = 5, Yellow = 5, Pink = 4.

Floor 49: Tap the buttons in the right order to spell out “PASSWORD”.

Floor 50: Do this with multiple fingers, or you’ll get frustrated fast. Just tap at the door quickly and the green bar above it will start to fill up. This is an annoying one if you don’t have a good multitouch screen.

Floor 51: The sword is the clue here. You want to copy its shape in the black and white squares. So make the middle four squares black, then the top and bottom in the 2nd row.

Floor 52: Change the numbers to 1225, which stands for Christmas (December 25th).

Floor 53: Pull the hook down to pick up the box. Unplug the wire. Take the cutters and cut the fence with them.


Floor 54: The clues here are “A = 01” and “CODE”. You need to spell out CODE in numbers. C = 03, O = 15, D = 04, and E = 05. So “03150405” is the password.

Floor 55: This was absolutely the dumbest level ever. Very frustrating. Just rotate your phone for a while until you see some other shapes slide across the screen. They move quickly, so once you figure out the movement that makes them appear, do it slowly to fill in the spaces and make a square.

Floor 56: If you’ve played MineSweeper, this level is like that. You need to count the flags around each number and change the piece to that number. It should look like this:

3, 5
2, 4

Floor 57: The red button moves the hook sideways. Press it until it’s above the wrecking ball, then drag the hook down to the ball. Press the Byron again until it’s directly in front of the door. Then tap the ball a few times until it breaks through the door and you see the familiar green arrow.


Floor 58: Ignore the black keys. You only need the three white keys. Basically, the lower frequency is first (261.6), then 293.7, and the third key is 329.6. Just follow the sequence on the door and it will open!

Floor 59: Pick up the tock and stick. Rotate the magnifying glass so it points at the pile of sticks. Tap the light above the magnifying glass to get it to shine on, lighting a fire. Then use the stick on the fire to get a torch. Use the torch on the frozen lever and pull the lever down to open the door.


Floor 60: Light the torches on either side of the tiki face so the eyes open. Then hit the drums in order from left to right, as many times as that color appears on the door. So, Red x 4, Dark Blue x 2, White x 1, Light Blue x 4.

Floor 61: The clock says 6:30, which is also 18:30. You need to drag the pieces of numbers from the sides up to the top to spell out 1830:


Floor 62: Use the knife to cut the red wire on the left. Then use the two arrows to move the one remaining laser above the door.


Floor 63: Tilt your phone so the rock lands on the left button. You then need to match the pattern on the floor to the pattern on the ceiling.


Floor 64: Grab the little black dot in middle of the eye and spin it really fast in circles until the green line fills up and the door opens. (This is similar to the knocking level.)

Floor 65: You can roll the ball around, but don’t bother. Instead, pick it up so it’s in your inventory. Then put it in the hole at the bottom of the tube. Use the torch on the smoke alarm and the sprinkler will go on, causing the ball to float to the top and hit the button.


Floor 66: Pick up the stick lying among the spikes. Use it to get the grappling hook off the wall. Use the grappling hook on the ring on the door, then pull on it to pull the door out of the wall.

Floor 67: Tap the dandelion seed pod on the right to see where the seeds blow. Then move the pot of soil to the spot where it lands (under the light coming in from the window). Once the seed is in the pot, move it under the faucet and turn on the water. A dandelion will grow. Then move it back to the light and it will turn into a seed pod and open the door.


Floor 68: You need to be quick with this one. Pick up the star-shaped piece from the floor. Then hold the lever down until the boxes is high off the floor. Quickly take your finger off the lever and grab the wooden piece under the box (you can use your other hand for this to make it easier). Then select the star piece in your bag. Lift the box up again and quickly place the star under it before it drops again.

Floor 69: This takes a little bit of trial and error. You need to tap the glass light fixture on the ceiling so it starts falling. Then you need to get the timing right and tap the fish on the right so it hits the light fixture into the octopus, chasing it off the drain. The water will then go down the drain. Wipe away the seaweed from the door and it will open.

Floor 70: I honestly don’t know the logic behind this. I just kept playing with the arrows until I saw new rooms. Once you see room 6, press the right arrow and you’ll get to the spaceship and open the door.

Floor 71: Tap the empty spaces until they’re the opposite of the patterns already there:


Floor 72: Place the shapes on the dash that corresponds to the number of sides that shape has.

Floor 73: You just have to do the math to get 73. You start at 0. Slide towards +20 to get 20, then
*2 to get 40,
-10 to get 30,
*3 to get 90,
/2 to get 45,
+15 to get 60,
/4 to get 15,
*5 to get 75,
-5 to get 70,
+3 to get 73.


Floor 74: The colors go like so:
Green, Blue
Purple, Light Blue

Floor 75: The three bigger weights go on the right side, and the smallest one goes on the left.


Floor 76: This is a sliding block puzzle. Slide the pieces so they look like the photo below, then place the middle piece from your inventory.


Floor 77: Hold down the green button until it lands on the green light. It will blink a few times and the door will open.

Floor 78: Use the diagrams to get this:


Floor 79: Match the tiles to the floor like a maze. You can follow the photo below, just change the one piece that’s wrong.


Floor 80: The number is a mirror image, and the torches go in the order of the mirrored numbers, so you start counting 1 – 5 from the right. The button on the floor represents the decimal. So, light torch 1, 3, 2, button, 5, 4, button, button, 5, 3, button.


Floor 81: I’m not really sure why this works, but you need to turn your phone upside-down and then tap 9 X 9 = to open to door.


Floor 82: The dial for the left door is hidden in the floor. Tap the spot to reveal it, then pick it up:


Place the dial in the slot on the left door, then turn the dials so they look like this, revealing a lever. Take the lever.


Place the lever in the hole to the right. It’s a bit hard to see.


Then hold the lever down with one finger and tap on the green arrow with another.


Floor 83: Fit all the pieces into the square like so:


Floor 84: Another annoying one. This requires you to be incredibly precise. What you need to do is tap the buttons in this order:

All three at exactly the same time.
Then the red button.
Then both blue buttons at exactly the same time.
Then all three again.

The tricky part here is that the sounds tell you of you correctly pressed those buttons (try pressing the red button to see what the “correct” sound is like, and a single blue button to see what the “error” sound is like). So if you press one red and one blue, it will make an error sound. Same thing if you press only one blue. But if you press any of the correct combinations, (all three, just red, or both blue), you get the “correct” sound. Where the game can drive you crazy is that you might think you pressed all three buttons at the same time, when in fact your finger hit the red button before the two blue, still creating the “correct” sound, but messing up your sequence without you knowing.

