Doggins: Walkthrough Guide

By: Brain&Brain


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, answers and solutions for the iOS, PC and Android game Doggins by Brain&Brain. It’s a short but sweet game with some great humor. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can see my video walkthrough here:

1. Head right and take the envelope from the squirrel. It’s an “Un-Invite.” Look at both sides, as the back has instruction on how to tie a bow tie.

2. Head left. Pull out the drawers of the dresser so they can work as steps. Pull the top out once, the second twice and the bottom one three times. Then climb up and spin the globe. Head through the secret entrance!

3. Pull the chain to turn on the lights. Then, grab the mustache. Also, looks inside the bag on the shelf to get a dog tag.

4. Leave the room and head right, all the way to the door. Head outside to find yourself on the moon!

5. Head left and grab the toilet paper from the tree. Fold it into a bow tie using the instructions from the invitation. Then put it on Doggins.


6. Head right until you see a moon boot. Pull the boot up, then take both the chewing gum and the moon boot.

7. Attach the chewing gum to the mustache and then equip the mustache.

8. Go right to the big bouncer guarding the entrance to the party. There’s a sign saying not to let Doggins in, but since he has a disguise, the bouncer will let him pass. Continue right.

9. There’s an elevator here. Press the Down button and the squirrel from earlier will come down in the elevator, freak out and go back up.

10. Use the dog tag to remove the screws from the elevator button. Then, rotate the gears so the elevator comes back down. There’s a package inside! Open it and press the big button. It will blow up Doggins’ home!

11. Start going left and a bunch of squirrels will drop from the sky in acorns with parachutes. Continue left, back to where you found the toilet paper. Stand on the little bump and grab the squirrel manual from the tree. Also, tug at the acorn so the parachute falls. Pick it up.

12. Attach the parachute to the moon boot. Then, head to the crater where your home used to be and get inside the moon boot to land softly inside the crater.

13. Read through the manual. It tells you that “Regress is the key to progress.” So the password is REGRESS. Enter that and turn the wheel to enter the squirrel party.



14. Watch the movie about the Timeshaker, the time-traveling bicycle. Then hop on the platform with the bicycle to be transported back in time to…a black and white era.

15. Jump on the mushroom near Doggins. Pull the big mushroom up so the remote flies up. The squirrel will grab it and hop on the bike.

16. Go left to pick up the clock.

17. Go right and jump on the mushrooms to get on the same level as the bike. Go right to try and stop the squirrel.

18. Use the instructions from the squirrel manual about activism to cause the bike to crash. Pick up the remote.


19. Attach the clock to the bike and use the remote to teleport out of there. Then watch the ending!

Congrats! You completed the game!

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