Escape: Find the Criminal: Walkthrough

Escape: Find the Criminal
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Joel

    Need help with escape: find the criminal.
    There is a code needed in order to press the red button.
    There is also a pattern on the ground which may have something to do with it but I’m not sure how to work it out.
    Can someone please help?

    1. PrOmIsE

      Joel, I’ve answered your questions. Hope you find it useful. I’m working on the final puzzle of this game. Hopefully, I can crack it soon.

  2. PrOmIsE

    Found screwdriver on sofa. Use screwdriver on last drawer of chest of drawers next to sofa. Obtained golden key. Use the key on 2nd drawer. Obtained blue block.

  3. PrOmIsE

    Take cloth from 1st drawer.

  4. PrOmIsE

    Obtained a pole next to plant. The plant is next to door (next to chestbof drawers).

  5. PrOmIsE

    Use pole on ceiling. You’ll get a key. Use it on both doors of blue locker.

  6. PrOmIsE

    Take magnet and use on the desk.

  7. PrOmIsE

    Now, I’m stuck. Would appreciate if anyone can tell me what’s the code on the desk for?

  8. PrOmIsE

    Use the cloth on the 3rd drawer of chest.

  9. PrOmIsE

    Hint on 3rd drawer opens the colored buttons on wooden box. It goes “red green blue green yellow yellow” in tandem with photograph in glass cabinet. You get a pink block.

  10. PrOmIsE

    The code on the desk. 4823. Use it on the floor of 2nd room. It leads to bbasement. Spell out the numbers. Four Eight Two Three. Look @desk there is another set of numbers (1) (3)(3)(4). The code leading to basement is FGOE.

  11. PrOmIsE

    At the basement, on the bottom left of plant, pick up a rope. Use rope on ceiling of basement to lower a hanging shelf. Take the L letter. Move to’ll see a chest of two drawers. Notice that the first drawer has four white corners as push buttons. Go back to hanging shelf. In the lower left of shelf, see a rectangular box with ABCD on it. Now back to drawer, follow the instruction in hanging shelf. Obtain ball. Notice that ball will light up when held. Behind the drawers, on the wall, use the screwdriver to open it up. See that it’s dark. Use the ball. Take key. Move back upstairs to room 1.there’s a safe next to the see-saw. Open it and you get a drill. Take the drill. Go to blue locker. In lower locker, there is something behind a small glass casing. Use the electric drill.

  12. PrOmIsE

    After taking gadget, proceed to see-saw. See two tiny holes that needs screws. Place gadget, use screwdriver to tighten it. Click on thesee-saw. Climb up on see saw to reach ceiling, notice the hole in ceiling. Place the two combined blocks (pink and blue) over it. Slide open compartment, take the lighter. Use the lighter to cut at the gadget in compartment.

  13. PrOmIsE

    The device, a bucket is now on the floor beneath the see-saw. Pick it up. Take the letter R. Go back to basement. Move left. Put the LR into the wall compartment on right of drawers. Click one of the pedals. Obtain a blank piece of paper. Go back to room 1. There’s a glass cabinet where there’s a bowl of water. Dip the paper into it. You get a hint that says RRLRL. Proceed back to wall compartment in basement. Tap RRLRL. It leads to a 2nd basement which is the final puzzle to solve.

  14. PrOmIsE

    Now I’m stuck on final puzzle.

  15. PrOmIsE

    Final puzzle:

    Look at hint on ground. Look at the unsolved puzzle on wall. There is another hint that says B=2.
    Hint is”CREA”. C=3, R=18, E=5, A=1.
    Go back to room 1. Notice a brown door with a note that says “press the red button in the basement.
    Move back to basement 2. Type in 31851 into the puzzle on wall. Press the red button. After that, escape!

  16. PrOmIsE

    I did it! I escaped!

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