Escape Game: “Betrayal at Hand”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Betrayal at Hand”


Feel free to ask questions below until I get to posting a walkthrough.

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  1. Jakub

    Anyone playing this? I have motor, scissors,anemometr and cables but I can’t move from here. Non of the clues work for me. Any hints?

    1. Jeff

      I think I’m in the same spot as you. You got the two gears? I can’t figure out the shapes puzzle on the photo and don’t know the password for the computer.

      1. Mobes

        Jeff shapes code is clue from diary 2-1, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1. Then look at book on ahelf with grid the corresponds horizontal & vertical. Gives you four letters, these letters get a 4 digit number from memo in desk drawer. Press the shapes in order that corresponds with the sides from that number

        1. dusty

          cant find diary where is diary for shapes code

        2. Babsy

          My code isn’t working, Im using the grid but my letters don’t match my memo. Any suggestions?

    2. cheryl

      how do you get started

      1. cheryl

        OK i got moter and scissiors

  2. Mobes

    Code to get motor is 30 (dial on box in left side drawer) from clue on id card. Im now stuck as well

    1. Mobes

      Hint: the note in dead bodies hand works qith stereo to open white box

      1. Mobes

        I’m out! This one is brilliant. Let me know anyone that wants hints or walkthrough

        1. Jakub

          I’m out. Thanks for hints!

        2. Krissy

          Hey, need some help with the computer code

          1. Jakub

            Complete that anometer on balcony. U ll get the code

        3. Deepak

          how to complete anometer?

        4. Amanda R Tate

          Cannot put the dang thing together. Help me.

        5. zeus

          Stuck on the shapes and memo help pls

        6. Tui

          I need to find the second cog to complete the anenometer can u help

        7. ποπη

          Need help to build the anemometer. . I have motor cables propeller a gear and the anemometer but I can’t connect them

  3. paula

    where is this shape puzzle u mentioned? basically i have scissors anometer with no propellor, a motor, the cables and havent got a clue where to look nxt. ive been round the full room loads and jst dunno where to go now. can u get the
    ewsn door open somehow? if yes how pls help xx

    1. Jakub

      Shape puzzle is behind the door. U need the key to open.

  4. paula

    also how do u get screwdriver and key beneath book cabinet cos it just says my hand wont reach but nothin works to get it xx

    1. Jakub

      U need to get bend wire from white box to reach key and screwdriver. Code is MIRROR from dead body note and and letters on radio radio.

  5. huzefa

    Where did you find the motor ?

    1. Jakub

      Inside small table left from couch. U need zoom in barcode on ID card and read all pages in light blue book.

      1. Jakub

        to open that box first. Put that hand on 30 and press open.

  6. paula

    thank u jakub, will try now xx

  7. Ida

    I can’t figure out the code to the computer, hints please. 🙂

    1. Jakub

      U will get computer code when u compete that anometer on balcony. It’s related to the book with stars.

      1. Ida

        Yes, I have escaped. 🙂

        1. gopi

          computer code plz

      2. gopi

        computer code !!!!

  8. Chris

    Cant find scissors. Please help.

    1. Jakub

      Scissors are inside drawer of pc table. On right side of that table is sensor. Use that ID card u found behind the picture to open it.

  9. Evon

    How get to complete the anemometer on balcony, i got anemometer with no propeller, a propeller made from a plastic bottle,a motor used for a model and cables i cut from the speakers..please help

  10. julie

    Eevon, go to painting that has the ΓÇ¥ewsnΓÇ¥ title and use the hint from inside the cabinet in the room with shapes (spells north that is upside down/ backwards so what would mirror north, then spell the word out using the letters
    around the frame)..

    1. aprille

      Do you push n-o-r-t-h on the frame itself because I can’t get it to work.

  11. John

    I must be a little slow because I have put the ananometer together and propeller is spinning but I do not get a code. Checked constellation book but still am lost can someone please help?

  12. julie

    John you have to put the computer board thing on the wires that are on the anemometer, then look at the board aster it is plugged in. it will show you the constellation pattern, then go check the book and use the name of the constellation in all caps as password

  13. James

    Need combination to open safe in right hand side table by sofa

  14. Flo

    Where can you find the gears and the propeller? I’m stuck…

    1. Flo

      i got the propeller. where are the gears though?

  15. imnoob

    Im stuck at the ewsn painting, i can get through the balcony either. Help pls …

  16. Mere

    I’ve got the anemometer combined with the motor and gear. I’ve got the propeller combined with the bent wire. I have the electronic board. I have the stereo cables. I can’t get any of these items to combine with each other. What have I missed. Thank you!

    1. Deepak

      how did you got gear???