So, long story short — just keep trying until you get it. If you get an “error” sound at any point, start over.


Floor 85: This level’s a breeze after that last one. Number the candles 1 through 3 from left to right. Then look at the numbers above the door. An orange number means you need to light that candle, while a black number means you need to put that candle out. To light a candle, select the torch and then tap that candle. To put a cancel out, make sure to UN-select the torch and then touch that candle. Just follow the sequence and the door will open.


Floor 86: This is a clock, and the numbers above the door tell you which numbers to set it to. When you press the numbers at the top, they spin in the direction you need to move the hour hand. So, here’s how you do it:

Tap the 11, see it spins counter-clockwise. Move the hand counter-clockwise to 11:


Tap the 5. See it spins clockwise. Move the hand clockwise to 5:


Tap the 1. See it spins clockwise. Move the hand clockwise to 1:


Tap the 8. See it goes counter-clockwise. Move the hand counter-clockwise to 8:


Tap the 12. See it goes clockwise. Move the hand clockwise to 12 and the door will open:


Floor 87: Shake your phone front to back until the bear wakes up. While he’s awake, tap him and move him to the side. Let him fall asleep again, then tap the elevator button and the door will open.




Floor 88: Arrange the hats like the photo below, then drag and drop the ball into the hat in the upper right corner.


Floor 89: Each square has the first two letters of a number from 1 (On) to 9 (Ni). Notice the arrow on the right, going up, as well as the roman numeral V on the apple. Start from the fruit at the bottom, counting the number of letters and press the right order.

Coconut (7) – Se
Banana (6) – Si
Pineapple (9) – Ni
Apple (5) – Fi
And don’t forget the pear on the ceiling (4) – Fo

Floor 90: Tap the bottom buttons the right number of times to get the ‘stars’ to all light up. I labeled the ‘stars’ 1-7, from left to right.

Left bottom button-
Tap 1: ‘stars’ 2 & 3 light up
Tap 2: 4 & 6
Tap 3: 1 & 3
Tap 4: 2 & 6 *

Middle bottom button-
Tap 1: 1 & 5
Tap 2: 3 & 6
Tap 3: 1 & 4 *
Tap 4: 2 & 5

Right bottom button-
Tap 1: 2 & 4
Tap 2: 3 & 5 *
Tap 3: 1 & 2
Tap 4: 4 & 5

So, simply put, tap the left bottom button 4 times, the middle bottom button 3 times, and the right bottom button 2 times.

What about ‘star’ #7? Press the blue button on the top right corner.

(Thanks Lucy for the detailed description!)



Floor 91: Pick up the brush. Select it and rub the right corner of the wall to revel a “16”, or upside-down “91”. Then tap the number. Colored panels will appear on the doors. They change color when you tap them. Change them all to match the colors above the doors, only flipped around the same way the 91 is. So it looks like this (just change the bottom right piece to yellow):



Floor 92: “O P E N” above the door is the clue. The arrows should point:
Up, Right
Up, Down



Floor 93: The stopwatch above the door is the clue. You need to hold each button down for the number of seconds written on the door. Practice with the 3 because it’s easier. Hold it down for exactly 3 seconds and it will stay lit. Then hold the button in front of the 9 for 9 seconds an it will stay lit and the doors will open.

Floor 94: The clue is the “11” above the door. Arrange the spotlights to spell out “XI”, the Roman Numerals for 11.


Floor 95: The clue is a sideways green “8/26”. The solution is to make a sideways green “H” because H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. So make the top and bottom lines green and the middle dot green as well. The remaining two buttons should be yellow, like so:


Floor 96: You need to fit the Tetris pieces together like a puzzle. Tap a piece to rotate it. It should look like this. The last piece goes in the middle:


Floor 97: Use the knife to pop the balloon. A piece of paper will drop to the floor. Pick it up. Then put it next to the piece of paper above the door. Change the numbers below the door like so:


Floor 98: Use the brush on the lower left corner of the wall to reveal some numbers. Then count the number of pieces in each number (ie. 8 = 7) and enter them into the calculator, like so:


Floor 99: You need to fill in the signs in this equation. The clue is “15”. FYI, you can use the volume controls to make the “+” and “-” signs. It should look like this, making both sides of the equation equal to 15:


Floor 100:

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  1. Suzanne

    17 Roll the ball onto the buttons as per the stripes on the doors. Left

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got the door open a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to follow the lines on the doors exactly. That’s why I didn’t write it yet.

      1. Louis

        Level 30 = use the time on your phone.

        1. lovey

          Level 30 don’t work

    2. Anna

      but that doesnt maje sense

    3. Drew

      How do u do # 32

  2. Sophie

    I just can’t seem to trace the arrow on level 10, it’s really bugging me

    1. Ciaran

      Have you tried turning your phone upside down and doing that

      1. Bj

        I can’t work out level 10 when I trace the arrow

    2. Jessica

      It’s easy

  3. Frostymom3

    Can’t seem to set the time right on level 30. Any tips?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just make sure you set it and pull the lever before the time changes. I’m not sure how exact it has to be.

  4. Alice

    Im stuck on level 28 I dont understand what you have to do

    1. AppUnwrapper

      When you see dots, tap the door that many times quickly. When you see a big space, pause. Then continue with the next group of dots.

  5. Megan

    #30 won’t work for me

    1. Clem

      If you are confused wait until it is at the hour so, 1:00,2:00,3:00, etc etc and it will be easier to set the time…all you need is patience!! Hope my advice helps to you and other people,
      Yours Sincerely,
      Clem xx

    2. Justin

      Make sure the hour hand is in front of the hour you want

  6. Toni

    Level 29 I’m not seeing or finding a phone??

    1. Luke

      You are holding the phone

    2. mark

      it means your iPhone

  7. Brandy

    For #30 it wouldn’t open after I put the time and pulled the lever,you have to hit the lever with the hammer

    1. Skymak

      It wouldn’t work for me when I setting the time until I used the hammer as well thanks.

  8. Kirsty

    On level 30…. Set to the time on your phone 🙂

  9. Pearl mitchell

    Im stuck on level 29 ive laid my ipod on its back????

