The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle: Walkthrough Part 6

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle
By: Syntaxity (Lone Wolf Games)

This is the sixth part of my complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Blackthorn Castle by Syntaxity. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


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51. Go back to screen 42 and use the clue you just found to solve the puzzle on the wall. Now you can go past the spikes to screen 43. Pick up the last horseshoe and the gold amulet. Place the green crystal ball on the pedestal.

52. Go back to screen 19 and place the golden amulet in the slot on the wall. Then take the stone with the clue on it. Go back to screen 43 and tap on the puzzle on the back wall. Use the clue you just found to solve the puzzle and get another clue.

53. Go back to the apothecary room at screen 27 and use the clue you just found to solve the puzzle with the vials of colored liquids. Then take the purple crystal ball.

54. Go back to screen 39 and place the purple crystal ball on the pedestal. Then go back to screen 61 and go out the door to the right to the balcony (screen 62). Climb up the vines to the balcony above at screen 66 and go inside to screen 65. There are five glowing gems here with a button in the middle. Press the button and a doorway will open through the mirror.

55. Go through the mirror to screen 64.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡Use the pickaxe to break off some ice to use as stepping stones to the puzzle on the wall. Solve it by turning off all the blue lights (you can tap the spots I put X’s on. You’ll get another clue.

56. Go left to screen 63. Pick up the final piece of stained glass and the white flower. Then go back to the apothecary at screen 27 and place he herbs, mandrake root and white flower into the bowls. They’ll automatically grind into a blue powder. Take it.

57. Go back to screen 38 and place the rest of the stained glass pieces with the others. Then press the symbols from the  sundial to get a clue for the horseshoes. Then go back to screen 57 and place the horseshoes in their clots. Match them to the clue you just found to get a lion satue.

58. Go back to screen 59 and place the lion statue with the others. Arrange them in order of height to match the very first clue you took a photo of. Take the glass prism.

59. Go back to screen 39 and use the clue from screen 64 to determine which symbols to press on the wheel. Then take the wooden lever. Go back to screen 7. Insert the wooden lever into the socket on the wheel and turn it so the mirror moves. Place the glass prism on the mirror and then place the blue powder in the bowl. It will start glowing! Take it back to get some glowing powder.

60. Go back to screen 63 and place the glowing powder in the bowl. Then take the missing artifact and watch the ending.

Congratulations! You completed the game! If you liked this game, try The Lost Fountain, The Mystery of Haunted Hollow, Panmorphia, Adventure Escape Murder Manor and Adventure Beyond Time.

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  1. maite

    Je suis bloquée dans le labyrinthe je tourne en rond. Quel est le problème? Comment faire pour progresser dans le jeu? Merci de votre aide

    1. Elo

      Meme probleme! La lumiere bleue m’indique le chemin mais au d╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ëtour d’un virage, je ne peux pas poursuivre. Il y a un bug semble t il qui m’empeche d avancer. Ca me fait revenir en arriere.
      Tu as obtenu la reponse depuis?

  2. David

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know I wouldn’t have been able to solve this without your help. I was stuck for days. It did become more difficult toward the end. But such fun. Now I’ll see how well my 7 year old grandson can do. He solves these better than me.

    1. Ben

      Do you know where to find the crowbar

  3. Grietje

    I only have two flowers.. Where can I find the third one to make the blue stuff..

  4. Shesha

    CanΓÇÖt get to screen 57 to place the lion. IΓÇÖve tried putting the grappling hook back in the window but it wonΓÇÖt let me. Please help

  5. Ben

    I can’t find the crowbar

  6. Ben

    Does anybody know where I can find the crowbar

  7. Boblstone

    Where are the horse shoes?

  8. greysh

    thanks for saving my life… finally i can solve this game

  9. Vladimir

    Gracias por el tutorial muy bueno

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