The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle: Walkthrough Part 5

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle
By: Syntaxity (Lone Wolf Games)

This is the fifth part of my complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Blackthorn Castle by Syntaxity. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


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41. Go back to the platform in the tree at screen 60 and use the iron key to open the chest. Take the blue crystal ball and the breathing apparatus.

42. Go back to screen 2 and tap on the little bridge by the water. Use the breathing apparatus to go underwater and pick up the stone tablet with a clue on it. We’ll come back later for the chest.

43. Go back to the throne room at screen 48. Use the stone tablet you just found to solve the puzzle below the throne. Then go through to screen 41. Use the crank on the socket (get it back from the tree if you haven’t done so yet). Continue on to screen 42 and pick up the gold key.

44. Go back to screen 2 and go underwater again. Use the gold key to unlock the chest and get the yellow crystal ball.

45. Go back to screen 16 and place the blue crystal in the holder on the tree. A blue beam will shine into the brass pipe.

46. Go back to the church at screen 14 and use the H-shaped key on the H-shaped hole to unlock it. There’s more etchings here. Use the chalk on it to reveal another clue. Then go upstairs inside the church and ring the bells in the order shown on that clue (1, 2, 1, 3, 3, 1, 2, 1) and the the middle bell will fall and break. Take the piece from it that has a clue on it.

47. Go back to screen 44 and tap on the archery bullseye (screen 50). Use the bow and arrows to shoot an arrow at the bullseye and then take the sundial style.

48. Go back to screen 36 and place the piece you just found on the sundial to get another clue.

49. Go back to screen 47 and use the clue from the piece of the bell for the puzzle to the left. Press the buttons in the order shown in the clue and then head through to screen 52. Place the yellow crystal ball on the pedestal. Then use e crowbar to lift up the floorboard to find another clue.

50. Go back to the building at the end of the labyrinth, screen 34. Use the lion heads clue you just found to open the door (right, right, left, right right left). Go inside and get the clue to the right.

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  1. Ken

    Where does the blue ball go?

    1. 2god

      Screen 54

    2. Dan

      Screen says screen 60 but does not work

  2. Dan

    Guide says place blue ball on holder in screen 60 but it does nothing so can not get the beam

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