    1. Kirsty

      Level 29 – lay iPod down down n clock will countdown 🙂

  10. Anna

    i cant figure out level 17 help me

    1. Ed

      Move the ball in the order of the bars on the window (left,right,right,left,left,left,right,right)

  11. haha

    what does neiwis at level 22 mean? in which postlition must i switch

    1. Alaffoon2

      North south east west

  12. reggy

    i cant figure pit level 26. i made the bar green but the door still wont open

    1. Kevin Bacon

      You have to add up to 100. A 5 and a 1 go into the X2, a 20 and a 1 go into the X3, and a 20 and a 5 go into the X1.

  13. Anonymous

    For level 30, once you put the time from your iphone, dont slide the lever down. Tap the lever and it will go down automatically.
    – Your welcome 🙂

  14. Alice

    Level 30 dont work at all

    1. Chris

      Works fine for me, set the time to what it is on your phone then quickly press the handle.

  15. Oscar

    Level 12 is not working for me, theyre not jumping to the top


      me either! i hav tried fast, slow, everything

    2. A.kritsada

      you have to tap on each red button one at the time very fast and very soft

  16. Jacob

    What do you do on level 23

  17. Leslie

    Very good! Lol got them all 😀

  18. Alice

    Someone help me on level 30 pleasee

    1. Bob

      How do you get past level 25? you shouled know right since you past level 25.

  19. Bob

    Level 25 help please

    1. Ali

      hello, on level 25 you move the white dots on the door to be a mirror image of the larger white dots on the ground

  20. BLAHH

    level 25 is not working for me.. HELP

  21. Shawn

    On level 30 you can’t swipe down on the level or it won’t work, just tap it.

  22. John

    Help stuck at level 27 dots are not turning green when I put the spanner in help

    1. zella

      Did u ever pass this floor? I can only get 3 lights lit up..I’m wondering if its my phone

      1. AppUnwrapper

        It’s just a really annoying level. Some claim the sounds for each one is a but different, but they sounded the same to me, making it harder to tell if you tapped all three at the same time or just the red one first. All I can say is, keep trying.

  23. Morgan

    I cant seem to get level 9 to work ?
    Can u help plz xx

  24. Alice

    I don’t understand 30 don’t get what people mean in the comments

  25. william

    at the 29 froor i can not tale the phone what i need to do

  26. stumped

    Stuck at level 17. Rolled the ball onto buttons but nothing happened. Tried pinching, swiping, tilting but doors did not open either.

  27. Noam

    I cant seem to get the balls to jump high enough on level 12, please help!

    1. Nbatch

      Bounce with rhythm it took a little while to get the rhythm

  28. Billy Bob Joe (Ryan)

    same here one of the levers won’t move!!!

    1. Billy Bob Joe (Ryan)

      for level 30

  29. frank

    level 25 help!!!!
    cant match up circles. wont work. im about to make phone fly.

  30. B

    When I tried pressing the numbers on level 15 it still didn’t work, any tips?

    1. Bec

      Re-start lever try again. It has to do with the directions of the symbols above the door. It represents the place where each number is.

  31. noel

    Level 30 is the end?? It says more coming soon. 🙁

    1. Jessica

      Yea they said they didbt think the game would get so popular and that an update will be comeing soon with mire floors 🙂

  32. Jessica

    How did you find out the code was 1,6,4,3 for level 15?

    1. noel

      Knew the lines at the top were symbolizing the direction of the boxed numbers below. Actually, I thought that was one if the easier ones. I accidentally cleared the ladder one somehow. Still don’t know how I did that one. LoL!!!

      1. Skymak

        You shook it.

  33. noel

    Oh and thanks Jessica…when I opened the app thus morn i saw the message. 🙂

    1. Jessica

      Your welcome:) an thank you! Lol

  34. Bec

    I find with alot of these levels, if it doesn’t work the first try reset the level. Keep doing it took me about 25 minutes to do level 30. Check the time set the clock. Pull and hold level down. If it doesn’t work. Reset the lever, check time tester clock pull and hold level. So on, so on.. Same with alot of levers, the one with the colours, reset and follow pattern.

    1. abby

      Hey mine say more comeing soon what the crap

  35. jodydevil

    Im stuck at level 34 ! Can simebody help me?!

    1. Ali

      hello, for floor 34 you click on the flowing letters

      i o o f l o o r s

  36. Lexi

    I’m stuck on level 35! Can anyone help?? 😐

    1. Ali

      hello, for level 35 you plug in the plug on the floor to the right, then you click on the diffrent sides of the eights to create the number 35

  37. flo

    me too at the level 34 !

  38. Faith

    Stuck on 34 as well

    1. jack

      write 100 floors

  39. Trinity

    U need the new update levels

  40. Jessica

    How do you do 32!!??

  41. Fl

    Floor 32
    5 2
    1 4 7
    6 3

  42. Fl

    Floor 33
    Banana = yellow
    Cherry = red
    Cloud = white
    Etc….. Tap faster

  43. Fl

    What’s your name? Floor 34

  44. Jonny Huwa

    32: 1-4-7;2-4-6;3-4-5
    34: type in: 100floors
    I’m stuck on 35 now, Who can help?

  45. Cheryl

    Stuck on level 36 🙁 can any one help?

  46. Raven

    Stuck on 35 also 🙁

  47. Raven

    Never mind, completed all floors now

    35 — turn the 88 into a 35
    36 — tap fish, dog, apple, airplane, moon in that order
    37 — turn your iPhone upside down to reveal the button, keeping the iPhone upside down tap the barrel to move it revealing the second button, turn your iPhone on its side, and tap the box in the corner revealing a ball tap the ball to reveal the third button and the doors should open
    38 — this one took me ages, but you have to get the red pointers into the green zone at the same time to light the three lights at the same time to open the doors, so you have to tap the large circle, then the small circle and then medium circle one after the other to open the doors
    39 — Starting in the top left hand corner, draw a line diagonally to the bottom, then go straight up to the top green light, Then draw the third line to the bottom again, then the forth line straight across the bottom
    40 — turn your volume right down on your phone/iPod

    Good luck

    1. Evie

      Level 40: I’ve tried turning the volume down and even put it on vibrate but can’t get it to go. Reset didnt help. Any ideas?

      1. miranda

        Im having the same problem!

  48. Fl

    Floor 35
    Change 88 to 35

    1. MaikoNomiko

      Sorry I meant level 32 not 31. I’m stuck on 32. Can anyone help?

  49. Fl

    Floor 36
    Tap. Fish dog apple plane and moon

  50. Fl

    Why I’m so fool on level 34 . I typed floors but forgot I00

  51. MaikoNomiko

    I can’t figure out level 31…can anyone help me?

