Escape Game: “The Suspicious Laboratory”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Suspicious Laboratory”


This walkthrough was privided by Removable Head:

1. Open the right hand drawer of the cabinet in front of you and pick up the smallest lightbulb inside (if you pick up the wrong one, just swap). Turn round, open the floor hatch in front of the photocopier and place the bulb inside
2. Keep clicking on the bottom drawer of the photocopier until it comes off and pick up half a key
3. Turn right, go down the left side of the desks and pick up a ruler, then turn right so you are facing a whiteboard and use the ruler to pick up the other half of the key above and to the right of it
4. You need some glue to fix the two halves. Go back to the left of the desks and open the second from top drawer on the nearest desk to pick up a yellow tube of glue
5. Then go to the right of the desks and open the top drawer of the furthest desk and look at the piece of paper inside. This tells you mouth=3, ear=6, eye=9. Then click on the drawing on the window beyond the desks. This shows two toothbrushes (mouth), a set of headphones (ear), a pair of glasses (eye) and another toothbrush, which going by the piece of paper corresponds with 33693. Go to the second from top drawer on the furthest desk, key in this number and pick up a blue tube of glue
6. Go to the poster of two glue tubes above the photocopier, then put the two halves of the key together and click on them with the yellow, then blue, tubes to make a key
7. Back to the original view, cluck on the letters on the painting above the fax machine. These say FFHIB. Turn right, zoom in on the lock of the door to the second room and press the buttons for fish, fish, human, insect, bird. Then use the key to unlock the door
8. Before you go through, go to the hatch in the wall between the exit door and lockers, open it and click on the button inside five times so it changes colour. The colour sequence is blue, red, red, blue, yellow. Now go to the whiteboard and find the numbers with those colours. They are 8,7,7,8,2. Now go through the door to the second room, zoom in on the big box, key in the numbers, open the lid and pick up a battery
9. Go to the cage on the left, with the cat in it, zoom in on the far left and pick up a needle
10. Go to the cage in the middle, with a bird in it, and use the ruler to pick up a swipe card at the top of the cage
11. Go back to the first room and pick up a tv remote on the wall to the left of the window beyond the desks. Flip the remote, zoom in on a hole in its battery flap, use the needle to open it and pick up a second battery
12. Go to the right of the desks and use the swipe card to open the second from top drawer on the nearest desk. Pick up a blacklight and add the batteries
13. Back in the second room, zoom in in a stain on the door to the third room and use the backlight on it to see the next clue. Go to the right cage, with the dog in it, and click on the bottom of the feeder on the right of the cage. When the dog starts eating zoom in on its collar and use the blacklight to see the letters SAV. Flip the ruler and zoom in on the letters EUS, then go back to the original view, zoom in on the cabinet lock and key in SAVEUS. Open the door, look in the cup on the bottom shelf and pick up a yellow key
14. Go to the lockers and use the key to open the middle locker. Pick up a red key
15. Go to the left of the desks and use the key to open the bottom drawer of the furthest desk. Pick up a blue key
16. Go into the second room and use the key to open the door into the third room
17. Go to the middle bookcase and zoom in on the blue diary no2. It’s number is 2295, so go to the keypad lock on the right of the bookcase and key in this number, then hit E. When the book drops into its slot, pick it up, flick through it to the very end and pick up a packet if bird seed
18. Go to the bird cage, feed the bird the seed, then zoom in on it’s foot collar and use the blacklight to read the number 24577617. Go to the fax machine, click on the right side of it to change view and switch the machine on, then zoom in on it’s panel and key in 94245776 at the top. Hit the red button, then back up and click on the fax that has come out. The numbers on it are 31254 and the lines under the numbers indicate you should add each number to the one next to it, which gives you 4379
19. Go back to the third room and key this number into the keypad and hit E18. A red diary, no1, drops into the left hand slot. Pick it up and read through the story. The clue on the final page is 1-2=3, which tells you to take 2295 from 4379. The answer to this is 2084, so key this number into the keypad and hit E
20. Open the yellow book, diary no3, that falls into the right hand slot and read some more of the story. The clue on the last page is 2051>1951. Go back to the second room, reopen the box and click on the word Tea on the lid. T is the 20th letter of the alphabet, E the 5th and A the 1st (2041), which indicates that 1951 must be ‘Sea’. Go to the exit door, left of the lockers in the first room, key Sea into the lock – and escape

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  1. Revital

    Passwords are very difficult in this game, haven’t figured out any of them. I have the ruler ( +EUS) , put the right size light bulb under the sign near the copy machIne, I have 2 parts of key and I used the yellow glue on it. I also found the remote control. I saw the writing on the picture and the note in the drawer. I thought that the blinking light means a code using the numbers corresponding to the colors but it didn’t work.

  2. Arthur

    The note in the drawer corresponds to the note ob the blackboard: tooth brush = mouth = 3, headphones = ear = 6, glasses = eye = 9, so the password for the drawer below that one with the note is 33693.

    Wher did you find the keys?

