Telepaint: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

By: Acid Nerve


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS game Telepaint by Acid Nerve. In each level, you need to use the teleports to get the paint bucket to the paintbrush. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: If you’re having trouble pulling off one of the more difficult levels, try pausing the game. You can still select the portals while paused! It makes a huge difference.

If you complete 100% of the first five sections, you’ll be able to access a sixth hidden channel called Static Void.

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Channel 1 – Paint Factory:

These levels are fairly basic. They introduce keys and locks.

All levels, 1 – 20:

Channel 2 – Warehouse:

These levels introduce switches and movable boxes.

All levels, 1 – 20:

Channel 3 – Museum of Buckets:

These levels introduce multiple buckets at a time. They can even stand on each other!

All levels, 1 – 20:

Channel 4 – Smoocher Castle:

These levels introduce kissing blocks that are attracted to you and will move to you if you’re in their line of sight.

Channel 5 – Sax Station:

These levels introduce gravity and balloons.

AV1 – Static Void:

This section is hidden until you complete every level in the first five sections. These levels introduce a static square that has to be used with each portal.

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