    1. Ben allen

      Undo the screws with ur screwdriver then turn the tag round, door will open

      1. Tricia

        Where r the screw located can not find.

  52. Ben allen

    Level 39 start At the top left draw a line diagnaly down to the end, then draw a line straight to the top, then draw diagnaly down so u cross over ur first line, last line staight across the bottom

  53. Meeeee

    How do I do lvl 31 plz help thnks if u do no thnks if u dont this is a pretty long sentence need to breathe. (gasp) That’s better.

    1. Meeeee

      Figured it out.

  54. Billy Bob Joe (Ryan)

    Dude there hase been an update for the app! Do those floors!!! BTW I am stuck on floor 32!!! HELP!!!!

    1. Ben allen

      Level 32 5,2 buttons on top then 7,4,1 middle 6,3 on bottom

  55. Twinsfan333

    I’m stuck on floor 46

  56. Dreamy

    On floor 46, you just have to adjust the symbols on the door to match the mirror images on the floor.

  57. Dreamy

    Anyone knows the pass word for floor 52?

  58. Stephanie

    On 52…Spell out password with the letters on the tiles…..I’m stuck on 51!!!

  59. Manda

    Why haven’t you updated the site yet? I’m in need of levels 40 and onwards!

  60. Sven

    Lvl 44 anyone??

  61. Lucy

    How do you get level 41

  62. Thomas

    I need help on Floor 45. It’s bugging me.

    1. Thomas

      Nevermind, i solved it. I now need help on floor 47

      1. Your mom!

        Please tell me how you got past level 45. I’m stuck!

        1. Ketu

          Hi u can go from left to right like 1 grey 2 white 3black n 4 white again

  63. Supergirl

    Can somebody help me? Im stuck at lvl 44

    1. Ket

      I m also stuck on 44 pls help

  64. Kelc

    Help I’m stuck on level 40

  65. Kelc

    Sorry meant 41

    1. Data

      click the bugs and see what pattern they make and make the corner look like the pattern.

  66. Your mom!

    Stuck on level 47!

  67. Bob

    I am stuck on level 47. Please help.

  68. Lukas

    I’m stuck on lvl 50. Have anyone figured that one out?
    On lvl 47 make the electric current go from the thunderbolt to the dot in the middle by turning the bricks.

    1. SH

      But what will b the final position of each brick? I tried a lot but not solved. Plz help me

  69. Bob

    Solved till 55. On level 50 you tap the picture in the middle as fast as you can untill the bar on top fills completely with green. It is really tiing!

  70. Bec

    42 anyone? Can’t figure out the shape pattern.

  71. [Invalid]

    Help on Lvl 51!!!

  72. Trent Blake

    Im stuck on lvl 54 please help!!!!!!!

  73. Lukas

    Yes! Finally done. On 54 type code where a=01 b=02 c=03 and so on.

  74. Bec

    Stupid level 50!!! Can’t get past about half way. So fusterating.

  75. Peanutbutterr

    Don’t understand lvl 46, help?!

  76. Bec

    Finally got level 50. Now on 52. Any idea what the pass code is? Or hints to figuring it out. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

    1. Peanutbutterr

      Can you help me with level 46? I really dont understand it

      1. Bec

        Level 46. It’s like a mirror. You need to match the shapes on the door to the ones on floor like its a mirror. I had trouble with 2 images the box one and the sorta cross one. Just try to reflect them and the check the tricky ones.

      2. Ketu

        Hey need help for 45 pls

  77. Bec

    52 anybody? Hints to how to figure out the code? Or the code? Please help. Im about to give up

  78. Superman

    I need help on lvl 21! Nothing seems to work I tilted my phone up down and every direction possible. Please help

  79. Dumb Kid

    How do I do level 1? Its so hard! (Thats what she said! Har har har…)

  80. Dumb Kid

    How do I do level 1? Its so super hard! (Thats what she said! Har har har…)

  81. rapcity19

    move the trash can

  82. Jamie

    52 password is 1225

  83. KKC

    52!!! It took me a while it is 12 25.. Christmas!

  84. Chaza

    I’m stuck on 47. pls help!

  85. Trent Blake

    I’m stuck on lvl 55!!!!!!

  86. Jen

    Level 44?

    1. Ketu

      In 44 u can put colors from left to right like from 1 left grey 2 white 3 black n 4 again white n doors will open ?

      But I need help for level 45 pls any one

  87. Ketu

    Any1 45 pls

  88. Trent Blake

    Lvl 45 u use the hammer to break the air-con box then use the knife to cut the string on the balloon and tilt ur iphone or iPod or iPad to direct the balloon to the button!!!!!

    1. Ketu

      Thanks for 45 mAn

  89. Trent Blake

    The knife is found on the running board on the left hand side of the door!!!!

    1. Ketu

      Thanks for knife

  90. Trent Blake

    Figured out Lvl 55 🙂

    1. Jen

      What is 55???

  91. Stephen

    L55, the objective is to fill the while lift with tetris bricks, there are more hiding “outside” the lift. While holding your phone face up, rotate around and you can find some “flying” around. Try to tap once you see some bricks to “catch” them. Now try to rotate the phone slowly to make sure all the bricks fall in place.

    1. Bec

      You don’t need to grab them. Just place I phone flat and make tiny turn adjustments intill you can guide them into place.

  92. Anne

    I need help with lvl 55…please help me! 🙂

  93. noel

    Level 47?? Help. Still cannot figure it out. I know the concept but cannot figure out the turns. Frustrated!

  94. Searin

    41: the shapes correspond to what movements the ants make when they move.
    Blue- triangle
    Pink- straight line
    Purple- odd double triangle
    Green- triangle

  95. Alice

    On level 39…. Can’t do it!!!!

    1. Searin

      Okay, you start from the top right corner and go all the way down on the diagonal. From there you go straight up to the top. Then go down that diagonal to the bottom right corner. From there you just go across the bottom row and the door should open.

  96. Terd

    I’m stuck on floor 46!how many times do I have go tap each symbol to get the door to open!? Somebody please help!

  97. Terd

    I’m stuck on level 46! How many times do I have to tap each symbol to get the door to open?! Help!

    1. Searin

      Its like a mirror, they have to match the original on the floor. Make sure you check the ones that don’t look like they need to be rotated.