  3. Arthur

    Found ine of the keys in the copy machine

  4. Mach

    Another part of the key is near the ceiling over the white board with numbers.
    FFHIB means Fish, Fish, Human, Insect, Bird
    Please, help for the passwords on the cupboard and on the phone

  5. Arthur

    On the board with the coloured numbers: try the other blue number instad of 6

    Stuck at the very last code coming from the fax. Can anybody help

  6. Arthur

    Well… It was not the last code 🙂
    But finally escaped. Lots if codes.

  7. Micol

    I have the key, the line, the remote with the small hole. code 33693 does not open the drawer. help!

    1. Arthur

      Make sure to read the note in the drawer above and the picture on the window

      1. Anne

        I have found the clues but it’s still not accepting 33693

  8. Siman

    I found one key and im searching for the other one please help where i can find it??

  9. Siman

    I cant go to the copy machine

    1. Arthur

      Tap on the sign on the floor and then on the lower part of the copy machine

  10. Micol

    half key on the ceiling above the bill with the numbers. half key in the drawer of the copier.
    You need the line. 🙂

    1. gameplayer

      what is line

  11. Dolly

    You need to put the yellow and blue glue on the two halves of the key. The key opens the locker and leads to another room. There you will pick up a card that opens desk drawer. You find torch in drawer.

    1. jhon

      how to put the glue

  12. Lizzy-loo

    Where do you find the blue glue?

    1. Arthur

      The drawer below that one with the note

  13. Cathy

    How to get the code for the cupboard and the Fax ?

  14. Siman

    Can anybody help what does +esc does??

  15. Siman

    I have the ruler and remote two glue and two keys i opened one door and one drawer whats next im stuck

    1. Arthur

      Examine the animals and their cages. The box in the next room as well

  16. Siman

    How?? With what

  17. Arthur

    The cats cage eith nothing. Just pick the needle from the lower left corner.
    In the birds cage you can get the item with the ruler

  18. Siman

    Ok thanks now i got the nedle and the thing from the drawer

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Where is the needle and the torch? I can’t find them

      1. Dolly

        Torch in desk drawer. You need card from animal cage. Needle in animal cage, cat I think.

        1. cheryl

          It was not a torch its a flashlight

          1. Cait

            In many English speaking countries a flashlight is referred to as a torch.

  19. Siman

    I opened the remote with the nedle and i got a battery

  20. Revital

    When you get the torch use it on the dirt on the door at the second room and you’ll see a drawing of a dog with the torch on it. You need to lure the dog by giving it food and than use the torch on it. You’ll see the letters SAV in it’s leash add the letters from the ruler and you’ll get “SAVEUS” that’s the password for the trophy cabinet.
    I am now stuck at the library , can’t figure the password for the phone or the brown door ( near the flashing light) , nor the password on the library itself.
    This game has too many passwords..

    1. akd

      Where do you get the food?

  21. Siman

    Where is the torch??

  22. Arthur

    Just search the torch, its easy.
    The code for the bookshelg is found un the shelf. Take a look ar the three diaries. One of them tells you the code

  23. Siman

    What book shelf???

    1. Arthur

      This was a comment fir Revital who is stuck at the library. Did you find the torch? If not, look some coments above.

  24. Karul

    What is the code for third book?

  25. Karul

    Forgot code for second book so can t find code for third

    1. Arthur

      Can’t remember the code for book 2 but can be drawn frim the fax again. Code for the first was 2295

      1. MrsIncredible

        How is the code for Book 1 (2295) solved? And where is it used afterwards?

    2. Revital


  26. Siman

    Where is the key for the cupboard in the second room???

  27. Revital

    Do you mean the crate in the room of the animals? The code is the blinking colors just translate them to numbers and use the dark blue not the light blue

  28. Siman

    No im mean the closet the shelf book there must have a key its locked

  29. Arthur

    This question was already answered above and you even cimmented it. If you would like to read what was already posted …

  30. Revital

    I must be really dumb but can’t figure the code for the 3rd book. 1-2=3 ? What does it mean ?

    1. Arthur

      You’re not dumb. It’s a bug-the other way round. You have to calculate book 2 – book 1; 4379-2295=2084

  31. Revital

    Is the last password connected to roman numerals? I thought that 2051-1951 is 100 which is C and tried various combinations with the test results ( MCDDCAC etc) but I am probably far off aren’t I ?

    1. Arthur

      🙂 not that complicated.
      Remember the word on the lid of the crate?
      Try to cortelate the word to 2051. Then think what has to be changed to get 1951. If further help needed let me know.

      1. Revital

        Thanks for your help, finally escaped

      2. jhon

        What will be the password

      3. nadia

        I don’t get it do I cortelate 2051 ?

  32. Dolly

    Got battery from remote but need another one. Anyone know where second battery is?

  33. Noosy

    Im stuck , I got to this 2-45-776 written on the bird what’s mean

    1. Revital

      It’s the code for the phone , start with 94 and than the rest of the numbers

    2. Arthur

      It’s for the fax

      1. Tiff

        Tried to put the number in the fax, starting with 94. It’s not working. Is there a trick I’m missing?

