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Please post in the comments below if you’d like to suggest a game for a review or walkthrough. 🙂 This also goes for videos you might want to see for games of which I’ve already written a text walkthrough.

If you’re a developer, please don’t use this page to tell me about your game. This is meant for players looking for help or more knowledge about a specific game. If you’re a developer, please email me about your game instead.

If you’d like to help with a walkthrough that I haven’t completed, you can email me at [email protected] or post to the comments section.

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866 thoughts on “Suggest a Walkthrough or Review”

  1. I’m surprised no one has asked for a walkthrough for Blythe Castle. There is no w/t anywhere online that I could find.
    Escape Games Blythe Castle: by Point & Click LLC, makers of Lost & Alone and the Mystery of Haunted Hollow 1&2.
    The game is free or $2.99 for hints, skips and no ads. I am still playing on free and the ads are not a bother to me.

      1. So far, I just keep going to the next room and am halfway through the game according to the Queen. A couple of ads – nothing major and not intrusive.

        No one has done a w/t on it yet. ChapterCheats only has a few solutions and some aren’t even right 🙁

        Some solutions are easy but there are quite a few head-scratchers too.

  2. Have you come across any of the games by M9 packaging ltd? Namely house escape and the island escape adventure? Only they are so weird and while I have managed to get into 3 rooms of the house escape I can’t seem to get out of a spot when I’ve highlighted a section. The other game, island escape is even weirder, you have failed the game before it’s even started! If you get a mo can you have a look I’d be grateful for any insight. I have reviewed this game in the hope the devs might see it and enlighten me but up to now they haven’t.
    Thanks for reading
    P.S I am a subscriber and I also volunteered for the “insomnia trial”

    1. I think I have a couple of their games but never tried any of them because App Store reviews always say they’re buggy and broken. The developer also doesn’t seem to care and the whole thing seems shady to me. So I just avoid his games.

  3. Hi, have just completed level 15 of Can you Escape 5. I had to use a walk through to interpret the symbols given on the fly trap. I still don’t understand why the answer is 7235. It’s driving me mad. Please put me out of my misery!

  4. There is this game called Marcus and the mystery of the Haunted Manor. The puzzles on it are really hard and some require you to write them down and figure them out.. It says on the app they don’t want anyone to post spoilers.. But I’m sorry I can’t even solve one puzzle and the hints don’t help at all.. I really want to beat this game and right now I can’t even get past day one..

    Please Help..

  5. Not exactly a walkthroug, but the game Mind Construct seems like it has an amazing story! Its too difficult for me to complete – i would love to see its story unfold!

  6. Can you do a walkthrough of Get Out! 2 Poker Night ? It’s a room escape game that came out in 2017. I’ve been banging my head on a wall for months now.

  7. Will you be doing a w/t for Bigfoot Quest by Syntaxity – (makers of The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle, Hunt for Lost Treasure, Rescue the Enchanter, etc)?

    I think it just came out yesterday but I am stuck already, lol.

    Thank you.

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