      1. Terd

        I know that it’s a reflection on the floor but whenever the door should open up it doesn’t. Im getting somewhat frustrated with it. So you are past the level would you be able to tell me how many times I would have to rotate each of the 9 symbols from top to bottom to left to right. Thnks.

        1. Searin

          Starting from the top left corner and going to the right. 3, 3, 3.
          Next row: 3, 2, 3
          Last row: 2, 1, 2

          1. Terd

            Thnks searin for replying. ; )

  98. tracy

    Cannot move the box on level 37 some one please help…..

  99. Beverly

    Plzzzz help me 47

  100. Jessa

    42: turn off the lights b4 u opent the panels and it will show you where to put each shape. 🙂

  101. Rafael sandoval

    Good game but I need help on level 39 dont understand waht to do,

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s hard to take a screencap of the finished drawing. But you want to start at the bottom, form a line going up, then make a triangle, then a line from the point of the triangle. You can’t take your finger off the screen until you’re done. The screen cap I took should help a bit.

  102. Rafael sandoval

    Thanks for help but it does not work I started at bottom and went up to make triangle but nothing cam u explain Lil better

  103. Rafael sandoval

    Nvm I got it yay

  104. Leonardjs

    Level 54 anyone?

  105. Jessa

    Could you post a pic of the finished product on 47? I understand the concept but they aren’t fitting! SOS!

  106. Unknown

    Need help on Floor 51. Now. Been stuck for over a WEEK.

  107. Kelc

    Need help on 47 they just don’t fit together!

  108. Trent Blake

    Lvl 51 the sword above the door just make same shape of the sword by changing the blocks to black so the first colum of blocks on the left hand side press the middle block then the next colum press all three then the last two columns press the middle ones that should take the shape of the sword then the door will open

  109. Dreamy

    Anyone tried level 60?

    1. Bec

      Can you help me with 58 then I will check out 60?

  110. Larien

    For lvl 60: Ligth the torches.. Then hit 4 times red drum, 2 times dark blue, once white and 2 times blue drum..

  111. Larien

    Anyone for lvl 69?

  112. Bec

    Level 58? Key board with all the numbers on the door. Havnt got a clue.

  113. Eidoss

    58. Pick a stone and a brick. Touch the mirror, than breack the glass at the upright corner with the brick. When the sunlight fires the sticks on the floor, light a stick you collected at the beginning. Finally, use this torch to un-ice the leverage.

  114. Eidoss

    58. Frequencies relate to the buttons below. Black buttons are not required.
    Correct order:
    Right – Center – Left
    Center – Right – Right
    Right – Left – Center
    Center – Right
    Center – Left

    1. Bec

      Thank you !!

  115. Eidoss

    57. Press the red button until the hook is above the metal bulb. Than drag the hook below to lift the bulb up. The continue pressing red button while the hook together with the bulb moves to the left and stop it in front of the door. Touch the bulb a couple of times to brack the door.

    1. SH

      I’m stuck in 47, will u plz figure out what will b the position of each piece??

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Web I get the chance, I’ll get a screenshot of it almost completed (the doors open too fast to have every single piece in place).

  116. Eidoss

    56. Count the flags around each number and then touch them to match the figure and an actual number of flags like in minesweeper.
    Correct answers:
    3 – 5
    2 – 4

  117. Eidoss

    70. Use the torch in the inventory to light two torches to the left and to the right of the door. Then touch the drums from left to right several times, corresponding to number of color marks on the door (red drum for red marks).
    4 – 2 – 1 – 4

  118. Eidoss

    Sorry, sent from iPhone, so mistaken in numbers. First level “58” is actually “59”. And “70” is in fact “60”.

  119. Eidoss

    61. The task is to collect right time in digitals, corresponding to tgeshown on the analogue clock. Move pieces from six placeholders on the sides of the door, to the above the door. You should finally have 1830 on the top.
    If we number placeholders as:
    1 – 2
    3 – 4
    5 – 6

    than move

    First place at top: 3
    Second: 1 + 6
    Third: 4
    Fourth: 2 + 5

  120. SH

    How I solve that 47th floor puzzle? I’m stuck what will be the position of each piece? Hw I do???? Hw to make path???? Anyone plz tell me!!

  121. Eidoss

    62. Cut the red cable in the lower left corner (one laser link should remain). After that click triangles on the floor to move the laser above the door between two highest sources.

  122. Eidoss

    63. Turn the phone left to cause the stone moving left (it should press left red button). Lights on the ceiling will change their order. They should be mirrored on the wall. Just click on the corresponding squares.
    Correct order (0 – gray, 1 – white).
    0 – 1 – 1 – 0 – 0
    0 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 1
    1 – 1 – 0 – 1 – 0
    1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 0

  123. Eidoss

    64. Slide the finger on the bigger eye as the spiral above shows until the green progress bar is filled.

  124. Eidoss

    65. Pick up the ball, put it into the hole at the right left corner, than activate the fire sprinkler on the ceiling with the torch you have in the inventory.

  125. Eidoss

    66. Pick up the stick on the floor (right). Use the stick to get the rope. Use the rope on the ring on the door. Touch the door several times and it shall fall.

  126. Eidoss

    67. Touch the flower in the up right corner and try to catch the seed with the box on the floor. If failed, try once again. After that move the box to the left position and click the metal device to switch on the water. The flower will grow. After that move the box to the sun shine. The door will open.

  127. Eidoss

    68. Pull the lever for some time to lift the box to the top position. Under the box there is a wooden piece. Quickly touch it to collect. Than collect stone star in the right side. After that lift the box once again and quickly place collected star to the star-like placeholder under the box.

  128. Eidoss

    69. Not so obvious one. Several times touch the lamp on the ceiling, when the lamp will start falling (sinking), touch a fish in the right lower corner (it will swim). You need to do it such a way, for a fish to collide with the falling lamp. Lamp will push the octopus and the water will go. After that simply use the knife in the inventory to clear the door (select a knife and touch the door several times).

  129. Eidoss

    70. Bloody level. I spent two minutes trying to understand the logic, but failed. Maybe, because it’s 3AM now. However, you should reach the room 6 by pressing red buttons on the floor. The trick is that they are not linear, so is you arrived from 2nd to 7th (by going to the right once), it does not mean that you’ll arrive to 2nd again should you go to the left.
    Try to go to the left from 7th and several times right-left until you reach room 6. After that just go to the right and the game will finish for now.