  17. kimmyboop

    I can’t get the computer to come on. I have the black power cord, bit it won’t plug in. I’m gonna pull my hair out!!!! LOL

  18. dolphyn

    kimmyboop: how did you get the black power cord? Thks

  19. km

    I am so stuck on the shapes. where is the diary that was mentioned? I have found the memo in the drawer of the computer desk and checked the book in the shelf that has the letters in the table with numbers along the top and left sides. can anyone help me please?

  20. dolphyn

    Never mind, I figured it out. The black power cord is in the first drawer, to the right of the window.
    To plug the power cord, first go to the back of the computer, then go to the plug on the wall, to the right. Turn on the computer, the monitor displays a folder but nothing happens, what am I missing?

    1. kimmyboop

      I know this sounds crazy, but try closing the balcony door, and the curtains. I had to do that before I could see the open folder.

      1. dolphyn

        I closed the balcony door and the curtains, but it keeps saying “A folder is being displayed” and nothing happens. I have used all items in my inventory, 13 total.

        1. dolphyn

          I was missing the usb pen drive! (Second drawer)
          But i got the bad ending, then went back and took the computer board.
          Now i get FC when escaping 🙁

  21. a m

    i cant figure out how to dobthe painting with the ewsn.. im stuck any hints??

    1. dolphyn

      The hint for that is the upside NORTH (press the letters around the painting spelling south).

  22. Rosangela

    I have all components for anometer but cannot put it together. Help please!

  23. Rosangela

    Never mind! Found the key with widmill on it, but what does it open??

  24. chan

    Where are scissors and anomotoer

    1. chan

      Oh and please help with the puzz behind the door

  25. chan

    Ok just please help with propeller, computer code and puz behind door

  26. nav

    help any body therer

  27. kaliman

    Where’s the damn screwdriver?!

  28. Candyface

    the screwdriver is behind the left side of the desk on the floor..

  29. zeus

    Stuck on the shapes and memo help

  30. zeus

    To put anometer together use scissors to cut plastic bottle.attach bent wire add large cog.put small cog on motor then place inside anometer. Help with shapes and memo please.

  31. christel

    Where is the diary??????

    1. Kristy

      The diary is in the computer desk drawer right under the keyboard.

      I have the anemometer with no propeller and then the propeller made from the water bottle and the naked electronic board. I’ve tried to place the anemometer on the balcony and have clicked every way to try to put it together with the propeller and nothing. Am I missing something?

  32. natasha

    I’VE got one of the cogs but can’t find the other?

  33. cheryl

    What is the code for white box

  34. gopi

    computer code

  35. gopi

    computer code ????? plz

  36. dan

    Hi im stuck in the shape puzzle i’ve done the diary thing and the code i get is U-8 Y-2 J-3 M-6 so i aready try whit that but nothing hapend help please

  37. shaun

    wot do i do on the shape puzzle

  38. lydia

    oy The computer code is Orion but you have to figure out the shape puzzle firstand the code is 8236(Conners) ,then you will collect the generator and connect with the anemometer

  39. lydia

    The first gear is behind the frame ,you need to push the letter S,O,U,T,H around then you will get the first one .After that use this gear to open the box in the cabinet thrid drawer next to the window , open the box them you will get the second gear but don’t forget to take the first gear back , so you will have two gears and. to combine all components of the amemometor.

  40. lydia lee

    The first gear is behind the frame ,you need to push the letter S,O,U,T,H around then you will get the first one .After that use this gear to open the box in the cabinet thrid drawer next to the window , open the box them you will get the second gear but don’t forget to take the first gear back , so you will have two gears and. to combine all components of the amemometor.

  41. Andrew

    I cannot seem to press the buttons on the stereo to use the code from the dead mans hand, am I missing something? Also, people keep mentioning the “shapes room” what is this!? I haven’t found anywhere like that

  42. gatito

    I can’t find the screwdriver 🙁

    1. aprille

      Go to the desk and click to the left. Its behind the desk.

  43. aprille

    I have the anemometer and the code for the constellation but can’t open the folder. Help.

  44. nikki

    I can’t figure out the dial box in the left table next to the couch. I tried turning it to 30 and pressing open but nothing happened. Please help

  45. beth

    How do you get the USB out of the computer

  46. nikki

    Where do i find the power cord?

    1. nikki

      If ur at the end of the game u need to take the chip bored that gave u the orion star clue so his wife will be arrested in stead of u

  47. Gahh

    I can’t figure out how to turn the knobs on the white box…

  48. ELY

    You dont have to turn the knobs on the stereo get the code with the note on the dead body,open the drawer on the right side of the sofa you will see the white box and just type the code MIRROR.

  49. ELY

    Shape puzzle: First the 8 side then the half shape with no shade then the triangle then 6 side shape last the Oblong shape.

  50. vicky

    how to open the first drawer,to the right of the window because its locked….I cant get black power cord is in the first drawer, to the right of the window.

  51. vicky

    Where is the key to open the first drawer, to the right of the window.

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