[Mystery] Disconnect. Part 1: Walkthrough

[Mystery] Disconnect. Part 1
By: PNJ Inc.


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. anidetrm3

    I already left some comments in the walkthrouhj list comment area, please just copy and paste them.

  2. anidetrm3

    Game seems to be Working again here is copied and pasted information from the comments section. Unfortunately I’m down to one save slot again due to errors and have to resolve payment declined issue with Verizon provider.

    Has moments where u have limited time to solve crisis or escape a room endangering main character and others. Walkthrough needs to include puzzle solutions,passwords and collections (said to help influence endings), guide to endings, and locations of orange medicine vials (needed from part 2 on to sustain main character like earlier mentioned crises (indicated by red flashing PDA icon in corner (and momentary red flashes on the screen for medicine withdrawal when you try moving to another location once in a while or buy extra premium medicine)). IΓÇÖve seen 2 endings so far and had an opportunity for a 3rd and/or 4th (of last 2 choices) where 1 choice involves taking or leaving a criminal (took criminal) and then choosing to stay or leave station where stay makes main character die and leaving leaves the main character, criminal, and one other person alive from main setting of game (not spoiling too much). Collections I found included USB drives (tend to be involved with solving the passwords), notes, a already provided ring, and a picture.

    Here is what I do know regarding collections (may have to search or research certain areas at certain times and/or make certain choices to find the collections) that affect endings and 2 more possible endings(will play thru again for precise locations and passwords (in small posts as I find them) for each): there are two categories of collections:one with a total of 10 USB data files (order not particular despite number next to them such as numbers 1 and 3 in part 1 and number 2 within later parts of game) and number 10 (in location called director office) seems to require specific choices (likely involving taking care of patient named Nell and doctor shirefunei) to get the hint password (havenΓÇÖt got 10th usb yet but all other 9)right before ending choices/sequence involving the criminal I mentioned before.one possible default ending involves leaving the criminal and have rescued 4 people that is also still a possible bad end. The other ending seems to be influenced by the second category (most trouble finding) of collections consisting of physical objects including a ring provided at the beginning (one or two other object can (could if 2) be found at disposal rooms by pushing on square indentations to activate a device to reveal a picture(in second disposal room can be briefly stopped by a choice due to Dr. Shirfunei dialogue near end to go in anyway or not)). In the ending main character, patient, and a doctor escape while criminal stays and dies but comments about how main character seems to know her likely due to second collection (believe to have around 4 or 5 including the ring, 2 pictures, and notes). I also have 1 cg locations and request for u to solve. Cg can be found when u have to choose to tell a story to choose the elevator ghost and to find where the green ΓÇ£cabinent keyΓÇ¥ unlocks found on fifth floor (found during first activity of 5th floor of main character to try to find character named millan (involved with choice endings I mentioned before)) shower room area (have to search around rooms more than once to find the key on the ground of shower room before doubling back)

    It turns out passwords seems to randomize with each new game.
    Part 1 collection first floor
    MillanΓÇÖs ring automatically provided in beginning.
    USB 1 data located in office. Password is posted on bulletin board and input password into computer on the right.
    USB data 3 in nurse office with hint is on tablet diary on ground below computer that says price goal is password. Examine tray on counter that seems to be catalogues for fashion, read the entry matching the date in diary tablet (should be third entry) and input the red price number as password.

    Currently there may be problems with the initial installed. Some password hints include a wifeΓÇÖs birthday, a number after some letters on a receit in a lab coat, and a wedding university date based on a picture found. Also there are 2 USB collections that doesnΓÇÖt require a 4 digit password one is for number 2 when u are split up from group with the k initialed director doctor in some conference room by examining the right side monitor area. The other one is within a Db reading room area where u would need to find and acquire a remote for air-conditioning (at least the second one) by examining the monitors/screens of the area towards the left.

    Also in case any new players get stuck, after going thru dialogue tutorials, and cut scenes; examine bed closer to the door and after more scenes and dialogue examine the microchip key on bed side table and use it on locker on far right (sometimes cutaway scenes like one showing card requires you to either press outside of box or certain areas). also follow game sequence to point u move outside ward room and to lobby and have to explore all rooms u can including pharmaccy, drug locker(pick up hydrogen peroxide for layer on left shelf nurse statioon (USB 3 collection is there and also unlock drawer in bookcase/shelf to blood pack u cannot pick up yet but need later with drawer key on floor or counter and examine lab coat for pharmacy key), office (USB 1 collection), and checkup room. When u return to lobby cut scene occurs with first choice between sorry I asked (recommend this one) or if isn’t it troublesome to look over such patients and move to hallway 1-1 and then 1-2 for another scene. You can figure and comment more from here. I’ll occasionally add more comments later on collections and endings I find.

