Vampire Survivors Update 1.8 Walkthrough: How to Unlock Adventures Mode and Rose De Infernas

Vampire Survivors
By: Poncle

Vampire Survivors just got yet another content update, this time one that adds the Adventures mode. The 1.8 Adventures update added a new character called Rose De Infernas and several different adventures that are separate from the main game. Keep reading to find out how to unlock everything.


Unlock Rose De Infernas: The clue for unlocking Rose De Infernas says:

“Unlock condition: Her royal shadow lies behind the 46th door.”

What you need to do is go to Astral Stair and go back and forth through the same door 46 times until you’re taken to a new room with a white coffin inside. Stand on the coffin to unlock Rose De Infernas.

Unlock Adventures Mode: To unlock the Adventures, you need to complete the achievement “Obtain the Atlas Gate in Boss Rash.”

Basically, just go to Boss Rash and survive 7 minutes. Then pick up the Atlas Gate and quit the game. You’ll then have access to all the Adventures.

I’ll be back with some gameplay from the Adventures!

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