Escape: The Candy Shop: Walkthrough

Escape: The Candy Shop
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Mhardenbiker

    Grape bacon door. Maybe I’m dumb but can’t figure it out

    1. Tygerfly

      This goes with the vase colors. Black in top left, green bottom left, yellow top right, orange bottom right. In between the colors match the letter from grape and bacon. Between the black and green is g and b for green and black and in between the yellow and orange is p and o for pink and orange. Touch the small black rectangles on the door under the sign to light them up. Left side-black green black green. Right side yellow pink orange orange.

  2. Tygerfly

    I’m stuck on the tv in the other room. Rather below the tv. Shapes and numbers. I’ve tried counting the shapes hanging but it’s not coming out right

    1. Johnny boy111

      I’m stuck with the toy man I don’t know what to do now?

      1. Carolmon

        Hi, johnny the toy man is use at the sport tool (Vault).

    2. CoCo

      i don’t really know how but i go through this by luck
      triangle, hexagon, circle, square

      please let me know if you know the reason

      1. Carolmon

        Hi, 6 -> 9 -> 3 -> 12, reson is location on clock

  3. Mcshel

    I am stuck with a lever that I have no clue on what to do next.

  4. Cherie

    Stuck at tv in next room. I got the yellow star and put it in hole, now what’s the combination of shapes??

  5. Zsofia

    Lever goes on the side of the cabinet in the tv room,then you can open the cabinet and get a Hoover.does anyone know what to do whit the Phillips screwdriver?

  6. Mal

    Stuck with the broken spade shaped key, anyone figured out how to fix it? The doll acts as a key for the box on the table next to the game machine

    1. Darby

      There is glue in the bottom right drowe of the book shelf

  7. Darby

    I’m stuck with the lever please help me!? I have no idea what to do with it. 🙁

  8. Tvn

    Once you cut the rope the code for the box is on the paper behind the rope you follow the arrows to get the code for the box, then you get the spade key, the glue is the drawer next to the box you got the key from, then you get a medal from where the spade key goes

    1. Veer

      Know the arrows mean use the numbers, but where do I use them for? What box??

  9. Tvn

    The lever goes to the cabinet in the second room on the side of it

  10. julie

    Cherie, think of the white diagram next to shapes lock as a clock and then enter the shapes according to how theyre listed

  11. Bun

    Stuck at tv in next room. I got the yellow star and put it in hole, now whatΓÇÖs the combination of shapes??

  12. Ironmule

    Escaped! Triangle, pentagon, circle, square:

  13. sy

    Help~ stuck with the yellow key. what do i do with it?

  14. Mich

    Does any one know what to do with the vacuum cleaner? I’m stuck

  15. Siman

    Helpp stuck How do I cut the rope and where did you
    Guys find the yellow star??

  16. Siman

    Help please im stuck where to find the star and
    How do you cut the rope??

  17. Bakery

    After u get the hoover. Go to the room to the left and plug it into the power outlet. Then use the hoover on the speaker next to it. Get the star. Put it in the cabinet under the tv. Triangle pentagon circle square. Click door next to it and get screwdriver. Use screwdriver on second speaker and get flat screwdriver piece. Click ‘item’ on screwdriver and select flat piece to change it. Use screwdriver on hatch above tv and get Shamrock key. Use on shamrock door! yay! Escaped!

  18. alien

    I managed to escape, but it is a bad end….what have I done wrong?

  19. Siman

    Thank you very mutch but there is one problem maybe im dumb really but how do you use the hoover on yhe speakers ??
    Im sorry but I cant figure it out

  20. Siman

    I escaped never mind

  21. Tony G

    How do You solve the game machine with the yellow and red button?

    1. Carolmon

      I pressed around 10 times yellow button, until the yellow diamond key drop down.

  22. Jerry

    Where or how do I get the Hoover vacuum

  23. Jerry

    Where do I get the lever

  24. Sher

    Where do you find the vacuum/hoover?

  25. Andrew

    Where is the rope and the star? All I have that I haven’t used is the glue.

  26. Bad puzzler

    What do I use the hammer for?? Also stuck at the drawer after cutting the rope.
    A hint anyone?!

  27. Jenny

    I cannot figure out box below bookshelf with colors? Blue, pink, red, green? Please help!

  28. John Henry

    Help~ I’m stuck with the yellow key, what do I do with it?

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