Sky: Children of the Light – Daily and Seasonal Quests Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. There are a lot of hidden collectibles, your wings need to be upgraded, and you need to fill your constellations by freeing spirits. I already have a general guide as well as some more specific ones. In this guide, I’m going to explain how to complete the four daily seasonal quests and find the extra seasonal candles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Currency Guide | Spirit Locations | Eye of Eden Guide | Meditation Spots | Spirit Revisit Quests | Seasonal Spirits | Seasonal Candles | Candle Bunches | Review

There is a pool from which the seasonal and daily quests are pulled from, so I’ve listed every possible quest for each kingdom and explain how to complete it. Then you just have to find that quest in the list. I already made a guide with all the meditation spots. For spirits that need to be relived, use my spirits relive guide. I also made a guide with all the possible seasonal candle locations. And if you need help finding the seasonal spirits, try this guide. And new for the Season of Enchantment are color light quests. You can find them all here.

Note that every day there’s also one door with two candles outside it. That means there are four extra bunches of regular candles to be found in that area. You can use this guide to help you find them.


– Visit the polluted geyser in Sanctuary Islands

This is part of the Earth Day / Days of Nature event. You need to go to Sanctuary Islands and find the dirty geyser. Every two hours, spiked balls will shoot out that drop light. You can see video here:

– Admire the sapling for a short while

This quest takes place in different realms during the Days of Bloom. See all the sapling locations in this guide.

– Find a secret staff member in the office.

This quest is only available during certain events where the secret area, the office, is open to everyone. Go inside vault and find the hidden doorway. There will be an NPC inside to get you through the gate. Then use continue on until you find the secret Days of Feast Staff. It’s easier to show in a video, which you can watch below.

– Share your New Year’s resolution in the office

This quest is only available during New Year’s. Find your way to the office and meditate at the meditation spot to the right.

Generic Quests:

– Hug a friend

To hug a friend, one of you needs to first spend a candle to unlock the expression with that friend.

– Hold the hand of a friend

Holding a friend’s hand is easy. Hopefully you know how to do that by now! Only one way seems to work for this achievement — it has to be mutual. Tap on your friend and then select the hand-hold icon on the right. That will make you the leader if they agree and you’ll be holding hands.

– Follow another player

To follow another player, tap on them and then tap the icon above their head that looks like a person with an arrow next to it. That’s it!

– Sit at a bench with a stranger

This is self-explanatory. Try to find a stranger to sit next to on a bench.

– Forge a candle

To forge a candle, just fill up your candle meter and create a candle.

– Team up with 3 players

Teaming up with 3 players is easy. I got it by accident while standing on the constellation hub at Home with random strangers near me.

– Send a gift to a friend

For this, you can’t just send light. You have to send a heart to a friend.

– Bow at a player

This is pretty straightforward. Just face any player, even a complete stranger, and use the Bow expression. If you don’t have it yet, use <a href=””>this guide</a> to find it.

– Wave to a friend

Just use the Wave emote whole facing a friend.

– Use an expression near a friend

Just use any emote near a friend.

– High-Five a friend

For this, you need to unlock the High-Five skill with a friend and then perform it with them.

– Melt 10 darkness

This works anywhere these dark plants to burn. You can do it at Prairie, but it’s easier to do in the Forest or Wasteland.

– Knock over 5 Dark Creature Crabs

For the 5 crabs, there are a number of places you can do it. The Forest has a few, but the Wasteland has a ton of them. You can keep stunning the same crab over and over. To stun the crab, just hold down on your character and release a call.

If you want to find some earlier crabs, the cave in the first big area of the Forest has a bunch. There might be a dark plant covering the opening. I just stood near the entrance and stunned the same crab over and over.

– Recharge another player’s light

You need to stand next to a player that lost some of their flight energy and help recharge it.

– Make a new acquaintance

Just find someone who still looks gray to you and light them up.

– Open a 2 player door

This should work on any 2-player door. I managed without even having to open it, just trying to.

– Hold hands in a group of 4 players

This is pretty self-explanatory. But you need to find some friends and maybe friends of friends and hold hands together.

– Collect 30 pieces of light

Just collect 30 light orbs from candles or dark plants.

– Light 20 candles

This is self-explanatory. Just find 20 candles to light. You may need to find a new server tho.

By Kingdom:

Daylight Prairie:

– Catch the light in Daylight Prairie

The light is found in the butterfly fields. Just fly after it and touch it. This area is a bit tricky since there’s so much room for it to roam.

Hidden Forest:

– Complete the bookshelf scavenger hunt

This is from the Season of Assembly and the same as the first treehouse quest. I have a more in-depth guide for those quests here if you’re new to them. Or you can just watch my video if you need help finding it.

– Complete the torch scavenger hunt

This is from the Season of Assembly and the same as the second treehouse quest. I have a more in-depth guide for those quests here if you’re new to them. Or you can just watch my video if you need help finding it.