  3. anidetrm3

    Part 1 of the game is provided, you have to buy the other 3 parts. Part 2 begins at the first floor elevator before going to the second floor. Also regular medication needed starts from entering hallway 2-3 and will also provide medicine and reaction (red flashes on screen when u try to move) areas to need medicine information from play thru that may or may not be randomized.
    Part 2 collection floor 2 found in order (and other information likely important):
    Examine tablet in duty room
    Examine wall panel for patient information with artificial body parts in artificial storage.
    Need oxygen mask from closet in tool and material storage room to go to hallway 2-1 important it is a one way trip when u return to the elevator so check all rooms.
    Medicine in injection room on tray accessed from diagnosis room 2.
    Collection item someone’s letter 1 in fitting room 1 in hallway 2-4 part of one way trip. Examine open locker with gown twice.
    Reaction in tr 2-1 when split up with director doctor hallway 2-5.
    USB 2 collection 2 in pt room 2 in hallway 2-6 examine right side terminal/screen on big desk.

  4. anidetrm3

    Sometimes in the beginning of the game u don’t need to directly use certain items but do by traveling.
    Part 2 floor 3:
    When u first go to central facility be sure to pick up remote on floor to solve a crisis later.
    When searching for supplies to get battery start in hallway 3-4.
    Reaction in hallway 3-4
    In lounge check drawer cabinet once to open it again to look inside and tap chocolate for hungry nell and also pick up wire to use with battery later.
    Pick up medicine and wire cutters in fixture storage 2
    In laundry room Pick up gloves on floor (very important) and find picture of child collectible by examining big crate or box nearby on far right side.
    To escape drying room after solving puzzle examine the bin with lab coats to get a shirt and travel out
    In fixture storage 1 pick up lubricant (important) and hexagon wrench component and combine it with incomplete wrench and its product with gloves.
    In food depot pick up wrench component used for control room later. When escaping after solving puzzle like in drying room examine right side shelf for a heavy box you couldn’t pick up before and disassemble it into a wrapper and travel out the room.
    In drug locker pick up YOUR medicine and use lubricant on closet to get NELL’s medicine (don’t know what would happen later if you don’t have it but likely bad end and game over).
    Back at central first use remote on the air conditioning then use the insulated wrench in area lower right from where sparks are. Then disassemble wrench twice and put the square component on it and gloves on wire cutters and use insulated cutters on same area as insulated wrench and combine wire with battery (should be able to solve rest of puzzles from here more or less that was personally tough for me).

  5. anidetrm3

    Floor 4:
    When visit nurse station first time, look at tablet on floor and note to self to look at it later.
    Go to pharmacy and drug locker pick up “empty medicine bottle” and disassemble it to get a key to closet in back use in middle door and open it to find password hint in wedding picture u comment when it was (can’t get USB collectible till later) and open left door to find another medicine.
    Reaction in private office 401
    In office 402 examine monitor for USB collectible 6 and search bookshelf for particular book to disassemble for key to locker for gas counteragent needed later to survive but disassemble it to be usable.
    Office 403 examine lab coat on bed to examine it and move off bed to reveal key to locker, tap it to pick it up and use it on locker for medicine.
    Office 404 Examine right side book shelf for an interesting note.
    Office 405 examine picture frame for cut scene with shirefunei and choice of opinion to be honest or hide truth with family.
    When done searching offices or go to seminar room where to either take a rest (gives u extra medicine but lose opportunity for collectibles and look at chart) or to excuse yourself to look for collectible and look at tablet.
    If u excused yourself return to nurse station and examine tablet from earlier and look under item w for weber then return to pharmancy and look at bulletin board to find dare of wedding university that is password. Assuming it was in spring based on comment picture was in spring it should be in Month 4 making password 04xx where xx is the date number and enter it into the tablet to get usb collectible 4. When done searching on our own head towards the elevator.
    Reaction in ward 404.
    USB collectible 5 in db reading room in hallway 4-2 examine the computer monitor
    Medicine in tr4-3.
    In another ward room searches, based on group u go with is another reaction. Group with director, patient, and shinurfei is in ward 414.

  6. anidetrm3

    Part 3 begins at floor 4 elevator before going to floor 5.
    Floor 5:
    Reaction in ward 501.
    Examine all rooms in ward and shower room hallway. Then prompt to return to hallway but choose to search more and return to ward 506 then to shower room to find green cabinent key (no idea what it unlocks but try it on e everything in every room when u can and please post about it when u find the solution).
    When done searching choose to search more when prompted by choice and can only search office 502 and get USB collectible 7 by reading clues around room ending with wife’s birthday as password.
    In nurse station check lab coat and receipt for password withe 4 digit number within register I’d written on it. Can’t get collectible at moment.
    Medicine in office 501
    In 503 office search diagnosis chart
    Pick up medicine in common office 2
    Pick up cabinent key and use it on locker in office 504
    When u have to make a choice for a excuse choose the third to explore more other 2 skips extra search.
    Return to duty room and examine tablet and input password for USB collectible 8 based on the registry number from receipt dropped from lab coat in nurse station.
    Then go to hallway 5-3.
    Go to incubation room and open locker for USB collectible 9.
    Reaction in discard room.
    When done with search return to hallway 5-2
    When madame needs help in kitchen find knife in fridge to unscrew floor panel and pick up aluminium foil off of center counter and decomp it into fuse substitute to use to replace blown fuse.
    Reaction in lounge.

