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Hold Up
By: Relief M3dia

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This is a walkthrough strategy guide for anyone who needs help, hints, tips, cheats, answers or solutions for the iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android game Hold Up, Brain Security. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Vault 1: Tap the vault to open it.

Vault 2: Tilt your phone to the left and tap the vault.

Vault 3: The painting is “the scream (of nature)” by Edvard Munch, so you have to make some noise. Basically, scream at your phone in frustration 😉

Vault 4: Tap the big red button quickly a few times, until all the lights turn green, including the one on the door.

Vault 5: Just tilt your phone so that each number is looking right (1, 2, 3, 4). A new green light should light up every time until the door unlocks.

Vault 6: You need to tilt your phone to roll both balls each onto a button at the same time.

Vault 7: Raise your volume twice, then lower it twice so all the lights are green.

Vault 8: Get all three dials to show green at the same time, which will change the light to green for a split second. You need to tap the door before the light changes back to red.

Vault 9: Mine required tapping the buttons in the screenshot. But yours could be different. It’s a random code: each horizontal line (2 buttons) matches a light. Find the right code for each line.


Vault 10: Tap the buttons in this order: Blue, Yellow, Pink Green.

Vault 11: Pi is 3.14, so tap the first button 3 times, the second 1 time and the third 4 times (the lights should light up to correspond to the number of times you press it).


Vault 12: The green “Y” is the rather obvious clue here. Use the red buttons to make the lights above the door draw a “Y” shape:


Vault 13: Shake your phone to make the TNT explode, then tap the door to open it.

Vault 14: Tap the buttons in this order: Red, Green, Blue Yellow.

Vault 15: This is another random code. Swipe in the directions on the screen.

Vault 16: You need to get all the lights to turn green.

Vault 17: First, tap each button to find the four that flash green. Then make a note of which ones they are and press all four at the same time until the light turns green.

Vault 18: Tilt your phone to roll the ball onto the red button. While it’s on there, use three fingers to press all three buttons above the door at the same time. The light on the door should turn green, but only while you’re holding down the buttons. So tap on the door with your other hand without taking your fingers off the buttons.

Vault 19: Tap the door to see a sequence (like the game Simon) and then follow it. You can see it again by tapping the door again.

Vault 20: Tap the left button, then right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left.

Vault 21: You need to tilt your phone to get both balls in the green spots. It’s a tough one! It takes some patience, but is possible. Once you get the right ball in the green, focus on the left while trying I keep the right one close to the green. When you have them both near the last bit, get them both in view and very slowly and carefully maneuver them into the green. “Labyrinth” fans should have an easier time with this level.


Vault 22:

Vault 23

Vault 24:

Vault 25:

Vault 26:

Vault 27:

Vault 28:

Vault 29:

Vault 30:

Vault 31:

Vault 32:

Vault 33:

Vault 34:

Vault 45:

Vault 36:

Vault 37:

Vault 38:

Vault 39:

Vault 40:

Congratulations! You beat all the current levels!

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  1. jordy gijbels

    The info for vault 3 is missing 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s bc I couldn’t figure out exactly what opens the door. I did random things each time and it opened. If anyone can recreate results, please let me know.

  2. Bram

    Well the painting is The scream by Edvard Munch. So I suppose you have to scream at your iPhone, because I noticed the door opened when I was coughing :p

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