Escape Game: “Prisoners in the night Sky”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Prisoners in the night Sky”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Jenny

    Anybody stuck? Cause I am! Have all 4 hexagons! What is code to nightstand? Unsure of what all constellations mean and how they relate! Please help!

  2. Jeanne

    I’m stuck too, but maybe I can help a bit. You’ve most likely seen the four hexagonal holes in the room. There is a number written near each of them. The game won’t let you do anything with the hexagons until you find all the numbers. The number 0 is located at the left side of the pink garbage can. The number 9 is under the pillow. There’s a number at the bottom right side of the armoire, and the last one is behind the right side of the tv screen. Once you find all the numbers you can put the hexagons in the holes. Put them in order starting with the hole near the garbage can (number 0). Put the colors in going from left to right in your inventory and clockwise from the first hole going around the room. When they are all in place you will hear a noise and you can open the armoire.

    I used the item in the armoire with the battery from the remote inserted. I placed it on the desk, turned off the lights, and viewed the stars. Nice triangle, but what does it mean? I have no idea. I tried using the numbers to open the drawer and no luck. If anyone has gotten further help please!

    1. Z

      Where to get all hexagon? I just got 3 of them.

    2. scoobz

      Is the order you put them in 0963 or 0369?

  3. scoobz

    Iv found all the numbers and have all the hexagons and put them in the right order but nothing happens. Have I missed something?

  4. Ellis

    BEFORE you put the hexagons in, you have to remove the battery from th remote and WITH THE LIGHTS OFF do an item check on each hexagon (u turn off the light, them highlight each hexagon using that little button with the magnifying glass and “item” on it) and each will have a constellation on it.

  5. Ellis

    There is a great FB group called IDAC Escape Games that has hundreds of free walkthroughs!

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