– Rescue a Manta from darkness

To rescue a Manta from darkness, melt those dark plants until you see one that has a white manta ray trapped inside. Free it to complete this quest. There’s usually one like this near the beginning of the big bridge to the temple. It’s under a ramp in the water.

– Catch the light in Hidden Forest

The light is at the Forest clearing. It looks like a giant fireball. Just fly after it and touch it.

Valley of Triumph:

– Catch the light in Valley of Triumph

The light is by the ice rink. Just touch it to complete the quest.

Golden Wasteland:

– Face the Dark Dragon

To face the Dark Dragon, you need to let one of the dragons/krill shine their blue light and then red light on you. But run before it they steal your wings!

– Catch the light in Golden Wasteland

The light is by the broken temple. Just touch it to complete the quest.

Vault of Knowledge:

– Catch the light in Vault of Knowledge

The light is on the first floor. Just touch it to complete the quest.

Currency Guide | Spirit Locations | Eye of Eden Guide | Meditation Spots | Seasonal Candles | Candle Bunches | Review


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1 year ago

Does anyone knows where to meditate graveyard in golden wasteland?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

If you get in a bind, you can teleport out by selecting the gear icon and going back to home.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

Can you narrow down where? I looked all over in that area.

1 year ago

hi, I ended up buying the pass where you can give one to 2 friends as well. does anyone know how I give my extras to my friends?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

thank you very much!

Reply to  sungaM
1 year ago

I believe you have to have their mobile number and send it to them via message.

1 year ago

I can’t get the bow thing to register as achieved at all- like, I just keep bowing in front of everyone I see, friends or not, and it still shows I haven’t completed it.

Reply to  KittyBonana
1 year ago

replying for folks that might still need an answer: go to the constellation pad at home, click on the spirit, bow to them. then exit the constellations and bow again, this time accessing it via your wings icon thingy (center of top)

Reply to  Nik
1 month ago

Another answer for people for whom it still might not work: simply go into a realm. My friend has a glitch where the emote quests never register for her if she is doing them at Home. However it works perfectly in any social area past the portal.

1 year ago

I’m stuck in the water in eye of eden and cant do anything. If I stay there until I die will I have any stars to deposit when I go back in?

Reply to  Rose
1 year ago

Replying for folks that may want an answer: every time you complete eden, you lose all your wings, though you are reborn with 2(??) more wings each time (you start with 2 wings, it stacks up each time you go). you have to go around all 7 lands and get at least back at least a total of 20 stars to go to eden again and deposit those shiny bois :’)

1 year ago

Do you know where all the seasonal candles in the area are? I found 3. But there’s one more to get the candle

1 year ago

Where do I buy seasonal stuff cuz I have 15 seasonal candles

1 year ago

What do I use seasonal candles for

Reply to  Dorian
1 year ago

seasonal cosmetics!

1 year ago

I don’t seem to know any other 2 player door besides the one at Daylight Prairie (unless it isn’t a two player door) Can anyone tell me which other locations has a two player door?

Reply to  FlowerFueled
1 year ago

Valley of Triumph has one

Reply to  FlowerFueled
1 year ago

The shipyard in Golden Wasteland has one too

Reply to  FlowerFueled
1 year ago

The one at the valley of triumph you can “open” by yourself and it will register as having opened a two player door 😉

Reply to  FlowerFueled
1 month ago

On the right of the entrance to the Vault, there is one as well.

1 year ago

Having trouble with the relieving the spirit in the Valley of triumph for the daily seasonal candle. It use to be up in the mountains be isn’t there anymore. Where is it? Thanks

1 year ago

I can’t seem to find the place to relive the vault spirit, does anyone know where it is?

Reply to  Daisy
1 year ago

It’s usually on the second level through the four player door and behind one of the pillars to the back.

1 year ago

I’m trying to find the spirits for the Belonging event and I can’t find any of them. I’ve been to the locations where they should be but they are just not there.

1 year ago

I went to do the quests but i could only do one the others said they we’re locked I’ve never had a problem like this before.

1 year ago

Is there anyone who wants to buy the adventure pass together? I only need 1 more person. Indonesian only thank you!

1 year ago

i searched around the bridge at the end of the forest but i couldn’t find the trapped manta. i’ve looked under the beginning of the bridge like you said but there was no darkness ?? there’s nothing under it 🙁

Reply to  Yue
1 year ago

The location has been changed with me, don’t know about others but when you rebuild the first bridge look to your right you’ll find it there in the water

1 year ago

What is cyan light?

1 year ago

There is a quest to find the cyan lights in the daylight prairie, any idea?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago


Reply to  Sabiha
11 months ago

Another question, what does those two candles mean that are at the door of each area at home? And each day it changes, today its at valley of triumphs door, yesterday was at daylights prairies!

10 months ago

What is the purpose of the 2 player door at the ice rink?

10 months ago

How do I guide spirits without running out of time?