  130. jack

    level 31 dosnt work for me

    1. jack

      help me on 31

  131. jack

    39 pease help

  132. Dennis teow

    Level 70 right right left left right left right at level 6 right again to level 11 and win

  133. Fl

    What does it mean fl.70

  134. Emma

    I’m stuck on level 47 I don’t understand?! Please help!:D

  135. Bec

    Level 47. Gotta make the lines connect from bottom to middle. Now the lines don’t actually touch but turn them into place as if they did line up.

  136. Bec

    72? Anyone. I cute the flag and see the arrow thing but can’t get the cars to line up?

  137. Lauren

    How did some of you get past level 40!?!? Mine says more coming soon still and the app is up to date!!

    1. Larien

      You need to update the app from app store 😉

      1. Lauren

        It is up to date!

  138. Larien

    Anyone 71?

    1. Emr

      Level 71 is when you have the opposite lines and marks to the photos opposite. Etc the top one is 3 straight lines NOT dashes

  139. Emr

    Not sure how to complete 75?

  140. Emr

    I can’t figure out the combination for 80? What does the zero mean??

  141. Eidoss

    71. Touch the empty squares on the top until they are filled with the pictograms “mirrored” to the ones in the diagonal edges.

    1. cfh

      im confussed

  142. Bec

    72 please!!

  143. Mike


    Here are the room numbers and what going left or right will do:
    1-6-door opens

    The center number is the room you are in, left number is the room you will be in if you press the left button, right number is the room you will be in when you press the right button. Get to room 6 then press the right button. Hope it helps.

  144. Mike


    number the dashes from top to bottom 1-6. Then using the number of sides of the objects to the corresponding dash.

  145. Mike


    1. Bec

      Currently trying to figure out 74. Will let you know if I get it.

  146. Bec

    Thank you. 🙂

  147. cfh

    on level 65 use the fire stick and turn on the water up top the pick up the ball and put it in the tube then click the green button

  148. cfh

    i need 71

  149. Mike

    Ok 79 was tricky but basically you are solving the maze that is on the ground. Just rotate the pieces as if you were going through the maze.

    80 – number the torches right to left one through five. Now light the torches according to the numbers. Press the stone on the floor when you reach a dot. For “0” light no torches just press the stone. After you light the last two torches the door will open.

  150. Bec

    Level 74
    G. B
    P. Lb

  151. Bec

    78 anyone?

  152. Chloe choi

    Level 78
    Brown Green Red White

  153. Mike

    The idea of 78 is that you are looking at all the sides of a cube. So you have to reproduce the cube on the ground in 2d. They start you off with the green question mark. You fill in the colors from there.

  154. Mike

    In case you haven’t figured out how 74 works. The entered. Olof is the one that doesn’t appear on that side’s color flash. Although I’m not sure where red comes in on the bottom.

  155. Franca

    The key to level 70 is u need to go:
    Right right left left right left right right

  156. TCakes

    Can’t get past level 71. Grrrrr xx

  157. Holly

    Level 75 don’t work. Did exactly what as instructions. Red light on left does not change to green

  158. Bec

    For 75. You have to take the little weight off the right side and put it on the left side. Then put the other 3 weights on the right side. Hold your phone straight up and down. Hopefully it works. Good luck!

  159. Nickie

    Woooh finished thanks for the help I needed it on a few!

  160. Kate

    Still can’t do 74 even with colour sequence . Grrrrrrrrrr can u explain more plz

    1. Bec

      Level 74.
      Every time you push the buttons all the octogans light up with different colour sequances. If you mark down which colours, are where, in each octogan there is one colour missing. Take the missing colours and put them in order.
      So let’s start the middle space at the top and go clockwise
      Yellow, blue, light blue, red, purple, green.
      So red would be the middle center one.
      Level 74

      G\Y/ B

      Good luck.

  161. Bec

    84? When someone gets it let me know.

  162. Larien


  163. Kate

    Thanks Bec – finally 🙂

  164. Bec

    81 turn phone upside down so you can see the 9 the hit 9×9 ( which equals 81)

  165. Kate

    Clues for 82 anyone

  166. Bec

    There is a missing peice in the floor. Find it with your knife. Turn first green peice to sit at 9(if it were a clock) and the other should be at 5. That will open the wall and give you a pin. Put pin in floor on the left side. Pull pin down and door opens and good luck trying to touch the green arrow. Took me forever.

  167. Lexi

    Level 84 anyone? Please and thank you. [:

  168. Bec

    I still havnt figured out 84. If I do will let you know, if anyone has please help us. Lol

  169. susan

    Guessing for fl 84 you need to press all buttons together (3 sides of triangle/3 buttons & red and blue=purple), then red, then 2 blue then all 3 again, but I cant get it to work on IPhone.

    1. susan

      That was it..finally got it!

  170. lucy

    85: left candle-1, middle candle-2, right candle-3. Use the stick of fire to light and the knife to extinguish the candles in the right order.

    Light #2, #1, #3
    Extinguish #3, #1
    Light #1
    Extinguish #1, #2

  171. lucy

    86: press the numbers above the elevator from left to right, paying aytention to whether it turns clockwise or counter-clockwise. After each number, turn the clock dial in the same direction to that number to match it.

    Tap 11
    Counter-clockwise full rotation and then to 11
    Tap 5
    Clockwise to 5
    Tap 1
    Clockwise to 1
    Tap 8
    Counter-clockwise to 8
    Tap 12
    Clockwise to 12

    If you pass the number, start from the beginning.

  172. lucy

    87: shake the ipad/phone front to back a few times to wake up the bear. Tap him once to move him to the left. Wait until he falls asleep again. Tap the ‘going up’ button.

    1. Riana Who can't get her freaking bear to move

      But my bear just stares at me!! i need desperate help!!! he NEVER goes to sleep!!

  173. lucy

    88: Move the top left hat anywhere next to or below the vent. Pull the middle right hat directly above the right bottom hat. Flip the top right hat so that the opening is up. Pick up the ball and drop it into the top right hat.

  174. lucy

    89: Each square has the first two letters of a number from 1 (On) to 9 (Ni). Notice the arrow on the right, going up, as well as the roman numeral V on the apple. Start from the fruit at the bottom, counting the number of letters and press the right order.

    Coconut (7) – Se
    Banana (6) – Si
    Pineapple (9) – Ni
    Apple (5) – Fi
    And don’t forget the pear (4) – Fo

  175. lucy

    90: Tap the bottom buttons the right number of times to get the ‘stars’ to all light up. I labeled the ‘stars’ 1-7, from left to right.