    1. reza

      can i ask something??
      for room 5 i don’t have any medicine again and i get stuck at that place because didn’t find any medicine in there
      do you know where is it??
      or maybe i have to go back from the start to find as many medicine as i can in floor 4??

      1. reza

        oh and thanks for the walkthrough ^^

        1. anidetrm3

          Not complete yet

          1. reza

            what do you mean? i got stuck when find millian because no medicine, when i search all room always gameover because of time and i don’t have any medicine
            do you mean i have to start from floor 4 to get medicine?

        2. anidetrm3

          Sorry I meant to say the walkthrough isn’t completely done and there are times u have to turn back when u reach dead ends I don’t run out of medicine because I’m thorough finding it and gave every room a general once over unless otherwise needed and in beginning of floor 5 search through every room once and when u prompt to go back to hallway say to search more and go to room 406 then shower room to find the mystery cabinent key. Before returning to the previous hallway.

          1. reza

            ok thanks a lot ^^

  7. anidetrm3

    Floor 6:
    In dissecting room search chest of drawers on the right to find collectible of another note(someone’s letter 4)
    Go to disposal room and push 2 buttons on left top then bottom to reveal a dropped old picture on bed of mysterious device and tap it for old photo collectible.
    When u move on to hallway 6-2 and if u made the right choices Dr shirifunei will tell u the password of director’s office computer. It gives u USB collectible 10.
    2 endings I got from taking criminal behind incident in story named Oscar. Final choice determining ending to stay has main character die after accomplishing my goals or to leave with survivors patient Nell, criminal Oscar, and main character adopting Nell (had similar ending except Oscar adopted her and main character gave her money due to having less collections most likely. Other collections in category 2 (that I didn’t seem to find) would likely require object finders in the item store. I will play through the game one more time with the same choices and collections and list choices along way (one method) to get password from director computer. And see what ending is like if u leave Oscar.

  8. anidetrm3

    I have belief the choices u make up towards the end gives u a base ending (2 bases include whether or not Dr shirefunei tells u director password) further based on whether or not u take Oscar the criminal with u to the end. The collections seems to further adjust the ending uniquely either based on amount or certain collections like I had less collections (not all with at least 3 from each category) for Oscar to adopt Nell in the end and I had 15 collections total for the similar ending except main character adopted her.
    Steps I took to have Dr shirefunei tell u director office computer password:
    Floor 1:
    1. Sorry to ask that question.
    2. She’s sensitive
    3. Put pot in front of Nell
    Floor 2:
    1. Hard to believe
    2. Its alright madam
    3. Don’t pick on her
    4. If any problem arises
    5. Stay with the women
    6. Talk to karlieeman to warns
    7. Right now took care like a mom
    8. Mermaid princess
    Floor 3:
    1. Collect nells medicine and chocolate when prompted
    Floor 4:
    1. Examine frame in private office 405 and choose to advise her to tell truth
    2. Choose to go out alone
    3. Go with director, shinfei, and Nell group
    Floor 5
    1. Choose Then stop your cowardly lie
    2. Choose if u have something to protect go on the right road.
    Floor 6:
    If made correct choices then shirefunei will tell u password when u move to hallway 6-2.
    Ending from leaving Oscars:
    Apparently is a default ending with that is like a bad ending.
    Can possibly be more than 1 method to get password whether from Dr shirefunei or somehow or one else.

  9. anidetrm3

    First and second reza the last comment I made plus other information is still needed to be found. And u have to know when to turn back when there are dead ends with the possibility of coming back later. And third I tried emailing pnj to find out useful information but didn’t really tell me much other than any unused items would be used in another route indicating there are at least 2 maybe 3 routes (generally) in the game.

  10. nill

    I’m stuck on the part where you make oxygen help please

    1. anidetrm3

      You need following items scapal and pot from same room (forgot which and can only get pot during crisis), blood pack from nurse station you can only pick up during crisis and have to use scapal with. Also need hydrogen peroxide from drug locker on left shelves u can get before crisis. Then combine the opened blood pack and h peroxide each to the pot in any order. Then return to the machine room the crisis started at and use the pot product two step combo in the room.

      1. January

        How do you find the things needed to fix the mechroom?

  11. Ce'Aira

    Stuck in part 2 laboratory room. how do I unlock doors by using the dots

  12. Anonymous

    I am looking EVERYWHERE for the blood pouch and i cant find it at all! I look in the nurse station in hall 1-1 and i can find anything that stands out, i try to open the two cabinets that are locked but cant. please help.

    1. January

      Use the scapal that you got and open the mini locker beside the labcoat to unlock it

  13. January

    Uhm can you please help me how to finish the part in repairing the mechroom?

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