Corto Maltese Secrets of Venice: Walkthrough Part 3, Porta dell’ Esoterismo

Corto Maltese Secrets of Venice
By: Bulkypix

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This is a complete walkthrough guide for Corto Maltese Secrets of Venice. Scroll down for my video walkthrough and other chapters.


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Chapter 3: Porta dell’ Esoterismo

1. Open the Gazette and find another three symbols to enter into the compass. Now you get another riddle to solve.




You can also watch my video for this chapter here:

2. The word is Hypatia. Enter it into the compass and then talk to the driver again. You’ll be in a new location.

3. There are a bunch of ingredients to pick up here. Get the Sugar of Licorice, Seed From Wild Naveau, and Honey from Narbonne. Then talk to the shopkeeper again and she’ll tell you to go to the back room for the Emerald.



4. Scroll right to see the back room. Pick up some more ingredients — Arabic Costus, Nardus Indic, Frankincense, and Judean Balm. Then enter the three symbols into the compass. Solve the puzzles (I’ll make video later) and get a piece of paper with the word “MET” on it (Hebrew for death). Place it in the Golem’s mouth and then a secret door will open.







5. Go through the secret door. Pick up the Florentine Iris. Take note of the symbol on the wall.


6. Scroll to the right. Pick up the Flower of Shaemanthe. Notice the two symbols on the wall and tap on the warrior painting.



7. Find the new entry in the Gazette. Then enter the three symbols into the Compass to get another riddle.





8. Tap on the control panel. Then answer the four questions in this order:


The gate opens! Find another reveal in the Gazette and go through.



9. Pick up two more ingredients — red roses and agaric. Then tap on the stone flower. Choose a set of symbols for the compass. The first one gave me a series of Simon Says games to play with the petals. Win the game and then you get another Emerald petal. Onto the next chapter!





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  1. Bernhard

    Hi, I am stuck at chapter “Porta Viaggio” where I have to identify an Animal by watching to pages with non-readable letters. The hint is, that the solution will be revealed when both pages are put next to each other. Did anybody solve it?

    1. Anas

      Simple ,
      Just focus at the center of your screen when you scroll the between 1st & 2nd paper .
      An Lion will apear !
      Enter ” lion ” in the other side of the compass box !

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you solve the key puzzle? It’s making my head spin.

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