    Left bottom button-
    Tap 1: ‘stars’ 2 & 3 light up
    Tap 2: 4 & 6
    Tap 3: 1 & 3
    Tap 4: 2 & 6 *

    Middle bottom button-
    Tap 1: 1 & 5
    Tap 2: 3 & 6
    Tap 3: 1 & 4 *
    Tap 4: 2 & 5

    Right bottom button-
    Tap 1: 2 & 4
    Tap 2: 3 & 5 *
    Tap 3: 1 & 2
    Tap 4: 4 & 5

    So, simply put, tap the left bottom button 4 times, the middle bottom button 3 times, and the right bottom button 2 times.

    What about ‘star’ #7? Press the blue button on the top right corner.


  176. Bec

    Grrrr 84. It seems I can get a different tone when I hit all three but I cannot get it to open. It’s really fusterating!

    1. lucy

      I agree! It took countless tries!!

      1. Albi

        84 help m playing on iPhone can’t figure out if buttons are pressed or not…trying to press all 3 simultaneously then 2 blue 1 red and all 3 together is it right

        1. JonnyC

          All three twice, red once, both blues once and then all three. Try it a few times it will work

          1. Albi

            It’s not working 2, 1, 1, 2 right

  177. Bec

    Im using an iPhone as well. And if you hit all 3 the sound is different. it’s extremely difficult. Still havnt done it -_-

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The thing is, the sounds haven’t been consistent for me. Sometimes I push all three (or I think I am) and it sounds like the blues, other times it sounds like the red. I haven’t gotten any sound that sounds different than the two.

    2. Albi

      Is there a way to skip this shitty level it’s getting on my nerves tried all possible things…1st 3 buttons once, 2nd 2 buttons once, 3rd 1 button once and 4th again 3 buttons once…is this how it’s suppose to be pressed right ?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I think the little ring sound tells you if you successfully pressed the number of buttons together. I can get it sometimes, and I’ve gotten it all in a row without any ‘errors’, but the door still won’t open. I’m wondering if anyone who managed to finish it was able to reproduce it.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        I know why it’s so hard to get it right. It’s pretty impossible to tell of you’ve hit all three buttons together or hit the red one first, bc they make the same sound. So you might think you did it correctly, but didn’t. I’ll keep trying, but it’s really poorly designed.

        1. Albi

          Guess I’ll have to give up its not working for me tried everything I do get different sound when all 3 buttons are pressed but door is not opening…somehow I could just skip this level…I wanna kick the developers butt for this damn stupid level …trying make difficult but it’s silly not difficult level !

  178. Kate

    84 do u just press all 3 at the same time then? What about the triangles etc?

  179. Bec

    The triangles and such are the clue to how to work the buttons. So first is a purple triangle, for this you push all 3 at the same time. The sound will be similar to that of red but is slightly different. For the red line you just push the red button. For the plue cross you push both blue buttons. Again the sound when you do push both is different. Then the triangle again you push all 3. You need your volume to hear the slightest change in the noise. I have gotten all the different tones, however I have not yet done it in order cause it always takes me a few tries to get the tone for the 3.

    Push all three buttons at same time
    Then push just red
    Then push both blue
    Then push all three.

    If it doesn’t open you have messed up. Restart level and try for the hundredth time. Good luck.

  180. Willona

    I need help with level 25 please!

  181. Bec

    Level 25.
    You need to move circles on door to match the ones on the floor. So the first circle will be almost at the top and the next one right near the bottom and so on.

  182. Kate

    86 – done as Lucy put but no joy! What am I doing wrong?

  183. Kate

    Completed 86 now but really don’t think I did anything different to previous attempts! Think still hacked off from 84!

  184. Bec

    Finally got 84, took a couple days, then I got the rest in like 5 min. Urg how fusterating that level was.

    1. Albi

      It’s my 3rd day and I am still trying I guess I’ll give up now…I wish I could kick their butt for this level it’s just silly.

  185. Kate

    90 done! Is that it then – come on ……… I somehow managed to ‘fly’ through those last 4 without help – il have lost my lucky streak now 🙁

  186. Riana having troubles....

    what do you do in floor 87 if the bear doesn’t ever go back to sleep? It just stands there looking at me. Its really starting to creep me out. I’ve tried reseting it and everything…. i just need help.

  187. Marc

    I only have 70 lvs?

  188. shaybella

    Hey I’m stuck on 23! Plz help

  189. jewvion

    For level 70:

  190. Bec

    Level 87. Sounds like a glitch. Restart level try again.

  191. Bec

    If you only have 70 levels you need to update. We are waiting for the next update which are levels 90-100.

  192. JMusic

    On level 81. It is 9×9 because… 9×9 = 81 … Like the level number, just in case

  193. random guy

    For lvl 70 you have to get to room 9 then go right to room 4 than left for 6 then right for the spaceship then you can go to the next level


    How the Hell do you get 9X9 in level 81?!?! Help!

  195. Bec

    You gotta hold your phone upside down then do 9×9 then hit = while its up side down

  196. ABBY

    Level 55 is impossible ive been sitting here for ever and still havent figured it out! help!!

  197. Bec

    Level 55.
    You have to hold your phone flat (like if it were on a table)
    Once it’s flat make very(VERY) slight movements to a side. If you don’t see the peices coming make a little more of a slight move ment to a side. Once you find the other peices floating in. Slighty move your phone intill they line up.( up down, Otto a side) It takes slight movements and you will get it. They line up like a full Tetrus bored.

    Don’t tilt your phone like crazzy. Slight tilts until you get it
    Good luck

  198. Urwie

    For me level 86 was a pain in the -you know what-.
    Quickly I understood what I had to do, but I did something wrong and looked at many youtube movies and websites.
    The never helped. Must have tried the level tens of times on my Android phone.

    Then I thought IΓÇÖd try it one more time and I got it:

    I KEPT MY FINGER ON THE SCREEN (all the time)!
    I WENT FROM 12 TO 11 WITHOUT A WHOLE TURN (so only 1/12th of the clock, counterclockwise)

    And now IΓÇÖm stuck at level 87

  199. Bec

    Level 87.
    Shake phone to wake the bear. Touch bear and he moves. Once he moves wait for him to fall back asleep and push the button.

  200. Bec

    When’s the next update coming. It’s taking forever. Urg.

