Escape Game: “The Devil’s Playground” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Devil’s Playground”


1. Zoom in on the fox statue ahead of you. Tap its amulet a few times to get an ear.

2. Turn right. Zoom in on the snake statue. Move his tooth so you can take the ball from his mouth. Notice it says “5” on it.

3. Turn right. Zoom in on the monkey statue. The ball is stuck in his hand. But move his head and a sound will come from behind him. Look behind him and take the pencil.

4. Turn right and zoom in on the dog statue. Move its head and take the ball from its law that says “2”.


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52 thoughts on “Escape Game: “The Devil’s Playground” Walkthrough

  1. Vento

    The gear is on the left of the snake , keep tapping ..

    Help please , stuck here : What happens after you press the switch behind the dragon ?
    How do you get the gear ? and the yellow ball

  2. Vento

    From the necklace of the snake , open and get the ears of a statue..
    Notice dragon has no ears , put the statue ears to the dragon . There is a noise from behind  ( before we did hit the switch behind it with the arrow) 
    The box on the wall near snake opens – get the crank
    And after the bix on the left of the dragon opens , get the shank ( screwdriver tip) ( combine with the handle and get a screwdriver ) 
    Take off the flrnc. light from the monkey section by the screwdriver , put the light on the empty slot at the top in the fox section , turn the light on , read the scroll under the light , and find out the password for the safe .. 1,3,4,2
    Go to the SMDF safebox, open the drawer below it by the screwdriver and get the metal file ..
    Go to the fox , open the box in front of the yellow ball , use the crank on it and turn …….(stuck here sorry 🙂 )

  3. Kel

    I’ve been typing 1342 but e drawer juz don’t open?? Will it open auomatically after u input e num?

  4. Vento

    Finally got the gear (wohooo):

    Use the screwdriver on the metal plate ( Dragon room , on the right wall ) and get an aliminium plate.
    Use the file on the aliminium plate
    Get a blade kind of thing
    Cut the rope with that and get the gear and place it and turn the crank 3-4 times and there u get the yellow ball 😀

  5. Honeybee

    I got everything and put the right colors back to the status, how come I still can’t open the manhole? Can anyone help me pls?

  6. Kym

    I have put the gear in place and try to turn the crank but still can’t get the yellow ball. Please help!!!!!!!

  7. Sam

    In the end return all the balls and place the yellow one into the foxsouyh. Go to the cover in the corner and remove it and place the hollow object and key into holes. Done!

  8. Ness

    Gear and crank handle in place but says something osnt right. Do you need to put something in square hole?

  9. Alisha

    Help don’t know what to do have the crank and the gear but don’t know how or where to get the motor! Driving me crazy


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