    3. Lizzy-loo

      The game won’t let me see the note in the bird cage, how do you
      Get to it?

  34. Dolly

    Found second battery. In box in animal room code to open box is 87782

  35. Anne

    I found the clues in top drawer and on window but 33693 still not opening the drawer! Please help!

    1. Revital

      Did you get as close as you can to the code on the window ? Sometimes you need to click more than once. Otherwise I would suggest closing the game and re entering , sometimes there is a bug that won’t allow the code until you re enter the game. This is the code that worked for me, so keep trying

      1. Arthur

        Revital, did you work out the code 2051->1951 or any further hints needed?

        1. Revital

          I escaped thanks for your help

      2. Anka

        I need help with the 2051->1951 code please!

  36. Arthur

    Hey Anka , look some posts above I explained it to Revital

    1. Anka

      I did but dont seem to get it!

  37. Noosy

    If 2051 refers to tea then 1951 refers to sea the previous letter

    1. Anka

      I feel so stupid! Thanks!!

  38. Dolly

    What is purpose of library codes books 1 and 3? That is 4379 and 2084?
    What is blue book library that falls out of bottom shelf and lists animal experiments?
    How can I read note on bird cage?
    What is code (letters) for brown cupboard beside flashing lights?
    Thank you.

  39. Katusha

    How do you get the code for the book 2? And how to turn on the fax machine? Please help!

  40. Arthur

    There is no note on the birds cage.
    Book 1 (2295) givrs you the birds food and so the number for the fax. From rhe fax you get the code for book 2 (4379). From book 2 you get the code for book 3 (2084) and from book 3 you get the code for the door besides the flashing light.

    The fax machine is turned on by the swith ar its side. The complete fax number is the combination of 94 and the number you get from the bird.

  41. Mach

    I read the 1st diary of the library, found every items, read the clue on the bird, but I am stuck, now I can’t see the 2nd diary though I saw it before.

    1. Arthur

      Well the clue on the bird is the fax number.
      Don’t min if you can’t see a diary in the shelf. The only thing that matters are the numbers you enter to the panel at the shelf.

      Since on the Fax is written START 94 the fax number consists of 94, followed by the numbers you found on the birds leg. So the complete fax number is:
      94245776. You’ll get a fax which gives you the code for the second book. Enter this code at the book shelf and the next book will give you further hints.

      1. Dolly

        Arthur you have been wonderfully patient with us. Thank you

  42. Arthur

    You’re welcome 🙂

  43. sajado

    I have not received any bird seed? I only received a blue book with experiment results in?

  44. Dolly

    I entered 2295 in the bookshelf and did not get bird feed. Got a book bottom shelf middle case about animal experiments. No idea what to do with it. Game will not accept codes unless you have taken the right steps to get them.

    1. sajado

      yes this is what has happened to me??? totally stuck now dont know what to do???

  45. Dolly

    Yay! Kept turning pages in book and got bird food. Should be ok now

  46. sajado

    I had to start over again but I have it now 🙂

  47. Dmo

    Im stuck I have the red key and I have no idea what to do. Someone help me, I’m so dumb

  48. evon

    Anybody have walkthrough of an illusion of the bottles and betrayal at hand , i can’t figure out …please help..

  49. sumukh

    Sorry for the noob question but pls culd u guide me- i hve the blue key and cant seem to figure out put it ! Could u pls helpp me !! Thank you

  50. Parth

    what do u mean by second room..??

  51. mslatio

    How to solve the fax code? I got 31254 from the fax.

  52. jhon

    Im stuck i have used the key but the room is not opening

  53. jhon

    Where are the 2 batteries

  54. chz

    How do I open door with 3 letter or number code

  55. chz

    Where do I use numbers from fax. Typed in sea at door did not work

  56. Niki

    Can some1 help me.. How to put the glue on the keys?? I’ve been pressing the key & the glues a lot but nothing happen, how to use the 2 item in the inventory together??

  57. Niki

    Where am I suppose to type the sea?? Typed it at door but nothing happened..

  58. Katryna

    Need help with bookshelf. Read all the comments but cant figure it out. How do you obtain research diary one?

  59. shaz

    Please help i am stuck in the first room. I have read and re-read all of the above comments word for word in case i have missed something but im getting nowhere i got and glued the key parts and put it in the door with the fish etc. The ffhib code does not seem to work on the door though, how do i put it in? I have tapped every space on screen in all parts of the room in case i have missed something but cant find anything else. I got remote and code from window area. Note from top drawer, opened drawer using code. Put lightbulb in space on floor saw numbers boards and lights in box on wall. Truly stuck! Please help

  60. akd

    Where do you get the food to get the dog closer to you?

  61. christian

    Where is the key card and how do i get it.

  62. sarah

    Where do you find the library books?

  63. sarah

    How do u get the code for the trophy case

  64. sarah

    How do u open the Door with the 3 number code? I figured out the whole tea-sea thing but when you type sea it doesnt open the door ….. Help!!!!!

  65. Liz

    Use capital letters

    1. cheryl

      I did use capital letters still did not work

  66. nadia

    Finally out

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