  201. Penny

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I cant get through level 86. Or is it my phone. NOTHING WORKS. 🙁 PLEASE REPLY

  202. Bec

    86 was a little tricky. You need to tap the 11 and see which way it spins. Move the hand on the click in the same direction. I believe 11 is counter clockwise. Then hit the next number which spins clockwise and move the hand to 5. If you pass the number on the spin start the level over, so go slow.

    11 – counter clockwise
    5 clockwise
    1 clockwise
    8 counter clock wise
    12 clockwise.

    You may try closing out of the game completely and then going back in. Sometimes the game loads a glitch.

    If your not getting it, you may be over thinking the level.
    Hope this helped good luck

  203. Bec

    Update is out finally!!

  204. Bec

    92 is a little confusing.

  205. Bec

    Wow 2 days and I still can’t figure 92 out. Anyone got it yet?

  206. Bec

    Then 2 secs later I get it. Lol

  207. Person

    Lvl 92: ^–>
    | |
    ( Up, Right, Up, Down ) I think that was 92…

  208. reezpieces

    Can’t get level 93 🙁

  209. Bec

    93 hold the button in front of the 9 fOr 9 seconds it will stay lit afterwards once you have held it long enough. Hold the button in front of 3 for 3 seconds. I recommend counting with Mississippis. Just to ensure its long enough.

  210. Person

    94: form XI with the lights

  211. Trent Blake

    Lvl 100 anyone???????

  212. Alyss

    Anyone having an issue with 99? I understand to use volume buttons, but when I press mine, they DON’T show the symbols in the boxes. Super annoying… I’m on a 4, not a 4S, does that matter?

  213. Bec

    Worked for me. Trying closing the game out of your task manager so it resets. Prob just a glitch

  214. Bec

    AppUnwrapper no 100 yet? It’s tricky. I havn’t figured it out.. But I’m no expert. You should have this already!! Lol.

  215. Bec

    Got it!!! Haha.
    First strip the blue piece needs to be in the first space. (on the left)
    Bottem strip (bottom!) the blue peice needs to be in the third spot from the right (Right)
    Second strip from the bottom. The blue peice needs to be in the fourth strip from the right.
    Second strip from the top. The blue piece needs to be in forth from the left. (LEFT)
    Should open. Sorry if that’s a little confusing.

  216. lsudude410

    Annex-1 cut rope, grab egg, have 2 be fast, put egg in nest

    Annex-2 it’s a pattern– 1 hand goes 90╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª the other, 45╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª, follow the pattern, it should connect in this order: top right-> middle-> bottom

    1. lsudude410

      I meant top right-> middle-> left

  217. Promoguz

    Annex 3. Look at number of fingers. 2=scissors. 0=rock 5=paper

    Enter the number of fingers that would beat each hand.
    5 0 2. On the players side ( top to bottom). And 0 2 5 for Computer

  218. Drue

    Annex 5: shake to empty shelves, then pull shelves to center, x’s and o’s positions are shown on left and right bookshelf.

  219. Yazy

    Does anyone know where to find the walkthrough for floor 100??????? It’s really frustrating!!!!

  220. Bec

    Can’t get annex level 2. What am I doing wrong. Can anyone better explain this level.

  221. Cory

    For an easy way to do floor 70 tap the button in the following order left, right, left, left, right, left, right, and right.

  222. chantal

    Yeah!!! I found floor 100!!!

  223. chantal

    floor 100:
    The first yellow dot is on a straight line, then this is the first line. THE FIRST window you opened up (the first ranked). The second yellow dot is on the third line, then you open the third window of the second ranked. The third yellow dot is on the fifth line, then you open the window of the fifth ranked third. The last yellow dot is on the sixth line, then you open the window of the sixth ranked last.
    Thank you for your help for another floor, it is appreciated 🙂

  224. Effie

    Level 84>> important info for anyone still having problems: make sure, if you’re using iPhone/iPod, that the accessibility zoom function is OFF! If it is on & you don’t realize it, you will not be able to complete this level! I could not figure out what I was doing wrong & it turns out that turning this off was all it took! ;>>

  225. Lindsey

    Level 100 anyone? Please help me

  226. Albi

    Lv 100 pls someone

  227. moomin

    Arghhhhhh can’t get past level 18! Have been trying for hours. The lights won’t stay on for long enough no matter how quickly I press them :@

  228. charli

    been stuck on level 72 with the cars but still cant get to the next floor, i cut the flag and move the cars in order but still not working and its up to date, any help??

  229. lsudude410

    Any1 figure out season tower number 1? All it says is:

    1. B.O.B

      NO idea sorry

  230. B.O.B

    im stuck on level 86 any1 know how 2 do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. B.O.B


    Feeling: Stressed OUT

  232. Nyaa

    Just found out something from the season floor 1!!! You can slide at the words and you will see more alphabets!!!

  233. Nyaa

    Another new discovery!!! The whole thing is actually a keyboard!

  234. Nyaa

    The word is Halloween!!! So just type Halloween according to the keyboard style. Just ignore p there isn’t p in it. M is the last letter in the row!

  235. Nyaa

    Help!!! Floor 4!!!

  236. Nyaa

    I mean floor 4 for the season…

  237. Nyaa

    Floor 4 for the season done!

  238. Nyaa

    Stuck on floor 8 of the seasons tower…

  239. Becky

    I can’t finish level 99 on my kindle because it has no volume + – button, any other possible ways?

  240. Elyse

    Floor 29 don’t work 🙁

  241. nijuuul

    level 50 annoys the hell out of me.. i’m stuck Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓûôΓö¼┬╜(Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓûôΓö¼Γòù3Γò¼├┤Γö£Γûô╬ô├╗├ª)Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓûôΓö¼├¡

  242. Takayanagi

    How do I get past floor74?

  243. Anna

    There is a logic on floor 70 🙂
    The point is you have to get to 6. This is where you go when you turn left or right from 1 – 10:
    5 – 1 – 2
    10 – 2 – 7
    9 – 3 – 10
    8 – 4 – 1
    2 – 5 – 7
    – 6 –
    3 – 7 – 5
    2 – 8 – 6
    1 – 9 – 4
    2 – 10 – 5

  244. Tường Trang

    Level 70 logic

    The room are connected by sequence, but each room connects by its own logic, and not related to the next. Example: if you’re at room 5, go left, and you get to room 2; but when you’re in and go back right, you’ll be at room 7.
    So this is the in complete list of direction. The – are the ones I haven’t tested out, but the one I have should be enough to put you in the right track.
    So the first row under is where you go if go right.


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